Celebs Roulette

If you are on the lookout for a porn site that focuses on bringing you sexy videos of the famous people, then you should not look further than Celebs Roulette. This is because the site focuses entirely on bringing you some of the best porn videos featuring common celebs.

Here, you will find some of the best celebrities getting down and dirty to ensure that you get the maximum adult entertainment you deserve. This site has been in operation for four years, and it currently gets an average of three million views every month.

This goes on to show how famous this site is among the porn lovers out there. Some of the favorite celebrities you might enjoy watching on this site include Eliza Dushka, Ruth Wilson, and Emma Roberts.

The content on this site is mainly focused on celebrities doing what they know best, which is giving you some of the best adult entertainment you can find on the internet.


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Videos on Celebs Roulette

Once you open this site, you will be met by numerous features that you can find on most of the porn sites. On the top half of the main page, you will see videos of nude celebs that people are currently watching. On the other hand, the bottom part is dedicated to showing you scenes of naked celebs.

While the name of the site might suggest some kind of roulette game, there is actually nothing related to roulette on the site. Therefore, do not expect to get a button that allows you to play roulette on the site.

At the top of the site, you will find links to the videos that have recently just been uploaded. You will also be able to view some of the top rated videos on the site, the most viewed, among others. Below the menu, you will also be able to sample a nice cross-section of material that is currently being browsed.

One of the most preferred sections on the site is the top rated celebrity nude videos. Here, you can be sure to find some of the most interesting videos on the site. You also have the option of spying on other visitors on the site by checking out the videos they are currently watching.

The new scenes are also quite a turn-on. If you didn’t know that Patricia Arquette did nudity, then you have the chance of watching her on this site. Despite the fact that this site keeps track of the celebrities that got nude in their movies, it also focuses on some of the most famous women, not dudes.

If you are on the lookout for all the nude scenes performed by Aubrey Plaza, then this site will not disappoint you since you will get a collection of her nude videos to keep you entertained. 

One of the things that you should not expect to find is a huge catalog containing nude videos of someone like Harvey Keitel every time he gets naked on a movie.

The surprising part of it is that he has had a lot of nude scenes in a lot of movies he acted in; hence you can rest assured that this site puts more focus on female nude celebrities as opposed to their male counterparts. If you are interested of an Amateur cam videos please check Dirtyroulette.

Rosamund Pike on Celebs Roulette

There is a chance that you might have watched Gone Girl in a movie theatre with a girl you tried to take home, but she didn’t agree to follow you after the movie. However, one thing that you will agree on is that you must have had a boner throughout the entire movie.

This is because Rosamund Pike has some kind of a living sex doll vibe about her. She comes out as a flawless woman who never quite seems to blink. You won’t deny this if you have watched some of her movies. The good thing is that if you wish to check out some of her sexy videos, then you will find it at Celebs Roulette.

One of her most famous movies, Women in Love, was released in 2011. Even though the title doesn’t sound like a porn lover’s cup of tea, you might consider taking a look at her clip from this movie. Once you open this video, you will notice that it opens up in a simple and clean player.

The video also doesn’t seem to have any ads that will disrupt you from enjoying it. The scene begins with Rosamund Pike in a bathtub with some guy. The scene itself is sexy, and will be sure to turn a lot of people on from the onset.

Within no time, she is out of the bathtub completely nude, and in the following scene, she is making out with this guy. This clip includes a montage of scenes from the movie.

There are also other various scenes from the movie that you can enjoy from this clip that show how sexy Rosamund Pike is, and also some of her excellent acting skills. Judging by the quality of this video, you can rest assured that this site has a collection of some of the most steamy sex scenes from a lot of movies.  

Other Celebrities Featured

Most of the celebrities on this site are not the usual ones you are used to seeing in the latest blockbuster movies. Therefore, you should not get your expectations too high thinking you will get to see nude videos of every celebrity you know of in the movie industry.

The most appealing thing about a celebrity site like this is that once you see a movie that tends to have nudity featuring sexy celebs, then you can turn to this site for more appealing videos from the movie.

If you do not see a celebrity you recognize from the homepage, then all you have to do is refresh the page and you might just come across one of your favorite celebrities in their birthday suit.

You are also likely to bump into some of the renowned celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Olsen, and Rachel McAdams. The site is a bit slow when it comes to new content update. However, this is understandable because it is not every day movies are released featuring nude celebrities. At the end of the day, the wait will be worth it.

At the moment, this site is packed with more than four thousand naughty scenes from various movies spread across 165 pages. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will not run out of sexy videos showing some of your favorite celebrities’ nudity.

There are some basic tools on the site to help you find the type of video clips you are looking for. You can sort the videos by categories or just by typing in the search box for a specific scene.


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Other Things to Look Out for

Once you leave the main page of Celebs Roulette, you will see a side bar on your left that shows the Top Sites, Top Categories, and Top Models. In the top categories, you should expect to find things like classic movie, nudity, and sex in TV show.

The top sites you can find listed under Celebs Roulette include LustCinema, PlayBoyTV, and BoundHeat. This is the reason you will find out that most videos on the site resemble actual porn.

Just going through this site, you will notice how much there is nudity in a lot of movies nowadays. For those of you who believe otherwise, then all you need to do is visit Celebs Roulette, and you will immediately change your perspective about the movie industry.

It seems that Hollywood keeps getting naughtier each passing day, and Celebs Roulette is always on hand to collect the receipts. There is a lot of content on the site, and if you also feel that there is some content they haven’t updated on it, then you also have the chance of uploading it yourself.

You can only do this if you are a member. However, do not worry as it is completely free to become a member on this site. Therefore, if you feel like you have content that you think is worth appearing on the site, then you should ensure that you have signed up an account with the site.

On the other hand, if you just want to watch videos and go through the available photos, then there is no need for you to sign up an account with the site.