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  • I'd like to thank the whole DateBlocker team for providing such a first class service. The modifications you have provided have further enhanced an already amazing set of website tools for managing the availability of our property. We've already recommended this site to a number of other like minded holiday home owners. Keep up the great work.
    Kevin Dunn
    Murcia, Spain
  • He estado usando el calendario de dateblocker por algun tiempo en mi sitio de renta para vacaciones y lo he encontrado extremadamente util y facil de usar. Gracias.
    Julie Wale
    North Wales
  • I just wanted to take a minute out of my day to thank you guys for offering this AMAZING service. I have recently put my property in Buenos Aires on the market and your calendar and CGI info sheet were extremely helpful. I will definitely be passing your site along to friends in the business. Again, thanks for what you do.
    Jason & Fernanda
  • This was exactly what I was waiting for ! Nowhere else in the Internet I have found such easy-to-use online calendar, which is able to consolidate the availability of all our properties into one single, convenient calendar ! And that's for FREE ! I can strongly recommend the team, since after installation service was perfect and promptly done as well. Go ahead and grow with the team ! Thanks to the team of !
    Frank Lamine
    Phuket, Thailand
  • Thanks for all of your work. We run a reservations business for properties in Cabo San Lucas. All of the owners we have contracted all use Our main concern was the bland look of and we didn't want to integrate their calendar into our site... it just didn't match up. So I looked for days..literally... for an interface that would extract data from that we could adjust the Style on...never found it. I never though of going the other way! Now we can update all of our clients calendars on and have the ability to display the data in a format that matches our site. put US in control of our clients availability! No date conflicts.. and it looks Good! Thanks a million.
    Michael Knight