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5 Good Reasons why you should try the Camsurf App

Statistics from Alexa global website and Google trend graphs clearly show how fast the random chat site, Camsurf, is growing. This not only indicates how popular the site is but also shows that webcam chat is the in thing right now, connecting people from different parts of the world. 

The above statistics are backed up by a recent study by Chatreviews, which shows that random chat websites have exponentially grown from 2016 up to now. Just the way Tinder is commonly known for video chatting, and Skype for stranger chats, Camsurf is becoming more popular and addictive at the same time, attracting more and more users as time goes. 

Camsurf logo

Camsurf, Freedom of expression

First, the site supports freedom of expression. This means that personal details are not required in order to access the video messaging site. The fact that you are going to stay anonymous throughout the chat also gives you the freedom to just say or do anything you want. 

This is actually the opposite of some video websites like YouTube for instance. If you decide to record and upload a video of you singing along to Beyoncé, the video will in no doubt be subjected to ridicule. But Camsurf performances end as soon as you click on ‘next’. 

The ‘next’ button

One feature that makes Camsurf stand out is the ‘next’ button. This button is unique in such a way that it gives users the chance to escape some boring conversations in the site without being awkward with excuses. If you are video chatting with someone you don’t really like, just click on ‘next’ and instantly connect with a new user. 

Of course, the same thing applies to the person you are video chatting with. So if both of you are compatible, it is easy to tell, that is, if no one has decided to click the ‘next’ button after chatting for a while. 

A global community

Camsurf offers a platform where people from different parts of the world can meet and interact. Here, you can meet and chat with someone from the farthest country, which wouldn’t be possible, or even knew they existed if it were not for the site. 

Connect with a user from Paris and improve your French-speaking skills, chat about the political climate in India or the Samba dancers in Brazil. Anything is possible at Camsurf, thanks to its global community. 

Social freedom

There is actually no big difference between Camsurf and the AOL chat rooms. In both, users can freely interact while staying anonymous. In this day and age where employers can check your Facebook and Twitter profile to see what you have been up to, the social freedom you get at Camsurf is more refreshing. This is probably the reason why Camsurf popularity has been increasing over the years. 

A new way to have fun- random video chat app

Dating sites, social media and text chats are the three main ways of interacting with people. There is nothing wrong with these methods. They are however becoming duller as days go by if you compare it for cam to cam interface.

 This has led people to look for more entertaining ways of interacting with each other. That’s why random chat sites are becoming popular these days. The good news about Camsurf is that there are endless ways of entertaining yourself; not just getting dressed and entertaining strangers.

Here, you can learn a new language, a new culture or even find love. As we already said, anything is possible at Camsurf. The Camsurf website definitely has something for everyone.

You may be scared of the fact that you are meeting strangers. But this will only happen in the beginning. After getting used to the site, you will realize how entertaining it actually is. For alternative Cam sites, please check these ones:

Flirt4free, MyfreecamsCam4, LivejasminBazoocam and Stripchat.

About Camsurf

It is completely free to join Camsurf. You can use the site to make new friends, learn a foreign language, find love, and explore other cultures among other things. The site itself is user friendly and it offers several features like a mobile app and the filter option. 

If you want to chat with people from specific countries. Camsurf also has policies regarding harassment and cyberbullying. Thousands of people are suing Camsurf for cam chat and meeting new people join them today.