10 best anal dildos (recommended by sex experts)

Not many couples are comfortable talking about important topics like sex and romance. In fact, many people start dating and even getting married without a proper understanding of how to do it safely. One thing that rarely crosses their mind is using sex toys, anal dildos especially the ones used for anal stimulation. 

Best anal vibrators-reviews

That said, we have listed for you the best anal dildos you can ever find in the market today. Whether you are new to sex toys or have been using them for years. Always take time to research before buying any of these products. 

Anal Beads Plug Black Suction Cup Dildo

Anal Beads Plug Black Suction Cup Dildo

The sex toy has a simple design. It is vibration-free and is made of PVC materials that are easy to clean and also contribute to its smooth surface. All these features make the anal toy easy to use even if you are still new to sex toys for anal stimulation. 

Additional features

Anal beads measure 5 cm wide and 22 cm long. The suction cup can be removed so you can attach it to any smooth surface for stability and safety.

The beaded design is to make the toy stimulate anal glands and offer increased pressure. Since the surface is smooth, you can comfortably use the toy even if you are out of lube. 

What we liked

  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used even without lubrication
  • Flexes easily
  • High versatile insertable length
  • Has a suction cup for additional safety


Anal Beads Plug may not be the most extreme anal dildo right now. However, it is easy to use, has a simple design, and offers a pleasurable experience every time you use it. 

Faak Large Anal Beaded Dildo 

Faak Large Anal Beaded Dildo 

This is one of the longest anal dildos. The insertable length is spread across the beads that offer multiple pleasurable layers. The sex toy is made of soft and reliable PVC material. 

Additional features

The large size also makes it versatile, which means that it is convenient for many users. 

The size may be scary at first, but the width gradually increases as it moves towards the base, so take one step at a time to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself. Faak Beaded Dildo is available in 3 color options. So feel free to choose a color that suits you most.

What we liked

  • The suction cup base is reliable
  • The width slowly increases from the tip
  • Versatile shape and design
  • Beaded to provide extra pleasure
  • Made of soft PVC material


Faak Beaded Dildo is easy to understand and use. It is a simple anal sex toy that offers extra pleasure and no extra frills.

Hook Yuechao Stainless Steel Anal Hook With Anal Beads Metal Butt Plug

Hook Yuechao Stainless Steel Anal Hook With Anal Beads Metal Butt Plug

There are many materials used to make anal sex toys. Metal however might be the last thing that can cross your mind. The stainless steel Hook Yuechao is one anal sex toy that was designed with pleasure in mind. 

Additional features

The package comes with three different options, but each has a different design. This means that each of them offers a unique kind of pleasure. They all have stainless steel hook handles that are safe to use.

If you are using the toys for partnered sex, the hooked design makes it easier to explore unique positions. The beads are flexible so you can try in all sorts of experiments. Hook Yuechao is a convenient anal stimulation toy for both first-time and experienced users. 

They offer pleasure in a quick but controllable way.

What we liked

  • A good option for first-time users
  • Does not rely on excessive length for extra stimulation
  • Available in 3 different options
  • Made of stainless steel which makes it durable
  • Perfect for fantasy fulfillment


When we talk of anal dildos, this may not be the first option that is likely to cross your mind. However, they are the best option for those who prefer a subtle type of pleasure rather than relying on the length.

Flexible Anal Dildo with Suction Cup

Flexible Anal Dildo with Suction Cup

The flexible anal dildo has a more conventional design. It is not only about having a smooth surface or a set of beads. They resemble a real penis and are 5.7 inches each.

Additional features 

The toys also come in different colors. They have veins and bumps, just like a real penis. They are also made of quality TPE material for comfort and flexibility. The suction cup can hold in place for solo sex, or your partner can hold it instead.

What we liked

  • Has a realistic design
  •  A good option for both solo and partnered sex
  • Flexible and comfortable
  •  The suction base holds it in place


If beads aren’t something that you prefer your anal dildo to have, then these can be a great option for you. The sex toys are stable, flexible, and have a pleasurable design. You can use them alone or with your S.O

Popular Crystal Anal Bead Glass Dildo

Popular Crystal Anal Bead Glass Dildo

Most people are scared by the thought of using a glass dildo;is it going to break inside me? Well, so long as you buy the sex toy from a reputable brand, your little best friend is going to be perfectly safe. 

Additional features

Popular Crystal Anal has a smooth side and a ridged side so you can have more options when using it for solo sex. It has a curving in the middle, which means that you can use it in so many ways. 

The glass material makes the anal sex toy more exciting to use. This is by adding some element of fake danger to your sexual adventures. The solid sex toy will give you a whole new experience every time you use it. 

What we liked

  • Can fulfill fantasies
  • Stable compared to other options
  • Can work for both partnered and solo sex
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual-ended design


Since the sex toy is made of glass, it does not flex. This can be an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. The sold material makes the toy effective and perfect at hitting the weakest points. 

Expander Guimi Metal Anal Plug Expander Prostate Massager Anal Dildo Stimulator

Guimi Metal Anal Plug Expander Prostate Massager Anal Dildo

This is an expanding sex toy that is easy to slide in. You can use both ends in specific ways. For instance, you can use one side to stretch the anus and the other side for stimulating and massaging your weak spots. 

Additional features

The toy has a safe insertable length for safety when using it. Since you can use the other side to stimulate your weakest points, the sex toy can be pleasurable for both beginners and experienced users. 

The longest side is 8cm and the widest side is 2 cm. This is a convenient size so you are not going to hurt yourself in any way. 

What we liked

  • Safe size and insertable length
  • A good option for beginners
  • Compact and versatile
  • You can use both ends
  • Made of silver chrome metal that is easy to clean


It may appear small, but there is just so much you can do with it. You can use it in multiple situations and is a perfect option for adventurous users who love to explore. 

Blue Double Head Glass Dildo

Blue Double Head Glass Dildo

This amazing anal dildo was inspired by other glass dildos. It comes with a double-headed design built on bumps, swirls among other raised elements. You can enjoy a whole new experience when using this sex toy. 

Additional features

On the top of each side, there is a beaded-like head that measures 1.3 inches in girth and has a total length of 8.3 inches. 

The handcrafted and reliable design, together with the simple shape also makes the sex toy worth using for non-anal play. 

What I liked

  • Made of tough glass
  • Stylish design
  • High insertable length
  • The raised lines and bumps over increased pleasure
  •  The double-headed design makes it easy to explore with


The dildo can be used for both anal and vaginal stimulation. It is made of unique sturdy glass. The bumpy design also gives you a whole new experience with each usage.

Screw Blue Pyrex Glass Anal Dildo Butt Plug, Crystal

Screw Blue Pyrex Glass Anal Dildo Butt Plug, Crystal

It is a unique anal dildo made of spiral-like glass for maximum pleasure. The design is perfect for stimulating sensitive nerves. 

Additional features

The sex toy has a high-quality construction design. The rounded tip makes it easier to push the toy in with limited force. Once in, the friction and comfort are also balanced. So you can enjoy great pleasure without damaging your body. 

It is 170mm long, which is enough length to work with. Just stop when you feel like you have taken in too much.

What we liked 

  • Easily glides in and out
  • Made of smooth and durable glass
  • The base section is large and easy to handle
  •  Offers additional pleasure through friction


The design of this anal dildo can be intimidating for beginners. But this is also a perfect design to get a whole new experience with every use. 

Strap on Faak Dildo Animal Wolf Dildo

Strap on Faak Dildo Animal Wolf Dildo

This is a huge strap-on anal dildo that resembles a dragon dildo both in size and design. It is a perfect choice for fantasy fulfillment so if you are into fantasy characters, then this might be the best option for you.

Additional features

 The sex toy is 67 cm wide and 185cm long. This is enough size to make your experience more satisfying. 

You can even use a strap-on if you want. The outer surface has a rough texture, together with fake veins that make the experience more enjoyable. You can use it for both anal and vaginal stimulation. 

What we liked

  • A perfect option for those who love fantasy characters
  • Built for beastly pleasure
  • Textured to provide a rougher feel


The size of the sex toy can be intimidating, especially for first-time users. But the design is perfect if you feel like adding some fantasy to your sexual experiences. 

Flesh Vibrating Dildo Anal Beads

This is also a unique dildo that offers three types of stimulation. The beaded dildo type works for anal penetration and there are two other dildos with it with different thickness and texture.

 The longer one can be used for vaginal stimulation and another for clitoral stimulation. It comes with a silicone design that makes it easy to clean. 

Additional features

The sex toy operates using pencil batteries. It is two inches thick, which makes it comfortable enough even for beginners. It is also wide enough to offer extra pleasure every time you use it. 

What I liked

  • Flexible and bendy
  • Vibrates gently
  • Has 3 different ends
  • Can be used for both partnered and solo sex
  • Doesn’t require a lot of power to operate


It is a good option for people who prefer adding variety to their sexual encounters. It is one sex toy that offers three forms of stimulation. 

The best anal dildos buying guide

For most people, buying the best sex toy products may not be a walk in the park. You need to be sure of exactly what you are looking for. Otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself. 

The situation can even be worse if you are new to anal sex toys and don’t clearly understand how these products work. Finding the right dildo will guarantee you safety and pleasure at the same time. 

What should the best dildo for anal stimulation look like?

Sex toys aren’t something that should be taken for granted considering that some of them are insertable.

Our bodies are delicate so one small mistake you make when buying the toy will only lead to pain and frustrations. It is therefore very important to ensure that you are investing in a trusted product. 


The best sex toy should not only be good at providing sexual pleasure. It should also be comfortable and safe to use. 

Approved by a certified body

It should also be an approved product, so you won’t risk damaging your body by inserting a toy that you shouldn’t be using in the first place. 

Different types of anal sex toys

 Anal dildos come in different shapes and sizes. This means that not all of them can be a good option for you. For instance, the beaded ones can stimulate you the most. But there are also others that prefer theirs to have a smooth and rough-textured surface. 

Is there something like the ‘best anal dildo’?

According to experts, the best anal dildos are the ones with beads and plugs. This is quite interesting considering that a dildo should first of all be penis-shaped. 

The best anal dildo varies from one person to another

Most people may assume that a specific type of dildo suits them best only to realize later that it does not offer the kind of pleasure they wanted. So the whole idea of the best dildo doesn’t make a lot of sense since there is no one size fits all option. 

At times, you may even have several options, and all of them work perfectly for you.

Male or female?

A majority of anal dildos these days are unisex. But other options are designed for a specific gender. For instance, male dildos may not feature some parts that female dildos have for clitoral and vaginal stimulation. 

What to look for in an anal dildo


Girth is also an important part to consider for both anal and vaginal dildos. This is because the dildos rely on their girth for functioning and even effectiveness.

Should I go with a small or wide girth?

 If the girth is too small, you are less likely to get that pleasurable experience you desire. On the other hand, a big girth makes the toy uncomfortable or it won’t even fit at all. So finding a dildo with the right girth measurements matters a lot. 

If you aren’t certain of which measurement will be the best for you, it is advised that you start small. Never underrate a small toy. So long as it is used effectively, you can even get the best experience with them that large dildos offer. So investing in a dildo with a smaller girth isn’t a bad idea. 

Note that some people prefer using dildos with excess girth. Some even go for options that are too large for them to control. However, it is important to go for a size that you can manage. 

The material doesn’t really matter, so feel free to choose a glass, metal, or plastic dildo. But the most important thing is to ensure that the size can fit. 


You might be tempted to believe that the length of your dildo is what matters more than anything else. But in most cases, this is never the case. Whether it is an anal or general dildo, it, first of all, needs to be comfortable.

Does length really matter?

 If you are a beginner, toys with a longer length may be one of your first options to go for. But these types of dildos also have their challenges. You can only get the best experience with a sex toy if it can fit your body size and shape. 

People have specific needs, so the best dildo for you should be the one that your body is comfortable with regardless of whether they are long or short. 

For instance, you might after trying different options realize that the best option for you are plugs. But many anal plugs are only four inches tall or even less. 

In summary, long dildos may seem appealing, but just because they can work for someone else doesn’t mean that they can work for you as well. 

Fetishes and fantasies

Fantasies and fetishes are an important part of romance. In general, sex toys are designed to make your fantasies come true. 

You can find plenty of anal dildos that were actually inspired by real animal penises. Some are even inspired by fantasy monsters like dragons, for instance. 

You can also be surprised to find some dildos that are intentionally created to be larger than anyone can handle, leading to a painful experience when using them. 

The best dildos for your fetishes or kinks depend on you. It is however easy to find one for more common kinks.

If you are not interested in stimulating a specific part, there is no point in getting yourself a dildo that can serve that purpose. Even if you would love to get a certain weird experience, there is a likelihood that it only exists in your head and not in real life. 

You are not in a position to give yourself a fantasy, so there is no need for forcing yourself into something that you actually don’t need.

The base

The base can either be a good or bad feature based on certain things. For instance, a suction cup base is important in ensuring the safety and steadiness of the tool. But a bad or poor-quality suction cup base is the exact opposite. It might make the dildo slip around or in worst cases stuck inside you. It is therefore important to invest in an anal dildo with a good base. 

A suction cup base varies in size depending on the dildo. The best suction cup base makes the dildo easy to use for both beginners and experienced users. But ensure that you attach the dildo on a recommended surface, preferably flat, for it to function effectively. 

Sending sex toys as gifts

Have you ever imagined sending a gift dildo to your best friend or partner? There are complete gift sets available solely for this purpose. The set may include a dildo, free lubricant, or other extra dildos. Some even come with instructions on how to use the dildo correctly. 

When sending dildos as a gift, you should, first of all, ensure that they are high quality. Make sure that the suction cup is not loose and the whole item is not made of poor quality materials. If possible, do background research on the company before buying. 

Anal Dildos, Conclusion

If you are shopping for the best dildos for anal play, consider looking at any of the options we have in this review. Just remember that there is no way to describe how the best dildo should be. It all depends on how comfortable you are with the toy as well as your preferences. 

One of the best ways to find the right tool is by reading trusted reviews. So long as the reviews come from trusted users, you can at least have an idea of whether the toy is good or bad for you. They can also advise you on how to use the toy without being hurt and how to keep them clean. 

In conclusion, dildos offer plenty of options to explore your sexuality. All you need is to take time and compare the options available. The more time you spend researching for the right dildo the easier your experience will be, and the better the pleasure you get afterward.