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Best Blowjob Toy


If you love blowjobs, then you need to consider adding the Autoblow AI to your list of favorite sex toys. It is considered the world’s best blowjob machine and comes with ten different blowjob experiences that will give you intense orgasms. 

How Does the Autoblow AI Work?

This toy works in the same way as a fleshlight. However, one of the main differences is that the Autoblow comes with a chunkier body compared to the fleshlights. It also contains various mechanical devices fitted onto it to give you the best blowjob experience.

What Is So Special About the Autoblow AI?

This device also uses AI to ensure that you experience unmatched sexual pleasure. This is what sets it apart from the other sex toys like regular masturbators and fleshlights. 

Who Invented the Autoblow AI

This device was invented in 2008 by Brian Sloan. In 2014, he had to secure funding from crowdfunding to enable him to launch Autoblow 2. Later on, the toy had to go under some hardware upgrades, and newer versions of the device were released in 2016 and 2017, namely, Autoblow 2+ and Autoblow 2+ XT. 

The 4th Generation version of the toy is what is used today and has a lot of admirers. This is why it has already collected over $0.5 million and still counting.

Autoblow AI Features

There are many reasons why this toy has become the number one choice for most men out there. The following are some of the features that have made it popular among sext toy lovers.

Wide Range of Intensities

  • It comes packed with 10 different intensities, which enable you to reduce or increase the speed and intensity of the blowjob strokes. Besides these, it also has a bar that will show you the mode and intensity level currently in use. 
  • The tenth intensity level on this device works by combining all the other intensities and patterns randomly that will keep you guessing and provide you with some of the best blowjob experiences you have ever had.
  • It comes with nine different blowjob patterns, which have been programmed by the use of AI algorithms. The patterns are designed to provide you with real blowjob techniques to ensure that you always end up with thrilling blowjob sessions.

Excellent Texture

  • It comes with a sleeve made of silicone. The texture is also beautiful and made to mimic a vagina texture. This means that once you slip your penis into this device, you should be ready to get a one-of-a-kind experience.  


  • It comes with a wide range of buttons designed to help you take control of everything whenever you begin your blowjob sessions. Some of these buttons include the pause button, play button, on/off switch, intensity controls, among others. 
  • You won’t have to worry about running out of batteries as the device doesn’t use batteries. You only need to plug it in an electrical socket and you will be good to go. 
  • With this device, you can also take control of when you would like to have an orgasm. If you wish to delay your orgasm, you will simply have to pause it and get some air. Once you are ready to continue, you can also press the pause button so that the session may be resumed. 

How Can I Use the Autoblow AI?

If you have already purchased this device and are wondering how you should use it, do not worry as you are at the right place. Below are some of the steps you should follow when using the Autoblow AI  to ensure that you get the most out of this device.

Step 1:

Slip the penis into the sleeve and make sure that it sits comfortably inside the device. To achieve this, make sure that the sleeve’s top ridge is resting above the device’s plastic carriage. The bottom ridge should also be below the carriage. 

Step 2:

To adjust the position of the sleeve, use the plastic stick provided by the manufacturer to help you with this. Once done, you can proceed to connect it to your power socket.

Step 3:

Before you begin your session, it is also important to ensure that you lubricate the inside of the sleeve as well as your penis for a smooth experience. The most recommended lubricants are water-based ones. After the lubrication process, slide your penis into the device. Turn it on using the ON/Off button located below the volume bar.

Step 4:

Once the device gets started, you will see blinking blue lights. However, to begin your blowjob session, ensure that you press the Play button. If you wish to change to different patterns, ensure that you also press the Play button to help you switch the patterns.

Other Things to Look into

If you wish to reduce or increase the intensity of the strokes, there are two dedicated buttons that you may use for this. They are presented in the form of volume buttons and the intensity that you are currently using will be displayed in the volume bar.

You can also use the volume bar to check the pattern or mode that you are currently on. Some of the patterns available for you to choose from are Fast Edge, Teasing Slow Stroke, Intense Edge, among others.

Once your masturbation session is complete, ensure that you have switched off the device and also remove it from the socket. Remove the sleeve from the device and make sure that you clean it thoroughly using soap and warm water.

Autoblow AI Pros

  • It can accommodate any penis size 
  • It guarantees to give its users impulsive, stimulating, and explosive blowjobs.
  • Users will get a wide range of blowjob patterns that mimic real-life blowjobs. This is because the design team has watched many blowjob videos and incorporated some of the best patterns into this device. Besides, it also contains AI to help it accurately mimic the blowjob action. 
  • The consists of pure silicone and is safe to use. This also makes it easy to clean it using soap and warm water. 
  • The best thing is that when you switch between intensity levels, you won’t get an abrupt change. This is because once you switch it, the device will begin at a slow speed to ensure the safety of your penis while inside the sleeve. 

Autoblow AI Cons

  • It tends to be bulky hence you cannot use it with one hand.
  • It comes with a fan that helps it to cool down. This makes it produce an audible sound whenever you use it. This means that it is not a great option for people looking to use it discreetly. 


As someone who loves quality blowjobs, you can never go wrong with the Autoblow. This is because it has been tested and loved by most people across the globe and is also rated highly compared to other similar devices. 

Some people might find it a bit expensive, but the experience you will get with this device will be worth every penny you spend on it. Therefore, if you are looking to take your sex life to a new level, you should consider adding this toy to your list of favorites as it never disappoints.


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