7 best vibrating dildos

7 best vibrating dildos worth considering

Getting the right sex toy that works best for you may not be a walk in the park. Things can even get worse when you are shopping on a budget and the options available for you are limited. The toy you invest in should provide value for money.  It is therefore important to do background research in order to find the best vibrating dildos

Types of vibrating dildos

There are so many choices available, from large to small and other options in between. The right toy will not only be reliable but it is also possible that you will get it at an affordable price. 

Adjustable settings

Whether you prefer clitoral or penetrative stimulation, there are many options you can choose from as far as vibrating dildos are concerned. 

The best options are the ones made of body-safe silicone and have adjustable settings.  These options give you a chance to explore different intensities and sensations. 

High tech vibrating dildos 

Other vibrating dildos are tech-focused. With these options, you may need to take your time and learn how these sex toys work.   Lucky enough, many vibrating dildos are easy to use, you actually don’t require a manual to use them. 

 Tech-focused dildos may not be the best option if you started using vibrators recently.  It may take some time for you to add these options to your sex toy collections.

Features to look for in a vibrating dildo

Apart from the settings and type of material used, you also should pay attention to the size and shape of the vibrating dildo.  

Ensure that you first confirm the measurements before investing in them.  You also should go through past customer reviews. This will at least give you an idea of whether the dildo you are about to invest in provides value for money.  

Since you are likely to buy the product online these important steps can help you find the best option.  

In this review, we are going to list the features of 7 best vibrating dildos that are quite popular right now. 

Treediride Vibrating Telescopic Dildo

Treediride Vibrating Telescopic Dildo

If you intend to find an all-rounded vibrating dildo, this is one of the best options you should go for.  The sexy and unique vibrating dildo from Treediride is the most popular option in the vibrating dildos category right now. 

 It has 7 remote-controlled vibrations. It also has a suction cup base and a heating function. The dildo is made of medical-grade silicone.  It is USB rechargeable, quiet when use, and waterproof.  The sex toy is 7 inches long but even so, many buyers claim that it is very comfortable to use.  This is all thanks to the soft material and an easy-to-use design.

PALOQUETH Dual-Density Vibrating Dildo

PALOQUETH Dual-Density Vibrating Dildo

If you want a vibrating dildo that is 100% waterproof, PALOQUETH Dual-Density Vibrating Dildo is the best option to consider in this category.  The sex toy is made of double-layered silicone and can be used in the bath or shower. 

The insertable length is 6 inches tall.  It comes with a powerful motor, 10 vibrating modes, and can rotate in 360 degrees motion.  It also has a suction cup base which makes it a good option for hands-free use.

Louviva Dildo Vibrator

Louviva Dildo Vibrator

This is one of the most cost-effective vibrating dildos you can find in the market today. It can actually be tough to find an affordable dildo that is effective at the same time. But Louviva dildo vibrator has made this possible. 

 The sex toy comes with 10 vibrating modes and an ergonomic design. Speaking of the price, this powerful sex toy only costs 10 dollars.  Its body is made of safe silicone and it is also comfortable to use.  It is a battery-operated device which means that it isn’t as complicated to use as other high-tech options. 

This also makes it a good option for beginners. The sex toy is 9 inches tall which is a big deal to most women. However, the penetrative section is quite shorter and thinner.

Blush Novelties Vibrating Dildo

Blush Novelties Vibrating Dildo

The vibrating dildo is wider, longer, and has a large insertable section.  So when it comes to vibrating dildos with huge sizes, Blush Novelties won’t miss in this section. The sex toy is 9 inches tall from the tip to the base.  It has a 1.75 inches width. 

 This is also among the vibrating dildos that are battery-operated.  Based on past reviews, the sex toy has a hard and more resilient interior.


Feelingirl Thrusting Vibrator

Feelingirl Thrusting Vibrator

Even if you are using a vibrator, you obviously would prefer to get more realistic moves.  Feelingirl Thrusting vibrator is what you should go for if you need such kind of experience.  

The sex toy has 6 vibrating modes for both clitoral and internal stimulation.  It also comes with rotating beads for a back and forth thrusting motion. Feeligirl is made of odorless and hypoallergenic silicone and is USB rechargeable.  It also has a remote control that helps change between modes. 

 This is currently one of the most popular options with an Amazon rating of 4.9. The sex toy is also soft and flexible as compared to other options.

Orlupo Prostate Dual Vibrating Dildo

Orlupo Prostate Dual Vibrating Dildo

Looking for a g G-Spot stimulation sex toy? Orlipo is a perfect choice for oral play due to a number of reasons;

  • First, the sex toy is made of medical-grade silicone. It is waterproof which means that you can also use it in the shower.
  • Secondly, this vibrating dildo is carefully curved to also stimulate the prostate. But it can also make a perfect option for those who do not have a P-spot.
  • Thirdly, the sex toy has a textured elongated base to provide testicular stimulation

On top of these, the sex toy has 10 vibration settings, remote control capabilities, and dual intense motors.  According to most reviewers, Orlupo prostate dual vibrating dildo is just ‘amazing’

PALOQUETH Rabbit Ear Vibrating Dildo

PALOQUETH Rabbit Ear Vibrating Dildo

It is a perfect vibrating dildo for clitoral stimulation. A majority of vibrating dildos are designed for penetrative stimulation. This one however focuses on another important area-the clitoris.  

The rabbit vibrator is made of velvet-soft silicone.  It has 3 motors and 7 vibration modes.  But the most important feature of this sex toy is the dual eared stimulator for the clitoris.

 It can make your ‘new best friend’ according to reviewers.  The sex toy is large and powerful. Additionally, it is USB rechargeable and comes with a suction cup base.