The 7 Best Butt plugs for beginners-an expert’s Opinion

To be an expert in any activity, you must go through beginner and intermediate levels; this also applies to anal sex. If you’re still green on anal sex, the best butt plugs for beginners have excellent insights for beginners. It won’t hurt to seek an expert’s opinion before jumping ship on this unfamiliar journey.

Benny Rodgers, a professional sex therapist, and reproductive health instructor advise and recommends the following to anyone who desires to attempt butt sex.

Expert Recommendations for Beginners

“Butt play is enjoyable when done properly; it’s a novelty that can be fun if done right, Rodgers narrates to Bustle. Apart from that, Rodgers has some essential points and recommendations for beginners.

  • First, never buy butt merchandise that lacks a flange. Flanges support your plug to avoid being drawn up the butt owing to its incredible suction.
  • Secondly, the vagina self-lubricates contrary to the butt that doesn’t; therefore, it’s a must to have lube. “My suggestion is a silicone lube owing to its viscous nature that allows them to stay lubricated for long without reapplying,” Rodgers says.
  • Finally, be careful with the way you thrust it since it determines if you will love or hate your experience.

Never thrust the toy aggressively. My suggestion for proper insertion of an anal sex toy is to slightly curl the legs and lie on one side. This position is good for naturally relaxing the anal sphincter muscles and the insertion will be easier.

 And don’t rush, it’s not a competition. Take time and slowly wrench the toy while positioning it.

My advice to novices is to never apply numbing cream at the start of exploring butt play.” Because when you feel the pain, it means that you should go slow, lubricate more, or go for a tinier butt plug.

Expert Recommendations for the finest Butt plugs for beginners

1. Tiny, supple, and Tapered: Tantus Silicone Adult Butt Plug-  100%Ultra-Premium

Tantus Silicone Adult Butt Plug- 100%Ultra-Premium

“For novices, I normally advise purchasing the tiniest butt dildos, that is supple with a tapered tip for effortless insertion,” he says. This butt plug is silicone-made and is 4 inches in length and 1 inch, meaning it’s dense and antiallergenic. You can also bathe it in different ways and is dishwasher safe.

A fan says: “I have never found a butt plug that fits so well till I came across this Tantus plug. Its small size and slim external layer are the ideal justification for my going back to anal sex.

Combining it with a vibrator will result in multiple orgasms. The anal plug is so sleek and squishy that you’ll not want to end your sessions. It’s as soft as silk. It’s excellent for first timers and generally has an artistic design. I can’t get enough of this butt plug!”

2. Beginner set: Real Vibes Anal Plug $ Prostate Massager

Real Vibes Anal Plug Prostate Massager

“The reason why most people love using butt toys is that the nerve cells are concerted on the anal area. Even the tiniest toys can arouse the nerve endings,” Rodgers says. We have a beginner set that is beginner friendly especially for those who’d want to move sizes quickly. 

Rodgers recommends every characteristic, for example, a safe base, clean silicone material, and narrow tip. “Silicone-based materials speed up the warmth on your body temperature.

An enthusiast says: This is the ultimate set for bum sex novices; with its finger-like stature, it stands as the ideal pick for whoever tries anal for the first time. They also own a giant one.

3. The Naughty  Plug Luxury Silicone Anal Trainer

The Naughty  Plug Luxury Silicone Anal Trainer

“Triangular shaped at the bottom and is comfortable to wear making it a favorable alternative. It is crafted from medically- graded silicone. Plug comes in various measures, plus the safety base doubles up as a suction cup. Most people opine that they feel comfortable wearing them when seated and walking.

A fan says: “Beginners should go for the tiny one. It has a great shape, is textured well and looks attractive. It’s also easy to keep clean but keep in mind that silicone holds on to smell therefore using a bicarbonate of soda will help keep odor away. I regret not acquiring the complete set.”

4. Utimi Vibrating Butt Plugs

Utimi Vibrating Butt Plugs

“It has opposite effects for men and women. When it vibrates on the areas around a male’s anus, he will tense but it’s the contrary for a woman which makes it more interesting. 

For females, vibration by a butt toy causes their sphincter muscles to naturally relax. “It’s made up of three sets of diverse measures, plus a separate rechargeable vibrator that has different frequencies. It’s also crafted from silicone material, is flexible with a narrow tip.

A fan speaks: “This plug is exquisite, squishy, and firm, making it appropriate for insertion. My Partner swears by how comfortable they are. The rechargeable is compatible with most of our toys, and it has saved us from buying the pesky L44 bats.! I would give it a five stars rating. 

Be adventurous with these beginner and intermediate-friendly plugs. They are the best.

5. Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Prostate Massager Anal Butt Plug

Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Prostate Massager Anal Butt Plug

Butt beads are a magnificent substitute for plugs, especially for people who haven’t quite adapted to plugs, Says Rodgers. Made from FDA-approved silicone material, Tracy’s vibrating beads are made in a way that allows you to walk at your average pace.

A fan says: When I began exploring anal sex, I bought this toy, and it turns out that I made the right choice. It is small in size, and compared to anal beads,  easier to work with. And It’s smooth and spongy; therefore bends at different angles, helping you reach your peak with ease. A combination of this butt plug plus the proper lubricant will give you an experience of a lifetime.

6. FST Silicone Realistic Suction Cup Dildo Male Prostate Anal Plug

FST Silicone Realistic Suction Cup Dildo Male Prostate Anal Plug

“This is the best fit for adventurous beginners,” Rodgers opines. With a slight increase in butt size, there will be an upsurge in sensation, satisfaction, and gratification. I will advise you to test a curved one. It has a base that doubles up as a suction cup, plus its squishy curved nature makes it the best for arousing prostate gland in men and women’s Z duct. A whole new unique adventure, I must say.”

7. A Glass Anal Plug: Pipedream Icicles no. 14 Butt plugs for beginners

A Glass Anal Plug Pipedream Icicles no 14

When you start using glass toys, it means that you are now an expert. Glass adult toys are friendly with lubricants that are water-based and silicone ones. Some users love its smoothness and rigidity. Its hand wrought with glass and is easily washed because it’s non-porous. It’s also microwave friendly plus freezer safe for the people who want a different temp.

A fan speaks: This adult toy is approximately 1.75 inches wide, which made it impossible for me to insert the whole of it. I managed to thrust it halfway, and oh my! I can’t even start describing the excitement plus the sensation that I received. Full five stars, and anyone who loves anal should get it, but you should go slow with it.