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Note: This is a demo . Please register & log in to get your own interactive map.
Select the property you want to add to the map

It's quite simple! All you need to do is localize the selected property on the map ... save chosen settings ... and paste generated HTML code into your page!

  • Set the highest zoom you can to achive the best precision (use "+" in left top corner of the map or "slider").
  • You can achieve the best zoom level by selecting 'satellite map' (top right corner of the map) and changing the zoom level to 18.
  • Click on the map once to place a marker where you want. The map will automatically center on the point that you click.
  • The marker can be re-positioned by dragging it.
  • The marker will be re-positioned if you click any other part of the map.
  • Move around the map using the controls in the top left corner, or by dragging the map itself.
Small image (will be displayed when the client clicks on a marker)
(MAX size: 50KB, JPG format)
Witdth of map px
Height of map px
Note: The Width and Height of the map will be added to the link. You can change it later (even after you paste the html code into your page) in order to best fit the map onto your page.
This is how the map will look on your page:
lat: lng: zoom: map type:

The map you see above will be exactly the same on your page (with zoom and map type settings). If you're sure that the property is precisely located on the map, you can change the zoom level or map type you prefer ... click "Save chosen settings" button ... and see preview.

see preview
Copy html code below and paste into your web page to show map of selected property

embedded (iframe)
Copy html code below and paste into your web page to show map of selected property embeded