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CityXGuide: Find Escorts in Your Area With Ease

If you have been tired of jerking off, and are looking to upgrade your experience to another level, CityXGuide might be the best place for you to begin your new journey.

This is a site that is dedicated to helping you find the best escorts all over the USA and even the world.

CityXGuide allows you to browse for escorts either by state or continent.

When searching for an escort, this site will show you details of the escort you are looking for, including pictures and stats.

Browse Detailed Profiles

This is one of the most reliable sites for escorts on the internet, and the sheer number of escorts featured on the site will show you why it is ranked among the best. The best thing about it is that each of the girls has nearly all her details you need on their profile for you to decide whether she is your type or not.

Some of the details on their profiles include name, area, age, boob size, phone number, among others.

Therefore, if you have been fantasizing about fucking a certain type of girl such as a Latina girl, CityXGuide will give you the chance of doing so.

Do Escort Profiles on CityXGuide Contain Photos?

Another great aspect of this site is that each of the escorts contains a nice set of photos that will enable you to know what to expect when you plan to hook up with them. This cannot be said about most other escort sites out there where escorts do not post their photos.

Even if they do, most of the photos are usually not of the best quality and some of them are even fake! However, at CityXGuide, you can rest assured that you will get the perfect individual photos of the escorts.


Judging by some of the photos posted on this site, it is evident that some of these escorts look stunningly beautiful.

You will be forgiven to think that some of them are Instagram models. I bet most of you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out an escort for you.

Besides the usual phone number and a few pics, you will also be able to get more details about the escorts to help you make an informed decision on who to pick.

Find Escorts From All Over The World

Besides the USA, you will also be able to find escorts from other parts of the world as well. Whether you are in Africa, South America, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Asia, you will be able to find something for yourself on this site.

What Kind of Services Do CityXGuide Escorts Offer

You will be happy to note that the escorts at CityXGuide offer a lot of services besides just fucking. Some of the services they offer include blow jobs, body rub, bareback, and even shower.

If you are into bareback, you might want to check out the tag named “BBFS” (bareback full service) on their description. This simply means fucking pussy without using a condom, which I am sure most of you love.

What Are Some of The Drawbacks of Using CityXGuide?

Annoying Ads

One thing I noticed about this site that did not amuse me is the fact that it contains ever-annoying ads.

While browsing through some of the escorts’ photos, you are likely to bump into random ads that could end up spoiling the excitement that comes with searching for the most beautiful escort in your area to fuck.

It Is Only Good If You Live In The USA

Another thing that this site needs to work on is improving its presence in other countries. Currently, CityXGuide is only exciting to use if you are in the USA. Even though other countries are also represented, the escorts from other countries are usually categorized poorly.

It is also not possible to narrow down your search to smaller cities if you are searching for an escort in another country.

Lack of variety

If you love fucking Asians and Latinas, then this site will be the best for you to find the best ones to fuck. However, the site seems to fall short when it comes to the collection of white or black girls. Even though you might end up finding some, they are not as many as the Latinas and Asians.

How to Find Escorts on CityXGuide

Once you launch this site on your browser, you will be greeted by a list of countries and states where you will be required to choose your area of interest. Once you find your state or country, you will also be required to choose your nearest major city, and begin your search from there.

CityXGuide Profiles

You will now be able to see the babes available in your area with some tiny thumbnails beside their description. If you click on the gallery, you will be taken to their profile where you will be able to check out some of their details such as photos, and their age.

The profile will also contain a list of services offered by the girls.

Some of the most common services offered on this site include sex, massage, blow job, and GFE (girlfriend experience). Other stats about the escorts include height, hair/eye color, ethnicity, age, and location.

It is also important to note that a lot of the escorts have a list of things they won’t do. Therefore, only consider focusing on the services they offer and be content with those.

One of the most interesting things I noticed about escorts on this site is that most do not like offering GFE services.

It is strange because mostly all of them would rather have a stranger fuck them in their ass rather than act as a girlfriend for them

Are There Any Teen Escorts on CityXGuide?

Another important thing to note about this site is that it is hard for you to find girls aged below 21 years. Personally, the youngest I saw from my search is 21. Therefore, if you are into banging teens, you might be disappointed with what this site has in store for you.

However, there might be a chance that most of them are not being honest about their age.

CityXGuide Menu

The top part of this site contains its main menu. Some of the details here include Live Cams, Sugar babies, and Games. However, you can ignore these because all of them are ads. At the top right of the page, you will see a pull-down menu and a search function.

However, the search function does not seem to work well. It is better if you consider browsing the site without having to use this function.


Before deciding on which escort to fuck, you should also check out some of the prices they charge. This is because some of the charges run into hundreds of dollars, and most of them prefer that you pay up in cash. Their rates are usually included in the summary.

You can also find the rates on the list of stats under the tab named “Rate”.

Things I Love About CityXGuide

Easy to Find Escorts in Your Area

One of the reasons this site is loved by most is that it allows horny guys to easily get their perfect bitch for a night. Even if you are in s state that prohibits prostitution, you can take advantage of this site.

However, since most of these sites tend to get shut down regularly, you should ensure that you make good use of it while you still can.

Browse Detailed Profiles With Real Photos

Another great factor about this site is that all the profiles come with real photos of the girls. This could be due to the fact that the site does not allow escorts to advertise their services without posting their real photos.

Easily Identify Some of The Most Active Profiles

This site also shows you the last time a particular ad was active. This will let you know if the escort is active or if there is a possibility that they no longer offer the services.

Therefore, ensure that you stick to profiles that are updated regularly because you will have a higher chance of getting a reply from such profiles.

Browse Safely

There is also the feature known as “safe browsing” that can come in handy at times.

This feature will remove all the photos so that no one next to you will suspect what you are up to. For those of you browsing this site next to your girlfriends, this is a feature you might want to use.

Things I Hate About CityXGuide


One of the most surprising things about this site is that it requires very little information from you in order to get started. This could be great in terms of browsing. However, it raises a lot of questions when it comes to trustworthiness.

Limited Filters

Another thing that this site has failed upon is that it does not contain the option of filtering the escorts according to their services, race, or size.


There is also another issue regarding ads. While on this site, you are likely to encounter some annoying pop-unders and ads. These ads tend to ruin your experience on this site.

Also, there are some links on the site’s main menu that will redirect you to other sites containing porn games and sex cams

Final Thoughts

CityXGuide is a great site for those of you trying to find escorts in your area, especially if you are located in the USA. One of the reasons it is trusted by most people is that all the escorts on the site post their photos and also the profiles contain detailed information that will make it easy for you to select the escort that will suit your profile.

So, in case you need to take a break from fapping, and want something real, CityXGuide will be the perfect site for you to begin your new adventure.

CityXGuide Pros

  • It contains some important categories such as body rub, fetish, strippers, phone sex among others.
  • Each profile contains all the important details you need such as photos and phone numbers.

CityXGuide Cons

  • It does not have on-site comments or reviews
  • A lot of ads


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