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Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls

If you are looking for sex toys that will improve your overall sex experience, you should look no further than the Ben Wa Balls. They are some of the most versatile toys you will find out there. This is because you can use them for a wide range of functions including improving your bladder control, kegel workouts, pelvic floor exercises, and sexual stimulation. 

These Ben Wa Balls, also called Kegel Balls, can be found in a variety of shapes, weights, colors, and sizes. This ensures that they offer solutions to all ladies looking to strengthen their pelvic floors after birth or improve their sexual lives. 

How Can I Use Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa Balls are some of the easiest toys to use. All you have to do is lubricate them and put them in your vagina. Once placed inside, you can now use the cervical muscles to grip them the same way you do with a tampon. 

It is also vital to note that some can in for the whole day, while others are only meant to be used for a short period. They feel similar to having a tampon in your vagina the entire day unless you opt for the ones that tend to be heavier or large. Also, remember to avoid using them when on your periods. 

Should I Use Ben Wa Balls as an Exerciser or a Sex Toy?

How you decide to use the Ben Wa Balls is entirely up to you as it will depend on what you want to achieve from it. For instance, if you have been looking for something to help tighten your vaginal walls and help in increasing sensitivity during sex, then Ben Wa Balls will go a long way in helping you. 

You can also use them when having sex to increase your sensitivity. If you are after something that will offer you pleasure while you perform your daily chores, then you can opt for those that come with a rattle to help give you some exciting vibrations. 

Most people use the Ben Wa Balls to perform Kegel Exercises which can help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. These exercises are ideal for incontinent women. These are women who usually pee on themselves accidentally. Those who recently gave birth can also benefit from these toys. Besides, people with fecal incontinence can still use them to improve their situation. This means that men can also use them if they suffer from such conditions. 

What is the Weight of Ben Wa Balls?

The best thing about Ben Wa Balls is that they come in a wide range of weights depending on what you want from them. The right weight will help you to strengthen your pelvic floor because they help with your vagina’s weight lifting. 

Unfortunately, there is no overall recommended weight for women since all vaginas tend to differ in many ways. However, if it is your first time using them, you should consider purchasing a beginner’s starter pack, which contains smaller balls to help you get started. You can now slowly progress with increasing the size after discovering your base level. 

Safety Precautions When Using Ben Wa Balls

One thing to note is that these devices are not meant to go into your anus. Therefore, avoid putting them up there at all costs. They are only to be used in the vagina. This is because the vagina contains a cervix that blocks them from going further up there. 

Unfortunately, the anus doesn’t have this mechanism, meaning that there is a high chance they will go too far inside, and you will have no way of retrieving them. In such a case, you will have to undergo surgery to remove them. 

Another safety precaution is by using enough lube. The best type of lubes is the water-based versions. Ensure that you begin with the smallest Ben Wa Balls as you slowly work your way up with time. 

Where Can I Purchase Ben Wa Balls?

Pharmacies and Health Stores

There are many health retailers and pharmacies that stock these balls. Therefore, look for one that is reputable to make sure that you get the best quality. You may also talk to the pharmacist and let them recommend the best type for you. This will be according to what you want to use it for. 

Sex Shops

Most sex shops also stock Ben Wa Balls. These could be either online sex shops or the brick and mortar shops. 

What Are Some of the Best Ben Wa Balls?

Since they have different uses, you will find them being marketed differently, which might cause a little confusion. However, if you know what you want to achieve from the Ben Wa Balls, then this should not be an issue. Depending on what you are looking for, the following are some of the best Ben Wa Balls you will find on the market today.

Fifty Shades Ben Wa Ball Kit – Best Option for Beginners

If it is your first time using Ben Wa Balls, you will not go wrong with this model because it is specifically designed for beginners. They are a great option if you are looking for something to help you in your kegel exercises. 

The Fifty Shades Ben Wa ball Kit is of the highest quality and comes with weighted balls of 15g, 25g, 35g, and 55g. This product is designed in a way that allows you to have up to six different weight combinations. 

These balls are easy to pull out as they come with a silicone string that makes this possible. However, some women have reported that the string is a bit shorter and may need some improvements in terms of its length. Another small issue is that they can tend to be harder to clean due to their shape. Besides these issues, this kit is one of the best you will find out there as a beginner. 

Pros: Six different weight combinations, good for beginners

Cons: They may be a little hard to clean

Duo Kegel Exerciser – Best Option for Experienced Users

This is another excellent toy from Fun Factory that will not disappoint you. It comes with two larger Ben Wa Balls enclosed in a beautiful cradle. To use it, ensure that you slip it into your vagina lengthways just the same way you would do with a tampon. It is one of the better options for experienced users who have been using kegel balls for some time. 

It is one of the best options for people looking for a toy to use for short periods. If you are looking for one to use over long periods, then you should not consider going with this option. It will end up limiting you in this regard. This is because the weight and size of the product will not be comfortable to wear over a long period. 

Pros: Ergonomic design

Cons: Affordable

Lelo Luna Beads – Best Selling Option

This is one of the best options you will find on the market today. It comes with a set of four balls that you can work with. Two of the balls measure 20g each while the other two measure 37g each. It also comes with a holder that will allow you to pair the balls and simultaneously hold them inside you. 

This will help you to progress slowly in weight. It means that you will have the option of starting from 20g and go all the way up to 34g. 

The best thing about this product is that you can wear them while performing your daily chores. Just like a tampon, they are designed to stay inside you for the entire day. Each ball is designed uniquely and contains another smaller ball inside that will rattle inside you as you move and walk. Some ladies find the rattling to cause sexual stimulations while others don’t notice it. The only way of finding out is by owning one of these excellent Lelo Luna Beads. 

Pros: Contains rattling balls, comes in different weights, reputable

Cons: It can slip out for some ladies

Adorime Kegel Balls – Best Cheap Option

If you are on a budget and are looking for the best budget option, you should consider getting yourself this model. The balls come in a wide range of sizes. These include 15g, 25g, 35g, and 55g sizes. This means that you will have options when it comes to selecting the best size for you to work with. 

The product also comes with a free bottle of lube and a discreet carry pouch. The device comes in a length of 6 inches, meaning that it can sit fairly deep in the vagina.

It is another great option if you are looking for a model that will allow you to wear it as you go about your daily chores. Some of the best activities you can perform while wearing this device include dancing, going shopping, and performing yoga. 

It comes with suggestions from the manufacturer on the best way to use the balls to ensure that you get the most out of them. This includes some of the best combinations you should use and how to progress over time to achieve the best results. 

Pros: Various weight options, affordable

Cons: Instructions come in Chinese

Kegel Egg – Best Design

The Kegel Egg was designed with ideas from the “yoni egg” tradition that originated from China. The emperors’ concubines used them by inserting the jade eggs in their vaginas to tighten their vaginal walls as well as strengthen their pelvic floors.

This means that you can use the Kegel Egg as your regular pelvic floor exerciser. It is a natural product as it is made of 100% nephrite jade. 

Pros: It is heavy and comes in a 90g weight, great-looking design

Cons: The history behind it cannot be proved as true  


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