AdultSearch Review

AdultSearch is a site that stands out in many ways. We can’t compare this site to any other due to several reasons. For one,  This is actually an escort site and to be honest, very few cam sites reviewers focus on these types of sites. 

Of course, there are reasons for this, but it is important to note that not all escorts offer sexual services.  Besides, escort services are common and legal in many countries.  It is also legal to hire an escort for sexual services in some regions. AdultSearch is a great website to look for escorts in your city.

It is, however, prudent to first know what the regional laws say about escorts in the area.


AdultSearch Escort

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Which areas are AdultSearch site dominant in? Keep on reading to find your answers. We are going to discuss most of these areas; there are probably more than this review can accommodate. 

We have been very generous when it comes to regions and therefore, you won’t only get details about escorts in the United States. There are also escorts in other regions as well including escorts in Canada, escorts in Europe escorts in the Middle East and also escorts in Canada. And these are not the only places.

You can also get escorts in Africa, escorts in Asia, not forgetting the escorts in Australia and escorts in Oceania.  In short, we are trying to say that escorts can be found all over the world, minus Antarctica of course so if you are planning to visit these ends then you probably need to bring an escort along.

 Maybe you are a frequent traveller and want to spice up your travels with a hot date in all these continents? We will definitely help you with that. So if this is what you really want, start by looking at AdultSearch.  This is a popular escort site that’s worth peeping in to see what is going on.

Get escorts from any location with AdultSearch

Yes, you got it right. You can basically get escorts from anywhere on this site. However, most people tend to limit their search to the places they intend to travel or where they currently live. 

Are you planning for a vacation and thinking, What can spice up this experience? Well, look no further. AdultSearch can help. 

 Some places have more escorts than others, but this should be your one-stop place if you are looking for an escort.  After all, what should prevent you from getting one when you have the time, will and money? All you need to do is visit AdultSearch and find a girl to travel with.

Easy to search for escorts

Adultsearch has a wide range of options to choose from. These include female escorts, body rubs and TS escorts.  You can basically find an escort from any location considering that there is a listing in many cities. For me, I was surprised to find out that even the suburban regions were covered. Well, most people prefer checking with the major cities first.  

There are still options for you whether you live in the suburbs or not. Most girls in escort sites might think that most people prefer large cities when looking for an escort. There are however people who would also search in the nearby cities or towns as well.  I found several listings in my city and to be honest, the girls were super hot!

Hottest escorts from different ethnical backgrounds

At AdultSearch, you find girls from different ethnicities and you can also choose from different body types. Most profiles here have pictures, although some do not show their real faces.  I understand this, after all, privacy is an important thing for the escorts in this site. 

You can find girls with pictures showing their real faces, while others showing their hot bodies. You can even be lucky to find a few videos which are quite surprising, but these videos are pleasing to watch. There are definitely hot and sexy women here. 

 If you explore,  you can also get some naughty bios at the site. Although most escorts here only list the things they are comfortable doing.  It is funny to know that each escort has her own way of doing things.

There are so many options to choose from. And you can filter the girls by eye colour, ethnicity, services offered, language spoken among other things.

 The only thing you won’t find is the body type filter.  Lucky enough, the escorts post pictures which you can use to choose your preferred body type.  The site also has a payment option filter which I found to be convenient. Some ladies only accept cash while others prefer credit cards. 

It’s more than travelling with an escort

At the top page of the AdutSearch site, you can get links to webpages for sugar babies, TS escorts, NSA sex sites and affair sites. We are however not focusing on these ones here.  This is because these links refer you to other sites and they are not part and parcel of the AdultSearch site.  

On the top, you also get the sign-up link, sign in link and the additional services for escorts link.  This states the things that aren’t allowed at the site. 

The states, cities and countries are well organised.  You can use the search box to find your preferences. This box really doesn’t have much work to do and in my opinion, it should not even be there. It worked well when I tried it though.

For the record, not all cities have escorts who post their services online on sites like AdultSearch. In fact, some cities don’t even have listings.  This means that you have to search in nearby cities. Also, there are other cities with more escorts than others.

To be specific, Houston has 289 escorts, Los Angeles has 320, Detroit has 69 and 288 for Houston again. I expected to see a smaller number for Houston. I actually didn’t know that there are so many pervs in this city.

I loved that, and will probably visit one day. Miami has a larger number of escorts than LA. Washington DC has over 250; well, there has to be someone who would ensure the corrupt politicians don’t get extremely stressed. We have 28 escorts at Cleveland.

Not all escorts are posted

As we already said, not all cities have listed escorts.  If you can’t find escorts in your preferred city, you are likely to see a sponsored post and a posting that will link you to an adult cam site.

This is their way of ensuring that you are covered regardless of where you are travelling to. These are sponsored posts so I wasn’t really frustrated or mad when I saw them

Want to take it further? You are also covered

AdultSearch is not only about finding an escort.  When I explored the site further after conducting a city search, I could see listings for massage parlours, gay bathhouses and BDSM clubs. 

And again, it is not in every city where you can find these, but the fact that some of these places are listed where they are available is a good thing. Nudist colonies can be listed as well.  I didn’t come across any. Although I am certain that there are a few options there.

The conclusion from Dateblocker

AdultSearch is a clean and user-friendly website. A link is available at the bottom page where users can report issues like sex trafficking. The site also has a contact link in case of any question or comment.

From what  I saw, this site adheres to the rules and you will definitely find hot ladies in here. The site is generous when it comes to features and there are more than one hundred listings in various big cities. 

 It is easy to find what you’re looking for at AdultSearch. So if you are looking for more personal interaction, then this is the place to be. Take your time to browse through the site, and you are likely to find a top fantasy babe ready to add some sugar to that vacation experience.