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AdultSearch Review: A Perfect site for Escorts,Gay Bathrooms and  Massage Parlors

AdultSearch stands out from other dating sites in so many ways. Very few sites can compete with AdultSearch especially when it comes to the number of listings. This is an escort site like no other.

These days, limited reviews focus on sites like these. Of course, there are reasons behind this.

One of them is that many escorts do not offer sexual services. However, escort services are also legal in many parts of the world.

There are even countries that have legalized hiring escorts for sex.

So if this is what you would want, then you have come to the right place.  It is however important to know what the regional laws concerning escort services are.


Yes, we also review escort sites

What makes AdultSearch so attractive? Continue reading this review to know the reasons why.

I will explain to you a number of features that make AdultSearch so popular. The list is actually endless. So let’s get into the details.

Does AdultSearch list escorts worldwide?

Yes, AdultSearch does not only list escorts in the United States. You can also find escorts in so many other places which include;

  • Escorts in Canada
  • Escorts in Europe
  • Escorts in Latin America
  • Escorts in Asia
  • Escorts in the middle east
  • Escorts in Africa

AdultSearch also lists escorts in Australia and even places as far as Oceania.

This is the place where you can find escorts no matter where you are traveling to. The only place where you can’t find escorts is Antarctica. So if this is where you intend to visit you might need to travel with an escort.

Why AdultSearch?

If you intend to find hot dates in any part of the world, then AdultSearch is the site for you. This is the perfect place to take a look and make things happen.

Find escorts from any location

Usually, people use AdultSearch to find escorts in their region or in places they are traveling to. For instance, you can find someone looking for an escort when they are planning to go on vacation. Some areas have more number of escorts than others.

If you have the money and need a sexy girl to have sex with, visit AdultSearch today!

Find your preferred escort with ease

AdultSearch has a wide range of options. Some of the main options include;

  • Female escorts
  • Body rubs
  • TS escorts

The site has many cities and states listed. In fact, they have gone as far as listing suburban areas.

Mostly, people look for escorts in many cities even when they live in suburban areas. Lucky enough, there are so many options available for you.

The escorts believe that people first search major cities when looking for escorts. This is why it is important to first begin your search in the major cities and nearby towns.

While writing this review, I could see a few listings for my city. The escorts listed were super sexy!

Beautiful escorts, multiple ethnicities represented

AdultSearch has escorts from different ethnicities. You can further choose the escorts based on body size. Most of the profiles have pictures. However, some of the escorts do not post their own pictures.

This is well understood. After all, privacy is one of the things that these ladies do n’t compromise with.

Do the escorts post real pictures?

Some ladies have pictures of their real faces. Some of them only have pictures showing their bodies and yes, I also came across some videos in there. This was quite surprising but also very interesting.

What is the quality of escorts at AdultSearch?

A large percentage of the escorts at the site is very beautiful. The bios are also interesting. Some of them list the services that the escort is comfortable doing. There are so many personality types here.

The good thing is that there are filter options to help you find the best match. You can choose your preferred model based on;

  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Eye color
  • Services

Among other things.

Unfortunately, the site is yet to have a body type filter. The escorts are constantly posting gorgeous pictures.

Which payment methods do the escorts accept?

You can make payments via multiple options. Some ladies accept credit cards while others only accept cash.

Enjoy more than a sexy model

At the top part of the AdultSearch homepage, there are links that direct users to homepages for;

  • Sugar babies
  • TS escorts
  • NSA sex sites
  • Affair sites

I am not going to focus on these yet. This is because the links go to sites that aren’t really a part of AdultSearch. There are sign in and sign up links at the top. There is also the ‘add services for escorts’ link. This is where you can find things that AdultSearch does not allow.

Explaining the website design

The countries, states, and cities are well organized. There is also a search box that you can use if you are looking for specific features. I didn’t see the importance of this search box.

But it is a good thing that the site decided to have it.

Note that some cities in your country may not have models who are online at the same time as you.

There are even cities that don’t have listings. At the same time, there are other cities with more escorts than others. Here were the numbers available while writing this review;

  • Houston 278
  • Detroit 65
  • Los Angeles 300
  • DC 250
  • Cleveland 24

I was surprised to see a whole 278 escorts in Houston. I didn’t expect to see such a great number.

So there are so many perverts in Houston I guess. Miami had more number of escorts than LA. Probably because of the politicians there.

Someone has to ensure they don’t get too stressed.

As I said, some cities don’t have even one escort listed. However, the site has a sponsored post that links users to a cam site in the region.

The aim of AdultSearch is to ensure that everyone is taken care of no matter where they live.

These posts clearly outline that they are sponsored. So I was not frustrated when I realized that lead to cam sites and not escort sites.

Are these additional features?

Besides hooking up with an escort, there are also other benefits of using AdultSearch. For instance, you can also find listings for gay bathhouses, BDSM, and massage parlors in your city. This option is available after doing a city search.

Note that these options are not available in all the cities.

You can only find them in cities where they exist. These are also listings for nudist colonies, but during my search, I didn’t come across any of these. Although it is possible to find a few.

AdultSearch Conclusion

AdultSearch is a simple website that is easy to use. At the bottom of the page, there is a link where users can report sex traffickers.

If you have any issues, there is a contact link available. This link directs you to the AdultSearch customer service.

AdultSearch is a site that has managed to serve its purpose.

You can find as many as 100 escort listings in big cities.

There are so many options to choose from. This is a site where a large number of escorts market their services. The women here are open-minded and ready to explore new things.

If you are looking for a personal interaction that is more than just meeting in a restaurant, then this is a site for you. Your dream girl might already be here waiting for you.

AdultSearch What I liked

  • Attention to details
  • Top escort listings
  • Different escort types

AdultSearch What I disliked

  • Some cities do not have escorts


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