Best Vibrators for Women: 2021 Expert Review

We all have varied opinions concerning masturbation. But most women agree that masturbation positively contributes to their physical and mental health.

 If you have trouble sleeping or need instant pain relief, then masturbation may be the solution you need. And when a vibrator comes into the picture, you can expect two things to happen. The first one is the two benefits of masturbation that we have discussed above. And the second one is orgasm so intense that it makes your toes curl.  

Vibrators assist the body to respond to different sensations. This is according to Kat Van Kirk, a certified sex therapist in the United States and sex expert at Adam and Eve. These sex tools can spice up your sexual relationships in the long run. 

There is also another reason why more women are using vibrators these days. That is, they help you know what your pleasure zones are. “You can only explain to your lover what pleasures you if you know where your hot spots are”, says Taylor Sparks, the founder, and erotic educator at

But even with all the benefits that come with using a vibrator, the main challenge is usually on how to choose the best option. So many options are available out there which makes shopping for one a bit complicated. 

Even before shopping for a vibrator, it is first important to know exactly what you are looking for, advises Alexander Fine, a certified sexologist and CEO of Dame Products. What experience do you intend to get when using the vibrator? Is it clitoral or stimulation or penetration? These are two important questions you need to ask. 

So when looking for your first vibrator in the market, you should first consider what turns you on. Only buy a vibrator that promises to stimulate these sensations. 


We met a few sex experts who helped us come up with this 2021 list of the best vibrators for women. Note that these are recommendations from experts so there is no guesswork here. The below options will help you spend more time in bed and less time online. 

Skyn Vibes Massager

Now, this is one of the most effective and affordable options you can ever find today. So if you are shopping on a budget, there is nothing that should stop you from getting yourself a Skyn Vibes Massager vibrator.

In fact, Engle highly recommends this product, describing it as easy to maneuver and super bendy. On top of that, the vibrator is also versatile. This means that you can use it to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. So if you are not in the mood for penetration, you can use the vibrator on your vulva, clit, or nipples. 

Dame Zee

This vibrator from Dame launched in the last quarter of 2020. The vibrator is not made of silicone like what you are used to. Instead, it is made from ABS, which is a smooth, silky plastic (that is also used to make Legos by the way). 

The vibrator is then coated with a soft touch spray. Why so, you may ask? Well, because the thinner material creates room for the vibrator’s super powerful motor. 

We-Vibe Unite

Are you looking for a sex toy that you and your partner can both use? If yes, then We-Vibe Unite is worth considering. The sex toy stays in position while it pulses, giving you the freedom to grind along with the vibrations or caress yourself.

 If you prefer long sexual encounters, I am pleased to inform you that We-Vibe Unite and can run for 60 minutes nonstop If you can last that long).

Bam Bullet

We introduce to you another bullet vibrator worth considering. Bam Bullet is made of soft silicone and has a whole ten vibration patterns. There are many reasons why Bam Bullet should be in your cart already. 

Gig Engle, an author, and certified sex coach claims that bullet vibrators are a great starting point. This is because such vibrators focus on the clit head and as you know; this is where there is great potential for orgasm. So there you have it!

Le Wand Vibrator 

This is one of the vibrator brands that have been around for the longest time. It is probably the reason why many sex experts consider it as the best vibrator for women. 

I should warn you that this isn’t a discreet-looking toy. But there is a reason behind this. You can use Le Wand vibrator all over the clitoris for toe-shaking orgasm or penetrate part of the head insider you for internal pleasure.

 The vibrator has 10-speed options and 20 vibration patterns. You can also recharge it using a USA cable. I agree with the experts that this is a magic option when it comes to the best vibrators today. 


This is one tiny vibrator that can fit in your palm. It is available in two color options and has a powerful motor which makes it very efficient. The small size makes it easier to slide it inside your panties. Engle lists it as one of her favorites.

Tiger Vibe G5

If you prefer internal pleasure more than clitoral stimulation, why not get yourself Tiger Vibe G5? This is one vibrator that can comfortably penetrate where your fingers have never reached.


 The vibrator has the same shape as a penis and has a unique ringed handle to facilitate movement. It is one of the vibrators that can reach your G-spot with no struggle. On top of that, Tiger Vibe G5 is 100% waterproof. So feel free to use it in the shower or bathtub. It comes with a rechargeable battery. 

My First Jack Rabbit

Can you remember that vibrator in Sex and the City that kept Charlotte in bed for a number of days? This is the vibrator we are talking about. The toy is able to stimulate your clit and G-spot at the same time. 

It has little orbs that move rapidly while it pulses for more intense stimulation. Engle states that vibrators are meant for ‘female sexual liberation.’ Well, My First Jack Rabbit will definitely make you feel liberated. 

The Fin

This is a water-resistant vibrator that you can either use alone or use with your partner. It comes with a band that you can wrap around the fingers which helps you enjoy the sensations while the toy remains in place.

 You can easily integrate the vibrator into whatever your hands are doing. It is made of medical-grade silicone and comes with a USB charger. 

Femme Funn Ultra Bullet

“ I advise women to get a bullet vibrator for a start, especially one that offers both internal and external stimulation”, says Sparks. According to her, Femme Funn Ultra Bullet is one of the top options to go for. 

The toy has 20 vibration modes. It is a perfect option for beginners and those who get more stimulation with bullet vibrators. The toy is waterproof and can be used in both external and internal stimulation. It is USB rechargeable and its small size makes it easier to travel with. 

Sona Cruise 2

Sona Cruise 2 will attend to all your clitoris needs. It is designed to mimic oral sex sensation. The more you push it the more the vibration intensity increases. This is one of the unique features that Sona Cruise 2 boasts of and you will definitely love it for this. The toy uses sonic waves that deliver vibrations to your clit with no physical contact. 

G Kiss Waterproof Vibrator

It is also another option to consider if you want an affordable vibrator that can serve its purpose. G Kiss may be available at a lower price but don’t assume that this sex toy lacks quality. 

It comes with a contoured tip that vibrates, targeting your G-spot while its clitoral stimulator works on your clit. The vibrator comes with dual motors and three-speed options. It is one of the vibrators for women that offer value for money. 

The Romp Wave Lay-On Mint

Sparks is one of the people that really adore Romp Line. All their products cost under $50, but they all have the same quality you get in more expensive brands. 

Wave Lay-On mint has a powerful motor and 6 vibration modes. The small size also makes it easier to travel with. 

Jimmy Jane form 2

The vibrator has two flexible ears, each having powerful vibrating motors. You can use it to pinch around the clit and get stimulation without directly touching the pleasure center. 

Note that this is not an insertion vibrator. But according to Fine, it works totally well. 

Starlet 2

Looking for a powerful sex toy for beginners? Starlet 2 is highly recommended by sex experts. It is easy to use the vibrator-just turn it on, put the nozzle on your clit, and there you go! 

You will get an orgasm in a few minutes. You probably have never had an orgasm before. Do you want to know what the experience is like? Starlet 2 will serve this purpose. 

Palma Vibrating Ring

Palma is not just an ordinary vibrator. It is also a piece of jewelry, which means that you can wear it on your fingers and have no apologies to make afterwards. 

The best thing about jewelry vibrators is that you can wear them in public and be proud of them. It is a way of showing the public that you prioritize your pleasure. Use Palma Vibrating Ring to caress your nipples and labia for stimulation. You can also push the ring against your clitoris to get more sensation. 

We Vibe Moxie

Have you ever heard of panty vibrators? Well. We Vibe Moxie is one of those. This wearable vibrator is contoured, quiet, and super soft. All you need to do is slip it into your panty before dinner time, and then have your partner operate it via a mobile app or remote. 

Vesper Vibrator Necklace

This is one freaking necklace doubling as a vibrator. It is sleek and stylish. The vibrator is made of stainless steel and comes with 4 vibration modes. 

Vesper Vibrator Necklace can be a great option for impromptu rendezvous. It has a smooth surface so you can go for a water-based lube to get more stimulation. The toy is USB rechargeable. 

We Vibe Tango

This is also another great recommendation from Engel. One thing that makes We Vibe Tango stand out is its simplicity. This is a petite bullet vibrator that has varied speed options. It is also quiet once you turn it on. 

Womanizer Premium

Womanizer Premium is another popular option from Engel. The toy has a long base which makes it easy to use. It has 12-speed levels and an autopilot setting which changes the rhythm when you turn it on. Womanizer Premium is made of soft silicon, a perfect option for women with sensitive glands. 


Emby has an innovative design that makes it one of the best gender-neutral vibrators. It has a silicone tip that you can rub around your clit. You can even position yourself on top of the toy and use a humping rhythm to experience the sensations.

MysteryVibe Crescendo

One thing that makes mysteryVibe Crescendo stand out is its unique design. The shaft can bend in any way you wish. You can even curve the vibrator to form a v shape and use it for clitoral and penetrative stimulation.

If you want to try anal for the first time, then is the sex toy to start with. MysteryVibe Crescendo is gentle and slender. It is easy to use without it feeling too intense. Just ensure to use lube!

Rabbit Bullet Vibe -Vibrators for Women

You can use the vibrator to massage your vulva or envelope the hood of your clitoris. It has the size and power of a bullet vibrator and ears of a rabbit vibrator. This is a dynamic vibrator that can provide all the sensation you need. It is also quieter compared to other vibrators which makes it a good option if you have roommates around. 

Kandi Kisses-Vibrators for Women

This is one female vibrator that never disappoints. You can even leave it on the dresser and nobody will discover that you have a vibrator around.