Review of the best Bad Dragon dildos

I am a diehard fan of sex toys and to be honest, Bad Dragon Dildos has been one of my best fantasy toy companies for the longest time. This is the reason why I decided to try some of their best options for a whole month. The good news is that I am sharing my experience with you guys, here and now.

Before we continue, I would like to inform you that some of the options here are the ones you have never seen before, even in your dreams. Fantasy sex toys may not be for everyone.  But the niche also attracts plenty of followers who just can’t get enough of these sex toys.

Inspired by the Mighty Dragon

Millions of us watched The Game of Thrones and couldn’t wait for each of the seasons to come out. I am one of these guys by the way.  And of course, you remember the dragon eggs that later hatched to produce full-grown dragons. Well, most of the fantasy toys from Bad Dragon were inspired by Daenerys eggs and dragons from The Game of Thrones.  

Explaining Bad Dragon Dildos in details

Bad Dragon is a fantasy sex toy company based in Texas Arizona.  It has a wide range of dragon-like dildos that you can purchase directly from their website. What makes this company unique is that it focuses on the tiniest of details. Each of their sex toy products is designed with love and care. You will enjoy every moment when using their dildos, vibrators, and fleshlights.

Before we continue further, what is a dragon dildo?

Bad Dragon focuses on producing fantasy-styled dildos. By fantasy style, we simply mean that their dildos resemble reptilian creatures, most specifically dragon dicks. But you are also likely to find dragon tongues, eggs, and limbs on their website as well.

One amazing thing about these dragon dildos is that each of them has unique features. It is rare to find two Bad Dragon dildos sharing the same features. So you can always find something to fulfill your sexual desires to the fullest.

There is something for everyone at Bad Dragon Dildos

Don’t expect to find a bunch of one size fits all sex toys on the bad dildo website. All the dildos created by this amazing company are customizable. All the company does is design the dildos, but everything else, including the color and firmness, can be customized.

I am an expert sex toy reviewer who has tested a whole bunch of fantasy sex toys before.  But to be honest, I have never seen anything that is even close to what Bad Dragon offers. The wide range of customizable options makes these toys stand out in so many ways.  This is actually one of the things that make Bad Dragon unique in the fantasy sex toy industry.

Why are fantasy sex toys so popular?

The fantasy sex toy niche is huge right now.  It is only a few companies that manufacture these toys, but the user base is quite high. You can therefore find hundreds or even thousands of options from these companies’ websites that are all there to meet the demand.

These are ‘dragon dildos’ so don’t expect them to look your boyfriend’s dick. The sex toys feature plenty of veins and ridges. They are also thicker than any real penis you have seen before.

Who are fantasy sex toys good for?

As I said, fantasy sex toys are not meant for everyone. If you are into fantasy characters, the dragon dildos will make you feel like it is the real dragon, unicorn, or octopus fucking you, huh.  Close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine the feeling.

What to look for in a Bad dragon dildos

 Now that you mentioned that there are so many options available, which type of dragon dildo should I go for?

Well, this is a good question to ask.   You can find dragon dildos in different shapes, girths, and textures. So there is always an option for you depending on your preference.  But to help you make an informed decision, we are going to explain the pros and cons of these gigantic toys.

Pros and cons of Bad dragon dildos


Can be customized

One thing I love the most about Bad Dragon dildos is that you can customize them in so many ways.  You can choose the colors you want, size, and even the firmness.  No matter the option you go for, the company has a way of making you feel like you just bought the best fantasy toy in the world.  

Made of body-safe materials

All Bad Dragon dildos are made of high-quality silicone, actually the highest quality in the market.  The silicone is hand-poured and this gives the dildos a real penis feel. It is a feature that many sex toys do not have.

They meet industry standards

Bad dildo focuses on producing sex toys of the highest standards. There are actually so many places where this company could ‘cut corners’. But they have never thought of it which is one thing that most of us appreciate about the company. 


Most sex toys that I have reviewed before are mass-produced. But each of the Bad Dragon sex toys is handcrafted. There is nothing wrong with using sex toys that are mass-produced. But the experience can even be better if you know that the toy was created with care and love, like what Bad Dragon offers.

The cum tube feature

You can even add a cumtube feature to stimulate real orgasm.  Note that not all the Bad Dragon dildo have a cumtube feature do it is important to remember this before adding any of them to your cart.


There are so many good things I can say about Bad Dragon dildos. This is especially on the features that these toys have. So as much as there are a few cons, not one of them relates to the product’s features.

Delay in shipping

One thing I didn’t like was the shipping process. It actually takes forever to have the dildo in your hands.  If you are impatient the way I am, then welcome to the world of frustrations.  

 You can see any reviews on the Bad Dragon website. But you have the opportunity to read the reviews on external sites like TrustPilot.  What you can see there are plenty of 2-star ratings and all of them concern the shipping process.

There is a reason behind this, though

Bad Dragon dildos take a longer time to ship before they are handcrafted.  So if you have outside the United States, shipping may take a long time which sucks sometimes.

 This is the only con I know about Bad Dragon products. Note that it does not relate to the product features in any way.  It is only the slow annoying shipping that we are talking about here. But at the end of the day, the product you get can’t be compared to any other option. 

Feel free to purchase one of the dildos on the Bad Dragon website as soon as you get the chance.  After all, if quality is what you are looking for, then, believe me, it is worth the long wait.

Review of the best Bad Dragon dildos

Now that you have an idea of what Bad Dragon is all about, let’s now review some of their best products! I have explained the features of each product in this review for you to have an idea of whether it is an option that’s worth trying out. So let’s get started!


Ika bad dragon dildo

To be honest, Ika has ruined me in some way.  Since I discovered fantasy porn, I have always wanted to have a wide collection of fantasy sex toys that no other human can boast of. Can you imagine that a dragon dildo can also be made of glass? Well, relax, for now, it won’t break inside you.

Best for G-spot stimulation

Basically, Ika is a tentacle-shaped dragon dildo with a slight curve which makes it a good option to stimulate the G-spot.

The suckers offer extra stimulation. But ensure that you give this best friend of yours a thorough cleaning afterward.  There are plenty of crannies in the sex toy and these are good places for bacteria to hide.

What makes it unique?

I love how tentacle-shaped sex toys feel inside me. The sex toy is available in multiple colors. My favorite option is one with a teal blue tint which fades to pretty blue.

Apollo-Bad Dragon dildos

Bad Dragon apollo

You will love the stimulation that this ridgy boy offers. You might realize many dragon toys offered at the Bad Dragon dildo website comes with ridges. But it is basically for you to have a nice feel inside your ass or pussy.

Plenty of ridges for extra stimulation

 If you love vaginal sex, you might have already realized that internal stimulation is never enough to get an orgasm. The reason is that vaginas don’t have as many touch receptors as other parts, like the clitoris for instance. It however boasts of many pressure receptors.

The ridges featured in Bad Dragon dildos are designed to grind against your vagina to create more intense stimulation. Apollo is one of the dragon sex toys with plenty of ridges.

Best  for G-spot stimulation

 The dragon dildo has a thin tip that graduates into a huge knot. It is a perfect sex toy to use if you want extra stimulation.  Just like Ika, Apollo is designed with a slight curve that helps stimulate the G-spot as well. 

Can also be used for anal stimulation

You can also use the sex toy for anal play. 

Choose from multiple color options

Apollo is available in multiple colors including Apollo’s Natural which is my favorite so far.  It gives the mighty Apollo a yellow base and purple greyish shaft.

Winston’s Tongue

Winston’s Tongue

The dragon toy has a wide base that makes it convenient to move around and reach all the best spots.  If you love getting head from your partner, Winston’s head can be a perfect alternative when he or she is not around.

Best for G-spot, anal and vaginal stimulation-Bad Dragon Dildos

Ika is my perfect option for vaginal stimulation. But I can choose Winston’s tongue over and over again for clitoral stimulation. The sex toy can also work for G-spot stimulation, it however does better in oral sex.  Just use plenty of lube and swirl the crazy sex toy around your clit.  Once done, feel free to slowly penetrate it inside your pussy. 

My favorite color is Night Sky. 


Bad Dragon dildo Mystic

Mystic is a unicorn horn-shaped dragon dildo. It is actually the most intimidating dildo on this list. The shaft has a slight swirl just like a real unicorn horn.  The grooves may not be drastic compared to the other options we have. Even so, they are still in a position to provide an amazing feeling.

Has a realistic feel

Mystic features soft ridges that offer the same feeling as what you get with Apollo.  It is a good option when you are not in the mood for real dick penetration but still need some grinding downstairs.  Once you use this dragon dildo for the first time, it can be really hard to let go of it.  It is soft and can offer stimulation from different angles.

Mystic is one of the most popular dragon toys from the company.  It looks like a real unicorn but is mightier than you can imagine.  

The most coveted color is Mystic Signature (it is also my favorite). This fades from pink to blue and then green. There are also other color options that make the toy adorable as well.  But Mystic Signature is the only one that I highly recommend.



Stan really looks like an uncircumcised dick, LOL.  It has lots of curves and veins that create an amazing experience.  Of course, Stan isn’t a dragon sex toy that everyone can use. But for the lucky ones, I guarantee that you will never forget your first time experience with it.  You can also use the dragon dildo for solo play.

Bad Dragon Dildos-Best for anal stimulation

Do you enjoy the simulations that butt plugs offer? With this dildo, you can get the same feeling you have with a real partner. The head is blunt and that makes the toy unique compared to other options we have on this list. 

The suction cup base makes it steady and you can even use it in the shower.  There are many color options here as well.  Stan Signature is my favorite. It is metallic Purple over Red base. This makes the sex toy not only powerful but also pretty.

Bad Dragon Dildos, Bottom line

No matter the dildo option you choose from Bad Dragon, be sure that you can’t get enough of it.  Besides the options available in this review, there are many other options offered by the same company that are worth checking out. Not even one sex toy company can complete with what Bad Dragon offers. Besides the dragon dildos, the sex toy company also creates small vibrators and fleshlights.