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Are you tired of wasting precious time in your day updating multiple online calendars? Well look no further, Dateblocker.Com provides you with the ability to update a variety of online calendars through one convenient calendar
Do wish you could consolidate all of your online calendars into one convenient calendar? Simply block off your dates in Dateblocker.Com and it automatically blocks off the dates on your other online calendar websites
XML - Web Services By using DateBlocker you will be able to offer 'real-time' live availability to every website that advertises your property. This convenient and easy to use format has quickly become the answer to the customer demand for instant online booking. This system also allows for instant booking. You will be able to allow customers to instantly block off dates in your calendars for instant online confirmations
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Fill all the availability calendars you use to promote your business with one easy to use calendar Click here to view all our current calendars as well as the many other calendars and websites that you can sign up to use in DateBlocker. We are always adding more marketing opportunities for your site
Instead of spending 10 minutes on each calendar, you can now update all of your calendars in a few seconds with a few clicks
save money Our software is totally free. You can use as much of our system as you wish
GREAT INTERFACE Easily supply 'real-time' availability to every Internet company that advertises your property and watch your sales volume grow
REGULAR UPDATES We update our software daily. Dateblocker can be used with any other calendars you may use. If a calendar you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us and we will be sure to add it to our software
It’s totally FREE, with no advertising. Easy to use - fully customizable calendar for any website. Multi-language support
  • 18 different languages
Unlimited number of calendars
  • You can add as many calendars as you like
100% online – No software to install