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We share the benefits and drawbacks of using Chatrandom as your preferred adult cam site. We also offer alternative sites that are worth considering.

Chatrandom was developed back in 2011. At that time, other sites like Omegle and Chatroulette were already launched. Chatrandom wanted to stand out from the rest of the sites by having some of the most unique features around.

But the concept was actually the same; to connect random people, all strangers from different parts of the world.
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Welcome to the full review of Chatrandom where you can get accurate information about how the site works. We will explain the pros and cons before deciding whether the site is worth your time and money.

The site is and it comes with a couple of good features to meet people like the location and gender filter. Any time you log in at the site, be sure to find over 20,000 users already.

You will need an email address for online chatting or to use the random video chat. You can upgrade your account at any time or use the video chat app. There are all types of chat including gay chat if that is what you are looking for. Meet new people and chat with strangers any time.

This clearly shows how popular Chatrandom is compared to other sites.  You can never find Chatrandom advertising itself as a dating site. But this is actually what the site is- an attractive website with young people looking for hook-ups. It has many chat rooms, is user friendly and you can chat to random strangers.

You can talk to strangers, use the video chat feature, see what type of users online

The gender filter enables users to choose the category of their choice from female, male or couple.

Maybe you are here because other adult cam sites that you have come across before haven’t been what you expected. So we are here to save your time through this Chatrandom review. Most cam sites these days are full of pop up ads. And others are so disorganized that you can’t even tell where you started.

But there are also other good sites where you can find nice people to chat with. We can’t really say that Chatrandom is different from these other sites. These random chat sites are all the same. So below is a detailed review of Chatrandom.

History of Chatrandom

Even before we start, I remember my journey with dating sites started back in my teen years, when I was actually 18. My first site to come across was Omegle. Lucky, nothing much happened during that short Omegle adventure. By the way, apart from chatting with classmates on Skype, I don’t remember video chatting on any other platform before.

Until Omegle. So the fact that I will be meeting strangers on this site was somehow scary for me.  And I can admit that I was very frightened.  I couldn’t even imagine how to start a conversation with a girl, most likely older than me, remember I was 18

Unlike Chatroulette and Omegle, Chatrandom doesn’t have any rules governing the age of their users. This means that you can easily chat with a minor on this site even without knowing it. Yes, no illegal activities or sexually explicit content are allowed in the site. That’s according to them because there isn’t guarantee that you can’t find such content there.

Besides the site claims that they are not responsible or liable for any fishy incidence that might happen on this platform. The Chatrandom app also claims to monitor all the conversations in this platform.

There is very little that has been done to protect thousands of their users. Apart from account termination and post removal.

If you are yet to encounter the risks associated with random chat sites like Chat random, read our review on Dirty roulette.  It didn’t even take more than 30 minutes on the site before we saw a police officer monitoring the platform.

Safety and security is an area of concern

My main problem with Chatrandom is the lack of security. And this is the same problem I have with most other random chat sites. Measures should be taken against malicious users.

For some reasons that I don’t understand most random chat sites have the tradition of allowing their sites to be accessed by anyone and in most cases.

You don’t even have to login before accessing the content in these sites.

And this still happens even after parents raised their concerns. So it’s becoming harder and harder to keep children safe from online predators, thanks to the random chat sites like Chatrandom.  There is a very high possibility of predators using sites like Chatrandom to lure unsuspecting teens into meeting them face to face or exposing their nudity.

In short, I am trying to say that Chatrandom would be a better platform if there was some form of age verification. Users should at least provide a copy of a ID card before accessing any content in the site.

Instead of this, anyone can use the site even without logins. Only required to log in when you want to access the advanced features of the site.



Chatrandom review summary

To sum up, the Chatrandom site, as well as the app, is not meant to be used for any adult related chat. This is according to the site’s terms of use. And what we realised is that very few users go through these terms.

All the Chatrandom reviews that we have read before mention this at some point. So in order to be safe, do not use Chatrandom for nude chats or sharing explicit content. 

Although I don’t really think the site focuses more on this considering that some users continue posting such content. So here is what the site claims concerning the same, we have paraphrased it, of course.

  • Use Chatrandom for lawful purposes. Do not use the site;
  • In a way that violates any laws, whether federal, state, location, national or international.
  • For harming, exploiting or trying to exploit minors by exposing them to explicit sexual content or any other way, including asking for personal information
  • Do not misuse any content that does not conform to the content standards. 

Anyone who uses Chatrandom for any sex related content is actually inviting trouble. Try as much as possible not to violate the site rules in any of the above ways.  This should be your takeaway.

So if it as adult sex chat you are looking for, consider other platforms that permit such chats. And this also applies to any random chat site with no age verification, like Camzap, Chatruletra, and Funyo among others.

Here are the types of cam sites that you should avoid. Chatroulette sites, real-life cam sites and random chat sites like Omegle that are full of vulnerable minors.

Other sites that you should really avoid are cloned versions like Rabbitscams, Camfuze, Jerkmate, Xhamster etc. Check out our premium selection of the Good Chat sites; Fap rouletteDirtyroulette, Chatspin, Shagle, Gayconnect and Omegle.

If you are at least 18 years of age and are looking for an adult for some naughty fun online. Chatrandom could be waste of time.  Instead visit other webcam live video chat sites that are verified like Streamate and get sexy models to have a good time with.[/expander_maker]