15 sex positions that you can’t afford to miss

Have you and your sexual partner run of options as far as sex positions are concerned? Do you already know the sex positions that work best for both of you?

Which sex position are you more comfortable with? Are the sex positions that you once enjoyed not interesting anymore? Or, have you found a new catch and want to impress him or her with unique sex positions? 

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, well, keep calm because you are just getting started. If you are not sure of where to start, we are going to discuss 15 (yes, you got that right) sex positions that will spice up your bedroom experiences. 

15 sex positions

  • Doggy Style

This is one of the most popular sex positions, and there are many reasons why. Doggy style offers so many ways to experience an orgasm. If you are looking for a new way to turn your partner on, then this is the position for you. 

This sex position puts you on fours while your partner penetrates you from behind using your hips for support.

You also have two options here; either stay still and experience the emotions or push your hips back against your partner. Doggy style also offers extra clitoral stimulation. 

  • Missionary

Missionary style can’t miss in a topic about classic sex positions. Most adult contents think of the missionary style as being too vanilla. But the fact that most people are used to this style doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth trying. As a matter of fact, missionary style is more versatile than you think. 

In general, the missionary sex position can be described as ‘nice and deep’. Besides, there is so much to do while having sex in this position. You can make eye contact, kiss, talk, and bite. 

For most people, the missionary position does not have more clitoral stimulation. However, Lisa Finn, a sex educator thinks the opposite. So long as you grind your pelvis against your partner, you can’t get tired of this sex position any time soon. 

  • Spooning sex

Spooning sex can make your lazy mornings more interesting. It is actually the best sex position for anyone who loves to cuddle.

If you are pregnant, then you already know what I am talking about. And if you are not, don’t think for one moment that spooning sex is only meant for pregnant women in their third trimester. 

Using plenty of lube can make this sex more enjoyable. The man slowly enters you in a sleeping position while cuddling (but it is still possible to have spooning sex while seated). It doesn’t have to be penis penetrating.

Your partner can also use a dildo or his fingers. Besides, spooning works best for both vaginal and anal sex. During the penetration, your hands should be free to wander all over your partner’s body. 

  • Life on the edge

According to Rachel Venning and Clara Cavanna, the founders of Educational Hub Babeland, this is the sex position for anyone who would want to enjoy something different but not so much out of the ordinary. 

To enjoy this position, lie on your back at the edge of your bed. Your legs and thighs should be dangling off. Then bend your knees and ensure that your feet reach the ground. Your partner can then enter you while standing or kneeling. 

This is a good position for deep penetration and your partner also gets a great view of your body. You can also kick back for more pleasure. 

  • The chair

Having sex on the chair isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But this sex position is pretty amazing if you get it right. 

You first need to have a basic chair with no armrests ( an example is the dining chair). Your partner sits on the chair and you sit on top of him with legs wide apart while facing each other. For well grinding, ensure there is pelvis to pelvis contact. 

  • Bonus cowgirl

Just like the name suggests, the cowgirl position starts with the girl on top straddling her partner lying on their back. It is the woman who controls everything.

Even if there is not much clitoral stimulation, you can still grind or rub to get stimulation of your own. Bring a clit suction toy to action and thank me later. 

  • Yab Yub

Have you ever thought of trying tantric sex but feel that it is too complicated? Well, it may not be as hard as you think.

 In this sex position, the man sits cross-legged while the woman straddles his lap and wraps her legs around his lower back. 

While embracing each other, you can also add tatra practices like in-sync breathing and eye gazing. Allow each other to find the most pleasurable angle. The Yab Yab position guarantees super deep penetration. 

  • Lift that butt

Thought it was not possible to have sex and exercise at the same time? Well, think twice about this. Besides the sex, lift that butt position will create room for some stretching. 

First, the woman puts her ankle on the man’s shoulders and lifts her butt in the air. The man can either hold his partner’s legs or butt and can massage or kiss her feet.

It is the man who has full control over the thrusting. Penetration can involve a penis, a dildo, or fingers. 

If you want more clitoral stimulation, lift the butt position won’t achieve that. So you can make use of your hands for more stimulation.

  • The howdy

Someone may describe this position as a fancier version of 69ing. The man lies on his back while the woman straddles him upside down. (the feet should be by the man’s head).

This is the best position for oral sex and fingering. Both of you can take turns receiving and giving, or you can also do both at once-anything that makes you enjoy the moment. 

  • The candle

The candle position is more or less like spooning.  Basically, the man penetrates the woman from behind while they are both in a standing position. 

With the candle position, you are free to tighten or loosen your things and have full control of the sensation. The women can lean on a wall for support and get more pleasure as well. This is one of the best shower sex positions. Just ensure that you don’t slip. 

  • The bendover

The bendover position works well for any type of sex. Whether it is oral sex, penis, or toy penetration, this position has many advantages. When bending over to a sturdy object, it gives a woman the chance to lean on the man’s thrusts.

Both of you can also explore different angles. The stimulation changes depending on how deeply you bend. With this position, you can enjoy sex in so many places!

  • Scissoring

This sex position is usually associated with lesbians. However, any type of person can scissor and customize their positions the way they want.

In the scissoring position, the genitals of both partners touch each other. This increases the intimacy and arousal for both partners. Here is how it works;

Two partners intertwine their legs while facing each other, just like an open pair of scissors. They get pleasure in different ways; their genitals touching, rotating their hips, and grinding. 

  • The flatiron

If you need a more comfortable sexual position, then make the flatiron a part of your life. The woman lies on the bed facing down with stretched legs and slightly raised hips.

A pillow can come in handy in this position. The man crawls on top and straddles his legs with hers. With this position, the man’s penis feels to be larger than it actually is. 

  • The corkscrew

Corkscrew is more or less like popping champagne. You lie across the bed on your side, make sure that you are close to the edge. Your partner enters you while standing. 

With this sex position, you have full control of the game. And your partner will also enjoy the full view of your body during sex.

Ensure that your legs are close for your partner to get a tighter grip. You can also feel pleasure by thrusting your buttocks backward onto his penis. 

  • Stand and deliver

Both you and your partner are in a standing position, then your partner enters you from behind. You can bend over and raise your arms for support from your partner. One amazing thing about this sex position is that it tightens the vaginal walls. This makes the experience more intense. 


10 online erotica sites to get you in the mood

Everyone fantasizes about having sex at one time or another.  This is actually one of the best sexual experiences for most people. Lucky enough, some sites can be in handy once your imagination goes blank. These are online erotica sites. 

That being said, one of the best sites to fire up your sexual fantasies is Literotica. The main aim of erotic fiction is to stir up sexual desire.  It gives people creative bedroom ideas. Online erotica can turn boring sex into unforgettable experiences. 

In this article, we have come up with a list of ten best steamy websites that work the same way as Literotica. These sites are meant to stimulate the mind. As you already know, this is the sexiest organ in the body.  Regardless of what your sexual taste is, there is always something for you. 

Before we continue, note that you have to be at least 18 years of age to access these sites. So if you are younger than this, just stick to the romance novels the same way we did. 

And if you are 18 and above, then get under the sheets with your phone and start the heavy reading. Be prepared for heavy breathing as well.

10 online erotica sites

  • LushStories

This consists of a part database and part social media.  LushStories has a large variety of content to read. Do you prefer college sex? You can find it all here. Do you prefer poetry?

You will never miss it at LushStories. There are just so many stories to read from a wide range of people. And when you are done with the reading, don’t hesitate to get to the chat rooms and chat with like-minded individuals like you. 

  • Remittance Girl

All the stories you read here are written by a specific person. The stories are also BDSM related. Remittance Girl, who is the author of these stories focuses on the complicated aspects of BDSM sex. 

  • Alt.Sex.Text Repository

It is quite complicated to publish stories at this site. But I can’t say the same when it comes to reading erotic fiction. The site also has a collection of poetry pieces that is available on a special section of the website. 

  • An Archive of Our Own

Do you prefer erotic stories where popular fictitious characters are featured?  Then An Archive of Our Own is the place to be. This award-winning site has over 6.5 million fiction stories.

You can even limit your options to explicit stories if this is what you are into.  Here, you also get to see your favorite characters in compromising positions.

  • Nifty

At Nifty, you find all the fetish categories that you would expect to be in an erotica site (exhibitionist, historical etcetera). The site however focuses more on the LGBTQ community. 

  • BDSM Cafe

If you want to enjoy more than the vanilla flavor, then consider visiting the BDSM cafe. The site is home to erotic fiction of different types and lengths.  It also offers intensive research if you want to be part of this lifestyle. 

  • Adult Fanfiction

This is the place to be for any type of sexy desires. Everything you need to spice up your bedroom action is included here.  The site also has a crossover section. 

  • Erotic Review

This is a magazine that focuses on erotic fiction.  Besides this,  you can also find features, photography, art, and reviews. Check on their archives to get more information on the history of literature that you enjoy here. 

  • Novel Trove

The site has a team of talented writers that bring you erotic stories in up to 30 categories.   There is so much to enjoy at Novel Trove. These include soft domination, BDSM,  swingers, adventure, and many others. 

  • Bellesa

This site offers erotic stores that focus on the female gender.  It consists of short stories and ebooks. The content here can get you in the mood every time you want to get the job done.

The categories are well organized which makes it easier to find whatever you are looking for. Some of the categories include masturbation, kink, non-binary, girl-girl,  among others. 



Snapsext Review 2021

It is easy to register at Snapsext. There is a registration form on their website that only takes a few minutes to fill. You also need to answer questions about your age and your preferred matches (women, men or couples). An email address and password are also required.

Before visiting the site, interested users first have to confirm their age. Minors are not allowed at the site. However, there is no real verification process. This means that minors are probably there as well. Once you complete this initial step, the next step is to set your interests. This can be;

  •       An open relationship
  •       Friends with benefits
  •       Sex meet in person
  •       Online flirting or other

You must upload a picture before completing your profile.

Snapsext interface

The Snapsext website isn’t really user friendly. Actually, the site looks chaotic. You find so many tiny images appearing then disappear on the homepage. Chatting space is available on the right where you can view and answer messages. Other sections here include;

  •       Daily spotlight
  •       Who is online now
  •       Trending now
  •       Flirt centre
  •       Members who stream
  •       My friends
  •       Who’s viewing me

All these sections are in a mess. But they are still interesting and useful. At the top of the page, there are features like online now, search, and safe mode. You can switch the safe mode on and off. Safe mode is an important feature if you want to access the site from a public place or where children are around.

Below the profile, you need to select your mood from these options;

  •       Meet a person
  •       Online flirting
  •       Sugar daddy/baby
  •       Serious relationship

Another section requires users to fill information like;

  •       Appearance
  •       Interests
  •       Professional
  •       Religion
  •       Race
  •       Language
  •       Play level and
  •       Travel

Snapsext has a good number of interesting and important features. The only problem is that all these features look disorganized on the homepage. There is a line on the top that reminds members to verify their email. Once verified, you can send a wink to up to 15 members at the site. With the who is online option, you find people who are currently online and near you. Members can filter their options based on;

  •       Gender
  •       Sexual preferences
  •       Country and city
  •       Age

You can further filter by;

  •       Who is streaming at the moment
  •       Users who are online
  •       Who have verified photos, etc.

In the users who are online filter option, the first to appear are popular members. All other profiles are for users who are currently online. Here, you see the users’ profiles and next to the profiles, there are options like;

  •       Quick chat
  •       Send a message
  •       Notify me
  •       Add to favourites

You don’t have to open a user’s account in a new tab when you feel like flirting.

The next feature is users who are currently streaming. But in most cases, you will get a notification that no user is streaming. This isn’t really a popular feature at the site. But it is available if you need it, and it’s free.

You can also see a list of featured members. Here, you also receive an offer to have a featured account. Note that you cannot view the profiles of featured members until you buy a membership plan. Other paid features include;

  •       Sending flits
  •       Viewing users who are interested in you

It is free to add friends. There is also another feature that’s worth checking out. After getting a message from a new user, it follows with a question. Is it rude? This is an automated message from the staff. It indicates how dedicated the customer service is in keeping the site safe. Some users chat with everyone, while others prefer chatting with featured members. These are those who have bought a membership.

You can also wink the members you love for free. A simple wink can indicate that you have interest thus starting a conversation. You can send winks to both free and premium users.

The site has a naughty picture sharing option. This is a perfect opportunity to get dirty. However, you are free to accept or decline pictures. Before downloading a picture, you get a warning that says; ‘ensure that you trust the sender before accepting’. This is also another evidence proving safety at the site.

Snapsext user base

Snapsext has members, both paid and free from different parts of the globe. The most important function here is filtering. The filter option helps you find;

  •       People who are online at the moment
  •       Those within your city

It makes it easier to find users with the same sexual interests. You wouldn’t want to interact with someone who wants to chat when you are looking for something more.

You can upload as many photos as you like. You can even make some of these photos private. Share erotic pictures with other members via chat. There are no rules restricting nudity at Snapsext. So feel free to upload your nude photos. You can increase your chances of getting a response if there are more photos on your profile. Ensure that you upload a minimum of five photos. The more your pictures the better you experience will be at Snapsext.

Members count

Snapsext has a large population of users. When you read other Snapsext reviews, you are likely to find the same things we are talking about here;

  •       You can open an account for free
  •       The simple your profile is the more attractive you are
  •       You can send nudes

You can apply filters to find users who you share the same interests with. If you login in the evening, there are usually over 2000 users that you can communicate with. The communication methods include chat, video chat and flirt.

There is always high traffic at any given time. Still, you can’t compare it to other sites where you start getting messages immediately after registration. Activity here is lower than this. Besides, other Snapsext viewers will only communicate once they notice you are interested. The more pictures you upload the more popular you are.

Quality of members

Most members here have an average account. This means that there is no stuffed information and photos. This can be more distracting than attracting. The photos are appealing enough to attract any other user. However, not all the profiles show real faces. Some of them only show half the face, while others have photos of a car or a pizza.

When you turn off the safe mode, you will find a lot of explicit photos. Verified users have a blue sign on their profile. To verify your account, a customer care representative has to reach you via webcam. They confirm that you are a real person before the verification. Once verified,  you will gain more trust among other users. This translates to plenty of friend requests, connection and other offers.

Type of members

Free users can communicate with each other. Most free users at the site have verified accounts. You can, therefore, feel free to chat with free users knowing that there are real people behind the camera. The people you chat with are the same as those in profile pictures. If you want to upgrade, there is a membership option. Once you pay, you get a premium account. It will appear on the homepage thus increasing traffic.

You can also communicate with other featured members. This isn’t possible if you have a free account. With a featured account, you have a high chance of getting a connection. There are also featured accounts that are full of nude photos.

Communication on Snapsext

Snapsext has convenient communication features. Next to a user’s profile, there are different communication options listed. You, therefore, don’t need to open a new tab if you want to communicate with another user. This saves a lot of time.

As we already said, free users can’t communicate with featured or premium users. You can see a message if sent, but it won’t be possible to read or reply. It is only when you buy a membership that you can enjoy the feature. Featured users are free to chat with other featured users. They can also enjoy additional features offered by the site.

Snapsext pricing

Snapsext is quite affordable compared to similar sites. Here is a breakdown of the costs;

  •       2 days trial: 1.14 euros
  •       7 days trial: 11.94 euros
  •       One month gold account: 41.94 euros
  •       6 months gold account: 83.94 euros
  •       One year gold account: 96.00 euros plus a bonus half-year free

The annual membership may seem to be expensive, but you can use it for one and a half years. So if you are planning to use the site for a longer period, consider this membership.

Free account

Anyone is free to create an account at Snapsext. There may be some free accounts belonging to scammers, so be cautious about this. The site doesn’t have an about us page. This is understandable. After all, everyone who uses this site knows exactly what they want. You can’t also find the how it works page at the site. If you have a free account, your communication is only with other free account users. But you can use filters, share and upload photos and browse through profiles for free.

Premium account

With a premium account, you are likely to get a hookup faster. You can find friends with benefits, find people you know, among other things. Besides, your account will appear on top of search results. Other members will have trust in you if you spend money to upgrade. It shows that you are a serious user. Premium account users can communicate with anyone. Featured members can also exchange messages.

What you get on a premium account

Premium or featured accounts offer better communication opportunities. Since your account will rank higher in search results, you can easily get a hookup here. You are also free to choose who to talk to and who to ignore. Featured accounts do not have limitations. This is contrary to free accounts where there is no communication with other members. In the free account, you may also have to wait a long time to find what you are looking for. All factors considered, having a premium account is safe and confident.

Is the premium account worth buying?

Besides being safe, premium accounts can access all the features at the site. Once you invest your money on this site, feel free to do whatever you wish so long as it is permitted. Premium accounts are also safe. So it is best to spend a few dollars and upgrade to premium. Or else, you may have to deal with the consequences.

Security features and anti-scam

Whether you are online to look for a hookup or for any other reason, it is possible to get scammed. You can, however, be safe at Snapsext by taking the necessary precautions. Report the members who request money or ask for private information. Snapsext, just like any other dating site, has people from all over the world. This makes the site attractive to scammers. The site has taken measures by asking its members to be careful.

Support on Snapsext

The customer support team at Snapsext is online 24/7 to ensure that all their members are safe. Since this is one of the largest networks, there is a need for special attention. You can find most of the answers you need in the help section. But if you have a more serious issue, then contact support. They will solve your issue within 24 hours.

Snapchat mobile version

Snapsext does not have a mobile application. However, the website is very responsive to mobile phones. You can use the mobile version on smartphones and tablets. This version is less chaotic than the desktop one and it is also easy to understand. It can take a few minutes to get what you are looking for at the site. The design might be poor, but when it comes to responsiveness, it plays the part. You can basically access the site from anywhere with the mobile version.

Final world on Snapsext

The site doesn’t have an about us page and it is easy to understand why. People who come here know exactly what they are looking for. Snapsext is full of adult content and the communication features make it easy to interact with other members. The messed up design and lack of mobile version aside, there is so much you can get at Snapsext. Free accounts might be vulnerable to scammers. To ensure that you are safe as well as enjoy all the benefits, getting premium membership can be a wise decision.


  •       Easy to register
  •       The website is user friendly
  •       Offers multiple options for having adult fun


  •       Poorly designed website
  •       No mobile app
  •       The terms and conditions are on a very tiny window which makes it hard to read



Celebs Roulette

Celebs Roulette

If you are on the lookout for a porn site that focuses on bringing you sexy videos of the famous people, then you should not look further than Celebs Roulette. This is because the site focuses entirely on bringing you some of the best porn videos featuring common celebs.

Here, you will find some of the best celebrities getting down and dirty to ensure that you get the maximum adult entertainment you deserve. This site has been in operation for four years, and it currently gets an average of three million views every month.

This goes on to show how famous this site is among the porn lovers out there. Some of the favorite celebrities you might enjoy watching on this site include Eliza Dushka, Ruth Wilson, and Emma Roberts.

The content on this site is mainly focused on celebrities doing what they know best, which is giving you some of the best adult entertainment you can find on the internet.


Celebs Roulette Emily

Videos on Celebs Roulette

Once you open this site, you will be met by numerous features that you can find on most of the porn sites. On the top half of the main page, you will see videos of nude celebs that people are currently watching. On the other hand, the bottom part is dedicated to showing you scenes of naked celebs.

While the name of the site might suggest some kind of roulette game, there is actually nothing related to roulette on the site. Therefore, do not expect to get a button that allows you to play roulette on the site.

At the top of the site, you will find links to the videos that have recently just been uploaded. You will also be able to view some of the top rated videos on the site, the most viewed, among others. Below the menu, you will also be able to sample a nice cross-section of material that is currently being browsed.

One of the most preferred sections on the site is the top rated celebrity nude videos. Here, you can be sure to find some of the most interesting videos on the site. You also have the option of spying on other visitors on the site by checking out the videos they are currently watching.

The new scenes are also quite a turn-on. If you didn’t know that Patricia Arquette did nudity, then you have the chance of watching her on this site. Despite the fact that this site keeps track of the celebrities that got nude in their movies, it also focuses on some of the most famous women, not dudes.

If you are on the lookout for all the nude scenes performed by Aubrey Plaza, then this site will not disappoint you since you will get a collection of her nude videos to keep you entertained. 

One of the things that you should not expect to find is a huge catalog containing nude videos of someone like Harvey Keitel every time he gets naked on a movie.

The surprising part of it is that he has had a lot of nude scenes in a lot of movies he acted in; hence you can rest assured that this site puts more focus on female nude celebrities as opposed to their male counterparts. If you are interested of an Amateur cam videos please check Dirtyroulette.

Rosamund Pike on Celebs Roulette

There is a chance that you might have watched Gone Girl in a movie theatre with a girl you tried to take home, but she didn’t agree to follow you after the movie. However, one thing that you will agree on is that you must have had a boner throughout the entire movie.

This is because Rosamund Pike has some kind of a living sex doll vibe about her. She comes out as a flawless woman who never quite seems to blink. You won’t deny this if you have watched some of her movies. The good thing is that if you wish to check out some of her sexy videos, then you will find it at Celebs Roulette.

One of her most famous movies, Women in Love, was released in 2011. Even though the title doesn’t sound like a porn lover’s cup of tea, you might consider taking a look at her clip from this movie. Once you open this video, you will notice that it opens up in a simple and clean player.

The video also doesn’t seem to have any ads that will disrupt you from enjoying it. The scene begins with Rosamund Pike in a bathtub with some guy. The scene itself is sexy, and will be sure to turn a lot of people on from the onset.

Within no time, she is out of the bathtub completely nude, and in the following scene, she is making out with this guy. This clip includes a montage of scenes from the movie.

There are also other various scenes from the movie that you can enjoy from this clip that show how sexy Rosamund Pike is, and also some of her excellent acting skills. Judging by the quality of this video, you can rest assured that this site has a collection of some of the most steamy sex scenes from a lot of movies.  

Other Celebrities Featured

Most of the celebrities on this site are not the usual ones you are used to seeing in the latest blockbuster movies. Therefore, you should not get your expectations too high thinking you will get to see nude videos of every celebrity you know of in the movie industry.

The most appealing thing about a celebrity site like this is that once you see a movie that tends to have nudity featuring sexy celebs, then you can turn to this site for more appealing videos from the movie.

If you do not see a celebrity you recognize from the homepage, then all you have to do is refresh the page and you might just come across one of your favorite celebrities in their birthday suit.

You are also likely to bump into some of the renowned celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Olsen, and Rachel McAdams. The site is a bit slow when it comes to new content update. However, this is understandable because it is not every day movies are released featuring nude celebrities. At the end of the day, the wait will be worth it.

At the moment, this site is packed with more than four thousand naughty scenes from various movies spread across 165 pages. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will not run out of sexy videos showing some of your favorite celebrities’ nudity.

There are some basic tools on the site to help you find the type of video clips you are looking for. You can sort the videos by categories or just by typing in the search box for a specific scene.


sexy gougar

Other Things to Look Out for

Once you leave the main page of Celebs Roulette, you will see a side bar on your left that shows the Top Sites, Top Categories, and Top Models. In the top categories, you should expect to find things like classic movie, nudity, and sex in TV show.

The top sites you can find listed under Celebs Roulette include LustCinema, PlayBoyTV, and BoundHeat. This is the reason you will find out that most videos on the site resemble actual porn.

Just going through this site, you will notice how much there is nudity in a lot of movies nowadays. For those of you who believe otherwise, then all you need to do is visit Celebs Roulette, and you will immediately change your perspective about the movie industry.

It seems that Hollywood keeps getting naughtier each passing day, and Celebs Roulette is always on hand to collect the receipts. There is a lot of content on the site, and if you also feel that there is some content they haven’t updated on it, then you also have the chance of uploading it yourself.

You can only do this if you are a member. However, do not worry as it is completely free to become a member on this site. Therefore, if you feel like you have content that you think is worth appearing on the site, then you should ensure that you have signed up an account with the site.

On the other hand, if you just want to watch videos and go through the available photos, then there is no need for you to sign up an account with the site.





Eros-com Short Review 

Eros-com is undoubtedly one of the best sites to visit if you are looking for an escort regardless of where you are in the world. For one, Eros has been around for ages. Of late, the site has taken measures to ensure that only high-quality escorts are featured. 

If it is your first time to come across the word Eros,  this review will probably give you a reason to visit the site today and see what the sexy escorts have in store. 

User Guide and Options

You start by selecting an escort of your choice. This can be male, female, massage themed or BDSM options. Next, you list the country you are in after which you are directed to a map of nearby cities with escorts.

Girls at Eros either work independently or through an agency. The website, however, does not focus on this. Their main intention is to help you find the right escort depending on your taste and preference. 

You can check the ladies’ profiles to get more information about them, explore their pictures and if you find one that you like,(which I am sure you will) do not hesitate to get in touch.  This is the site to be when you need a high-quality escort. I have used Eros myself, so I know exactly what I am talking about.

Eros Camgirl

Final Verdict 

Eros-com is an OK Adult site and it has content as “ promized!


AdultSearch Review

AdultSearch is a site that stands out in many ways. We can’t compare this site to any other due to several reasons. For one,  This is actually an escort site and to be honest, very few cam sites reviewers focus on these types of sites. 

Of course, there are reasons for this, but it is important to note that not all escorts offer sexual services.  Besides, escort services are common and legal in many countries.  It is also legal to hire an escort for sexual services in some regions. AdultSearch is a great website to look for escorts in your city.

It is, however, prudent to first know what the regional laws say about escorts in the area.


AdultSearch Escort

Dateblocker  also reviews escort sites

Which areas are AdultSearch site dominant in? Keep on reading to find your answers. We are going to discuss most of these areas; there are probably more than this review can accommodate. 

We have been very generous when it comes to regions and therefore, you won’t only get details about escorts in the United States. There are also escorts in other regions as well including escorts in Canada, escorts in Europe escorts in the Middle East and also escorts in Canada. And these are not the only places.

You can also get escorts in Africa, escorts in Asia, not forgetting the escorts in Australia and escorts in Oceania.  In short, we are trying to say that escorts can be found all over the world, minus Antarctica of course so if you are planning to visit these ends then you probably need to bring an escort along.

 Maybe you are a frequent traveller and want to spice up your travels with a hot date in all these continents? We will definitely help you with that. So if this is what you really want, start by looking at AdultSearch.  This is a popular escort site that’s worth peeping in to see what is going on.

Get escorts from any location with AdultSearch

Yes, you got it right. You can basically get escorts from anywhere on this site. However, most people tend to limit their search to the places they intend to travel or where they currently live. 

Are you planning for a vacation and thinking, What can spice up this experience? Well, look no further. AdultSearch can help. 

 Some places have more escorts than others, but this should be your one-stop place if you are looking for an escort.  After all, what should prevent you from getting one when you have the time, will and money? All you need to do is visit AdultSearch and find a girl to travel with.

Easy to search for escorts

Adultsearch has a wide range of options to choose from. These include female escorts, body rubs and TS escorts.  You can basically find an escort from any location considering that there is a listing in many cities. For me, I was surprised to find out that even the suburban regions were covered. Well, most people prefer checking with the major cities first.  

There are still options for you whether you live in the suburbs or not. Most girls in escort sites might think that most people prefer large cities when looking for an escort. There are however people who would also search in the nearby cities or towns as well.  I found several listings in my city and to be honest, the girls were super hot!

Hottest escorts from different ethnical backgrounds

At AdultSearch, you find girls from different ethnicities and you can also choose from different body types. Most profiles here have pictures, although some do not show their real faces.  I understand this, after all, privacy is an important thing for the escorts in this site. 

You can find girls with pictures showing their real faces, while others showing their hot bodies. You can even be lucky to find a few videos which are quite surprising, but these videos are pleasing to watch. There are definitely hot and sexy women here. 

 If you explore,  you can also get some naughty bios at the site. Although most escorts here only list the things they are comfortable doing.  It is funny to know that each escort has her own way of doing things.

There are so many options to choose from. And you can filter the girls by eye colour, ethnicity, services offered, language spoken among other things.

 The only thing you won’t find is the body type filter.  Lucky enough, the escorts post pictures which you can use to choose your preferred body type.  The site also has a payment option filter which I found to be convenient. Some ladies only accept cash while others prefer credit cards. 

It’s more than travelling with an escort

At the top page of the AdutSearch site, you can get links to webpages for sugar babies, TS escorts, NSA sex sites and affair sites. We are however not focusing on these ones here.  This is because these links refer you to other sites and they are not part and parcel of the AdultSearch site.  

On the top, you also get the sign-up link, sign in link and the additional services for escorts link.  This states the things that aren’t allowed at the site. 

The states, cities and countries are well organised.  You can use the search box to find your preferences. This box really doesn’t have much work to do and in my opinion, it should not even be there. It worked well when I tried it though.

For the record, not all cities have escorts who post their services online on sites like AdultSearch. In fact, some cities don’t even have listings.  This means that you have to search in nearby cities. Also, there are other cities with more escorts than others.

To be specific, Houston has 289 escorts, Los Angeles has 320, Detroit has 69 and 288 for Houston again. I expected to see a smaller number for Houston. I actually didn’t know that there are so many pervs in this city.

I loved that, and will probably visit one day. Miami has a larger number of escorts than LA. Washington DC has over 250; well, there has to be someone who would ensure the corrupt politicians don’t get extremely stressed. We have 28 escorts at Cleveland.

Not all escorts are posted

As we already said, not all cities have listed escorts.  If you can’t find escorts in your preferred city, you are likely to see a sponsored post and a posting that will link you to an adult cam site.

This is their way of ensuring that you are covered regardless of where you are travelling to. These are sponsored posts so I wasn’t really frustrated or mad when I saw them

Want to take it further? You are also covered

AdultSearch is not only about finding an escort.  When I explored the site further after conducting a city search, I could see listings for massage parlours, gay bathhouses and BDSM clubs. 

And again, it is not in every city where you can find these, but the fact that some of these places are listed where they are available is a good thing. Nudist colonies can be listed as well.  I didn’t come across any. Although I am certain that there are a few options there.

The conclusion from Dateblocker

AdultSearch is a clean and user-friendly website. A link is available at the bottom page where users can report issues like sex trafficking. The site also has a contact link in case of any question or comment.

From what  I saw, this site adheres to the rules and you will definitely find hot ladies in here. The site is generous when it comes to features and there are more than one hundred listings in various big cities. 

 It is easy to find what you’re looking for at AdultSearch. So if you are looking for more personal interaction, then this is the place to be. Take your time to browse through the site, and you are likely to find a top fantasy babe ready to add some sugar to that vacation experience.


A hunt for ebony porn

You’ve probably noticed over the last few months that Dateblocker  has become more interested in reviewing websites that feature ebony porn. For a long time, my site didn’t have too many black goddesses: I’m a fan personally, but I didn’t think others were. Then read below for the full review of Tastyblacks!

After receiving a few emails talking to me about ebony action, I thought it’d be a good idea to hop on and search the Internet for some great dark-skinned entertainment.

One site I came across goes by the name of TastyBlacks and in this review, I’m going to go over why it might just be the go-to destination if you’re interested in seeing dark angels enjoying cock. Want to know more? 


tastyblacks homepage

Homepage antics at TastyBlacks

We don’t think that judging a book by its cover is always a smart idea, but I can tell you that I’m always going to consider the first impressions of a porn site as a guideline for what to expect down the track.

TastyBlacks.com has a relatively decent display and from the get go, you’ll be seeing a bunch of categories that you can pick from. While some are a little surprising (just what the hell is Latina doing here, guys?!), you’ll find plenty that I think you’ll consider relevant to your interests.

These include common ones such as teen and lesbian, but also some wild cards such as beach, ass to mouth and farting. Hey, who am I to judge your sexual interests? We’ve all got our own interests, so you do you and I won’t judge you. That said, fart porn? SERIOUSLY?! Okay, I’ll stop – I’m serious about not judging others for their sexual interests.

The categories explored a little closer

So after hitting a category (I went with blowjobs), you’ll be taken through to the archive page where they display the videos available on the site. I say ‘available’, but that’s something of a loose term. See – while TastyBlacks.com has over 191,000 blowjob videos in its directory, it actually has zero.

That sounds dumb, right? Well the thing is, Tasty Blacks actually sources all of its content from third-party tube websites, such as PornHub, TXXX, Bravo Tube and xHamster.

I’ve actually noticed this trend a lot recently and I can see it having its merits as well as its downsides. Ultimately, the choice of whether or not you want TastyBlacks.com to curate all tube content possible is entirely up to you. I think it’s a cool idea so yeah – that’s why it’s being featured on Dateblocker today.

What happens with the clicks

Do note that while some tube archives embed content, Tasty Blacks goes down the ‘click to navigate’ path. What this means is that when you see a thumbnail that tickles your fancy and you select it, the website that loads will be the original tube that whatever you’re looking for came from.

It’s not a new idea and it might confuse you at first, but just know that it’s all above board and won’t get you into any troubles with viruses or the like. It’s also quite cool that the videos open up in a new tab so that you can always go back to TastyBlacks.com by closing the video.

Small conveniences like this are what separate the good ebony porn sites from the great ones. If you’re only looking for good black entertainment then so far, what I’ve seen on Tasty Blacks is more than decent enough to justify going and taking a look.

The sorting options of TastyBlacks

If you want to sort the videos on TastyBlacks.com, you can actually do that using the links at the top of each category. Must indexes don’t actually offer this type of function, but you can sort the videos archived here based on popularity, upload date and video length.

It goes without saying that popularity is a common method of approaching this type of thing: you want to see the cream of the crop, right? I also like being able to see lengthy videos for the times in my life where I desire a lengthier stroke.

Dateblocker  is a man of simple pleasures: provide me with a 1-hour video of some sexy black chick enjoying a nice shaft and you better believe I’m bust at least one nut to the viewing experience. On the whole, my time at Tasty Blacks so far has been a good one.

Other things to consider

One nice touch is that below each and every archive page and thumbnail display, you’ve got a video title, clip length and perhaps most importantly of all, a list of tags associated with each scene that doesn’t require you to visit the actual website it’s hosted on.

This is pretty damn stellar if you ask me: you don’t always want to go to a different tube in order to see what’s going to happen in each upload. For instance, you might see a blowjob video and see a sexy pair of lips, but not know whether it’s a MILF or a teen who’s doing the sucking.

With relevant tags, you can learn a lot about a clip without actually having to watch it. Again – a small convenience that just makes the XXX videos here that much easier to watch and enjoy. I’m really enjoying my time on Tasty Blacks, that’s for sure.

The site wide features which are available

Tasty Blacks is a pretty simple destination: it offers you porn videos of ebony girls and not much else. One thing I do want to mention is that at the top of the page, you can see an assortment of links that take you to various archive pages.

The main ones are the latest uploads – which showcases the newest releases across all of the tube sites – and the most popular videos on the site. This is absolutely fantastic for people who only want to see the best of the best.

Trust me, after sampling these videos I can say with certainty that the community knows what goes into a good ebony porn video. The quality of these dark angels is just off the scale!

I must admit – look at websites like this just makes me wish I were single so I could go and smash as many tight black babes as possible. That’s the dream, right? At least for those of us who don’t have relationships to worry about.

The negative elements of TastyBlacks

Dateblocker doesn’t just want to sing praises without giving any criticism and there are a few things I can point to on Tasty Blacks that I could find people not enjoying. The most obvious is the setup of the website, which doesn’t host any material locally.

I should also mention though that neither does Dateblocker – even though we are one of the greatest places on the Internet to find adult entertainment! Tasty Blacks does serve a particular role and for that, I applaud them.

That’s not to say it’s without fault though – I really think I prefer the embed style of content that places such as Thumbzilla utilize. I get there are issues along that path, but yeah – just a small note that I think you ought to be aware of.

What else can I complain about? I suppose not having a great search feature for those who want advanced filtering is also a bit of a problem. I’d like to be able to select exact lengths for videos, as well as rating thresholds and potentially even a way to only look for new videos added within the last week, month or year. Adding onto that, I also noticed some of the videos from Tasty Blacks were not ebony in nature.

This required a bit of digging (I searched for the ‘Asian’ tag) and only a few came up in the results, but it still doesn’t make much sense for them to be here at all. I guess when you’ve got millions of archived sex videos, this is bound to happen.

Final thoughts on TastyBlacks com

I’ve had a good, long think about this tube site and honestly, if you’re the type of dude who enjoys good black chicks enjoying cock – this is a great place to find videos of exactly that.

What I quite liked about the general content vibe from Tasty Blacks was the fact that they had a lot of seemingly amateur uploads: that’s one stellar way to get me interested in your content archive! People who hunt for good ebony chicks seem to like the ‘creamy thot’ types:

I have to commend TastyBlacks.com on their ability to pluck out the hottest videos from this variety of ebony porn uploads.

When all is said and done, you can’t go wrong with a free tube archive website that devotes itself to ebony sex videos, which is exactly what this place is. Dateblocker approved? You bet


WatchersWeb Short Review 2021

Based on the information published on the webpage, WatchersWeb is over 18 years old and the site is frequently updated with new materials that you probably won’t find in any other website.  This may be true, or maybe it isn’t; I can’t verify that. But if they are honest with this information, then this site is a paradise on earth!

WatchersWeb user

WatchersWeb  Basic Homepage Features 

The homepage is full of different types of materials uploaded by the site’s users. You can also get custom-sourced content at the site. What I did notice about Watcher’s Web is their love for amateur content. There are too many of these here.

In my opinion and I guess you will probably notice the same thing, the site’s design isn’t that eye-catching. However, people visit this site to share their girlfriends and wives, and this is what anyone who loves voyeur entertainment and authentic amateur material would love to see.

Users can even post their own material if they want it to feature at the site. If your content is interesting enough, Watcher’s Web will love it. Other users will have a chance to see what you have to offer.


Tinychat Small Review


Tinychat was launched in 2007 and since then, the site has gradually grown to become pretty popular according to Alexa ranking. You can find people online at each given time, around 100 of them, which makes it easier to meet other users here.

It isn’t really a chat roulette site. It is actually more of a group cam site. We have however included it in our list because of its popularity. And it is also a random chat site so we can’t really rule it out.

You can send private messages or chat with multiple users. Tinychat has a user-friendly interface which is complemented with fast loading speed. There are many English speakers in there, so you will definitely find a random stranger to chat with. As already mentioned, Tinychat has a high Alexa ranking and a large number of users visit the site every day. The fact that all their services are free is another reason why users keep coming back.

Alternative Cams

If don’t find Tinychat good for you,  please review these sites: Dirtyroulette, Chatrandom,  Chatspin, Shagle, and Omegle