Have you and your sexual partner run of options as far as sex positions are concerned? Do you already know the sex positions that work best for both of you?

Which sex position are you more comfortable with? Are the sex positions that you once enjoyed not interesting anymore? Or, have you found a new catch and want to impress him or her with unique sex positions? 

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, well, keep calm because you are just getting started. If you are not sure of where to start, we are going to discuss 15 (yes, you got that right) sex positions that will spice up your bedroom experiences. 

15 sex positions

  • Doggy Style

This is one of the most popular sex positions, and there are many reasons why. Doggy style offers so many ways to experience an orgasm. If you are looking for a new way to turn your partner on, then this is the position for you. 

This sex position puts you on fours while your partner penetrates you from behind using your hips for support.

You also have two options here; either stay still and experience the emotions or push your hips back against your partner. Doggy style also offers extra clitoral stimulation. 

  • Missionary

Missionary style can’t miss in a topic about classic sex positions. Most adult contents think of the missionary style as being too vanilla. But the fact that most people are used to this style doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth trying. As a matter of fact, missionary style is more versatile than you think. 

In general, the missionary sex position can be described as ‘nice and deep’. Besides, there is so much to do while having sex in this position. You can make eye contact, kiss, talk, and bite. 

For most people, the missionary position does not have more clitoral stimulation. However, Lisa Finn, a sex educator thinks the opposite. So long as you grind your pelvis against your partner, you can’t get tired of this sex position any time soon. 

  • Spooning sex

Spooning sex can make your lazy mornings more interesting. It is actually the best sex position for anyone who loves to cuddle.

If you are pregnant, then you already know what I am talking about. And if you are not, don’t think for one moment that spooning sex is only meant for pregnant women in their third trimester. 

Using plenty of lube can make this sex more enjoyable. The man slowly enters you in a sleeping position while cuddling (but it is still possible to have spooning sex while seated). It doesn’t have to be penis penetrating.

Your partner can also use a dildo or his fingers. Besides, spooning works best for both vaginal and anal sex. During the penetration, your hands should be free to wander all over your partner’s body. 

  • Life on the edge

According to Rachel Venning and Clara Cavanna, the founders of Educational Hub Babeland, this is the sex position for anyone who would want to enjoy something different but not so much out of the ordinary. 

To enjoy this position, lie on your back at the edge of your bed. Your legs and thighs should be dangling off. Then bend your knees and ensure that your feet reach the ground. Your partner can then enter you while standing or kneeling. 

This is a good position for deep penetration and your partner also gets a great view of your body. You can also kick back for more pleasure. 

  • The chair

Having sex on the chair isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But this sex position is pretty amazing if you get it right. 

You first need to have a basic chair with no armrests ( an example is the dining chair). Your partner sits on the chair and you sit on top of him with legs wide apart while facing each other. For well grinding, ensure there is pelvis to pelvis contact. 

  • Bonus cowgirl

Just like the name suggests, the cowgirl position starts with the girl on top straddling her partner lying on their back. It is the woman who controls everything.

Even if there is not much clitoral stimulation, you can still grind or rub to get stimulation of your own. Bring a clit suction toy to action and thank me later. 

  • Yab Yub

Have you ever thought of trying tantric sex but feel that it is too complicated? Well, it may not be as hard as you think.

 In this sex position, the man sits cross-legged while the woman straddles his lap and wraps her legs around his lower back. 

While embracing each other, you can also add tatra practices like in-sync breathing and eye gazing. Allow each other to find the most pleasurable angle. The Yab Yab position guarantees super deep penetration. 

  • Lift that butt

Thought it was not possible to have sex and exercise at the same time? Well, think twice about this. Besides the sex, lift that butt position will create room for some stretching. 

First, the woman puts her ankle on the man’s shoulders and lifts her butt in the air. The man can either hold his partner’s legs or butt and can massage or kiss her feet.

It is the man who has full control over the thrusting. Penetration can involve a penis, a dildo, or fingers. 

If you want more clitoral stimulation, lift the butt position won’t achieve that. So you can make use of your hands for more stimulation.

  • The howdy

Someone may describe this position as a fancier version of 69ing. The man lies on his back while the woman straddles him upside down. (the feet should be by the man’s head).

This is the best position for oral sex and fingering. Both of you can take turns receiving and giving, or you can also do both at once-anything that makes you enjoy the moment. 

  • The candle

The candle position is more or less like spooning.  Basically, the man penetrates the woman from behind while they are both in a standing position. 

With the candle position, you are free to tighten or loosen your things and have full control of the sensation. The women can lean on a wall for support and get more pleasure as well. This is one of the best shower sex positions. Just ensure that you don’t slip. 

  • The bendover

The bendover position works well for any type of sex. Whether it is oral sex, penis, or toy penetration, this position has many advantages. When bending over to a sturdy object, it gives a woman the chance to lean on the man’s thrusts.

Both of you can also explore different angles. The stimulation changes depending on how deeply you bend. With this position, you can enjoy sex in so many places!

  • Scissoring

This sex position is usually associated with lesbians. However, any type of person can scissor and customize their positions the way they want.

In the scissoring position, the genitals of both partners touch each other. This increases the intimacy and arousal for both partners. Here is how it works;

Two partners intertwine their legs while facing each other, just like an open pair of scissors. They get pleasure in different ways; their genitals touching, rotating their hips, and grinding. 

  • The flatiron

If you need a more comfortable sexual position, then make the flatiron a part of your life. The woman lies on the bed facing down with stretched legs and slightly raised hips.

A pillow can come in handy in this position. The man crawls on top and straddles his legs with hers. With this position, the man’s penis feels to be larger than it actually is. 

  • The corkscrew

Corkscrew is more or less like popping champagne. You lie across the bed on your side, make sure that you are close to the edge. Your partner enters you while standing. 

With this sex position, you have full control of the game. And your partner will also enjoy the full view of your body during sex.

Ensure that your legs are close for your partner to get a tighter grip. You can also feel pleasure by thrusting your buttocks backward onto his penis. 

  • Stand and deliver

Both you and your partner are in a standing position, then your partner enters you from behind. You can bend over and raise your arms for support from your partner. One amazing thing about this sex position is that it tightens the vaginal walls. This makes the experience more intense.