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ONE calendar that fills out ALL the others

  • In today's world and Internet, the success of a company and its website depends to a great extent upon its position or ranking on multiple busy websites. And if you advertise your property in several places, that's when you need ONE calendar that fills out ALL the others. Simply block off your dates in Dateblocker.Com, and it automatically blocks off the dates on your other online calendar websites!

Fill out ALL of your availability calendars from one place

  • Fill out ALL of your availability calendars from one place


  • Instead of spending 10 minutes on each calendar, you can now update all of your calendars in a few seconds with a few clicks


  • Our software is totally free. You can use as much of our system as you wish

free request form

  • Free request form translated into 18 languages for your website

Free Interactive Map

  • Free Interactive Map Generator for your properties

Multi Unit Calendar

  • Multi-Unit calendar allows you to display the availability of all your properties on one page

Real-time live availability on all websites

  • By using DateBlocker you will be able to offer 'real-time' live availability to every website that advertises your property. This convenient and easy to use format has quickly become the answer to the customer demand for instant online booking.

Personalize your calendar

  • Personalize your calendar, change the colours, number of months to display and size. We let you customize the calendar so that it better suits your website.