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Adult Game Pass Review: Play Free Games at

There is a large number of XXX gaming sites available these days. Those who prefer playing naughty games now have something to smile about. 

The reason is that most of these gaming destinations are designed for guys who also love watching adult related content. Today, we are going to review one of these sites. The site goes by the name Adult Game Pass.

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My First impression of Adult Game Pass

I spent several hours exploring this gaming site last night. Based on my experience, I feel that this site deserves a spot on my website. After all, you know how much I love reviewing high-quality adult content sites. 

Get the best of XXX videos and porn videos in one place

Most people who love playing adult video games also love watching porn videos. At times, you may wonder where exactly you can get a combination of these two in one place. If this is you, look no further. 

Keep on reading to find out what you should expect at Adult Game Pass. This is one place that you should consider visiting soonLogin in for the first time

Logging in at Adult Game Pass for the first time

There is one thing that you will love about the Adult Game Pass. As soon as you log in, there is already a wide range of games available for you. 

What is the exact number of games available here? 

I did the calculations and by that time, there were more than 500 titles available. By the way, the site continues adding more game titles every now and then. 

With such a large game variety, I believe that Adult Game Pass offers the best deal you can ever find these days. It is rare to find a gaming site with a large number of titles. 

What is the quality of games at Adult Game Pass?

Another interesting thing about these games is that they all look fantastic. There are many parody names and preview thumbnails that will excite you. I tried some of these games and enjoyed every moment.

Playing Hustletown at Adult Game Pass

Hustletown is the first game I was attracted to at Adult Game Pass. You can access this game through a special header link. The game plays well on your browser. 

So what is the game about?

The game is set in a town in Europe. Your uncle had a great influence in this town where you used to visit as a kid. The uncle is now retired but still owns a hostel and a cafe. This means that you can get free accommodation and free food. 

If you need anything else, then you have to hustle for it. Basically, you need to walk around the town and seeing beautiful girls that you would like to befriend. Your uncle Riff Raff will be guiding you at the beginning. 

This game comes with a tutorial that is quite detailed. It plays the same way as ‘empire games’ that require efficient managing of resources. It is good forward planning that will lead to your success. 

Expect to see plenty of tits here. There are also a lot of sex scenes. 

I played Hustletown for about 30 minutes and realized that it will take a much longer time to complete. So I left it at that and went for other games. 

What other games should I expect at Adult Game Pass?

My next stop was the Hentai section which I also love. I know so many of you guys love playing adult games also enjoy watching anime sex.

 How many games are offered?

In this section, there were over 160 games available for you. This is where you won’t lack something to jerk off to. 

Several games in this section were under the fuck town series. This is where you can find games like Personal Trainings, My First Secretary, Thai Paradise, Library Debt among others.

I started with Thai paradise and enjoyed playing it. This is basically a point-and-click type of game. You can therefore play with one hand and use the other to massage your cock while playing.

 There are also hentai games including Sex on the Beach, Seductive RPG, and Spring Desires. I wish I could try out all the games available at Adult Game Pass. What worried me was that this review could take days to complete if I did that.

Does Adult Game Pass offer bonus content?

Besides the porn games available on the site, you can also find a number of XXX videos. This can be found on the ‘full movies’ link located in the header. 

You can either download or stream the videos, most of them from high-quality studios. 

I watched a number of these videos. Some were available in 1080p and others in 720p qualities. These were all interesting to watch and the quality was also good. 

The videos also come from different niches. So regardless of the type of porn category that turns you on, Adult Game Pass has got you covered. Examples of DVD titles that you can find here include;

  • Daddy’s Girl
  • True Teenagers
  • Lesbians in the Wild
  • American Chocolates
  • Squirt Alert among others 

You can enjoy a variety of categories like lesbian, incest, teen, squirt, and dozens of others.

 The best part is that these videos are available for free so long as you have an Adult Game Pass membership. 

Bonus sites to enjoy for free

You can also come across a dropdown menu named bonus sites. The site did not mention this in the tour. Here, you can get access to premium porn and XXX HD vault with an Adult Game Pass membership. 

I decided to explore what these places had to offer and really loved what I saw. There are lots of smut scenes all available in 1080p. It is interesting to know how much none game porn you can enjoy with the same membership and no added cost. 

So like I said, this is one place to enjoy adult games and watch porn videos at the same time. You can find yourself exploring this site for hours if not days. 


One thing that makes Adult Game Pass stand out is the variety of content offered. These are many XXX games, dating simulators, porn DVDs, and a lot more bonus content.

Signing up at Adult Game Pass is the best decision you can ever make. If you want to enjoy a variety of adult content in one place, then this is the place you should be right now. 

Before getting a membership, I would highly advise you to check the tour first. This will give you an idea of what to expect at the site and whether it is what you are looking for. 

What I liked

  • Plenty of HD porn
  • Plenty of XXX games
  • Not for the fainthearted

What I disliked

  • A few ads
  • Browse games only


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