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AlohaTube: Your Reliable Porn Aggregator Site

AlohaTube is considered one of the best porn aggregators on the internet. No matter your fetish or fantasy, you can rest assured that this site will have something for you to enable you to satisfy some of your wildest fantasies. It contains an impressive selection of porn clips that will keep you coming back for more.


Variety of Exciting Porn Videos

Whether you are interested in lesbian porn videos, big tits, MILF videos, or gay sex videos, you can rest assured that this site will not disappoint you. You will also notice that some of the videos on this site are full-length. This is something that most porn sites cannot boast.

How Many Videos Does AlohaTube Contain?

AlohaTube contains approximately four million porn videos for you to sample. There are also around three thousand videos added to the site daily.

AlohaTube Categories

Categories are an important part of any porn site. They make it easier for users to find their favorite content without much hassle. AlohaTube has ensured that its users can choose their content from a wide range of categories. This site contains some unique categories such as condom, ballerina, nasty, garden, corset, and pumping.

If you love watching Latina porn videos, then you will be happy to note that the site contains more than 136,000 Latina clips. If you are a fan of creampie, prepare to browse through a list of more than 100,000 videos.

Does AlohaTube Contain Tags?

There are also many other categories with thousands of videos waiting for you on this site. AlohaTube comes with tags that tend to be very accurate, and you can rest assured that any tag you select will lead you to the relevant videos associated with it.

Where Can I Find The Video Categories on AlohaTube?

You can find more categories on the bottom side of the site’s homepage. These categories are arranged alphabetically to make it easier for users to find their favorite categories. Also, you will notice that the number of videos under each category is shown on the right side of the categories.

AlohaTube Video Quality

This site contains both high definition and standard quality videos. You will find a huge collection of HD videos for you to enjoy watching. The site contains over sixteen million HD videos. Despite this huge number, more HD videos are also added to the site every day.

AlohaTube Video Player

Porn sites tend to have different video players that come with various features to ensure that users enjoy their viewing experience. AlohaTube comes with a unique video player packed with interesting features.

Below the video player, you will see the video’s title. The player itself consists of a play button, volume button, and the length of the video.

The player also allows you to easily replay the video. In case you want to view the video on full screen, you can do this by clicking on the button located on the bottom right side of the player.

How can I Search for Content at AlohaTube?

There are various ways by which you can search for your favorite videos on this site. You can opt to search for content by use of the available categories. Some of these categories include skinny, shemale, redhead, POV, cheerleader among others.

Search for Videos Based on Ethnicity

If you are into a specific ethnicity, then you may also search for videos based on the ethnicity of your choice. Some of the ethnicities to choose from include Korean, Latina, Asian, and Canadian.

Search for Videos Based on Your Fetish

Are you into a particular fetish? If so, you do not need to worry as this site also allows you to find content based on the fetish of your choice. Some of these include mature, tanned, swingers, swimming pool, and stockings.

Use The Search Bar to Find Your Favorite Videos

Besides the categories, this site also comes with a basic search bar that allows you to type your search keyword. Once you type your keyword, you will need to click on the search button in order to display your results and choose the best video from the ones provided.


One of the reasons why AlohaTube tends to stand out from most of the porn sites out there is due to the collection of porn videos it contains. The videos are arranged into various categories to make it easier for users to find the best videos to watch depending on their fantasy.

The site’s design is neat and easy to navigate. Therefore, if you have been looking for a porn site that guarantees millions of free porn videos, then you have every reason to try out AlohaTube, and see what it has in store for you.

AlohaTube Pros

  • Millions of porn clips
  • Exciting amateur porn stars
  • Thousands of new videos uploaded daily

AlohaTube Cons

  • No video previews
  • No section for “longest” videos