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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the DateBlocker Calendar designed for?

  • The DateBlocker Calendar was intended for owners and managers of Guest Houses, Bed & Breakfasts and self-catering holiday homes, hotels and apartments. The calendar makes it easy to check the availability of rooms in such properties, displaying which dates are confirmed as reserved, those which are pending, and those which are still available, even taking special offers and discounts into account. The data that you enter into your DateBlocker Calendar will automatically get updated throughout all of the websites which you list your property upon. This saves you on time and expense, since you won’t be spending several hours maintaining availability data in various places, with DateBlocker doing all of the work for you.

How is the DateBlocker Calendar different from other similar programs out there?

  • The DateBlocker Calendar provides its users with a FREE universal property rental availability utility, meant solely to help homeowners and agents quickly and efficiently maintain accurate on-line displays regarding their holiday properties while simultaneously updating the data across the Internet, on all of the various companies’ sites you specify. The DateBlocker Calendar also gives you the opportunity to obtain free request forms for your website in 18 languages.

What does it cost to use the DateBlocker Calendar?

  • The DateBlocker Calendar is provided absolutely free of charges for all homeowners, hotels and rental agencies interested in using it. This service is provided by Old Town Apartments (OTA). OTA was established in Warsaw, and operates in Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome, with more than 350 properties that are personally managed by our organization -- and our numbers are rapidly expanding. In addition to our strong presence in Europe, OTA also represents thousands of privately owned properties all over the world, making us a driving force in the on-line accommodation industry. OTA also develops and markets Reservation Software. OTA is a financially stable, privately held company. We own all of the technology that we sell, and you can be confident that we’ll still be around next month, next year and beyond. We plan to maintain the features of the current calendar as absolutely free for everyone, and hope to start rolling out new premium tools and products for large rental agencies quite soon.

Does the DateBlocker Calendar come in versions for non-English users?

  • At this time, the administration and login interface is only available in English. However, the DateBlocker availability calendars themselves can be displayed in 18 different languages: English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Slovak, Hungarian and Japanese.

Are there advertisements displayed in the DateBlocker Calendar?

  • There are no advertisements displayed in DateBlocker Calendars

What is DateBlocker’s privacy policy?

  • DateBlocker respects our users’ privacy. We never give out third-party passwords, and if you lose your password then you will need to request it from the company that provides the relevant calendar

Can I make DateBlocker Calendars for more than one rental property?

  • Yes! Once you’ve registered, you can add an unlimited number of calendars to your account, all of them absolutely free of charge. This is how we ensure that the DateBlocker Calendar is a practical tool for large rental agencies.

Can I create a link between my DateBlocker Calendar and ANY other websites?

  • Yes! Once you’ve entered your properties into the DateBlocker Calendar, you can easily do this from the “Calendar Generator” section

How far in advance can I store and display data about my properties?

  • Your calendar can store and display bookings as far in advance as you desire. There are several viewing options for the DateBlocker Calendars. Usually, our users prefer to use the twelve-month version.

Can I alter the colors or fonts which make up the design scheme of my DateBlocker Calendar?

  • Yes, you can customize your calendar to complement your website or personal tastes

How can I get help with using my DateBlocker Calendar?

  • The DateBlocker Calendar is a free service, and it is 100% self-service. However, if you have any suggestions or questions, you can always contact us at: feedback@dateblocker.com

How will the DateBlocker Calendar utilize my e-mail address and other personal information?

  • The DateBlocker Calendar will utilize your e-mail address and other personal information in order to send you a monthly newsletter, which can include the latest updates and promotional information, and more. Your e-mail address and other personal information will NOT be displayed on your calendar.

Should I mark a date as fully booked if I have a provisional booking (i.e. no deposit received)?

  • We do not recommend the practice of marking a date as fully booked unless you have received a deposit or a full pre-payment for the date in question. If you mark the date as fully booked, you might lose the opportunity to book that date for someone else -- and you will take a loss if the original 'provisional' booking does not pay, cancels the booking and/or fails to show up.