Crazy Shit: Extreme Porn Tube | Review of Porn Site

Crazy Shit Review: What to Expect at the Extreme Porn Site

Hey guys, here is another crazy adult site review that I know you are going to enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

This site is referred to as Crazy Shit. The name itself speaks volumes about what you should expect here. This is where you get all kinds of disgusting, wild, bizarre, erotic, and disturbing videos.

 It is precisely the reason why I decided to write this review. Keep reading to know more about what this site has to offer.

Crazy shit

What to expect at the homepage

There are so many porn websites these days. One of the ways to know what to expect at a porn site is by looking at the homepage. This is where you will get the first impression of the site.

On the Crazy Shit homepage, these are different video options including;

  • Daily best videos

  • Trending content

  • Recent video

Is there variety in the content?

It is important to note that Crazy Shit focuses mostly on porn videos. You, therefore, should only log in to the site if you have a stable internet connection.

There are several links at the top part of the homepage. Most of these links direct users to other websites. This was disappointing for me. I expected these links to lead users to some useful and interesting pages on the site.

Is it easy to navigate around the site?

In terms of navigation, Crazy Shit has several navigating tools that are quite useful.

 First, there is a link that directs users to the porn pictures available on the website. This is important for those who can cum by looking at porn pics.

 There is also the video archive page. Then at the upper right part of the homepage, there is the login or create an account option.

Why have a Crazy Shit account?

There are several benefits that come with creating an account. These include;

  • You can leave comments on the content

  • You can upload your videos and images

It is free to register at Crazy Shit. So you can enjoy all the content here without spending a coin.

Be part of a vibrant community

I was surprised at how engaging the Crazy Shit community was. There are so many people that comment on the videos and images. Some leave joking comments and others share their experiences. I don’t know that Crazy Shit was this engaging. There are actually good reasons why many people love this place.

What kind of content should I expect?

It is the place where you can find a lot of sexual material. Some of these materials can really turn you on and others are just funny. Others will remind you of the crazy sex you had with your college crust some years back.

You never know what you will come across at this site. But what you can be sure of is that everything you see here is satisfying. This is a platform where you can get all types of porn videos you love to watch in one place.

Explaining the Crazy Shit content further

It is obvious that most people love Crazy Shit due to the type of content available. So let me explain to you what you should expect at the site.

But before getting into details, there is something I should warn you about. That is, Crazy Shit is full of crazy stuff. The name actually explains what this website is all about.

That said, expect lots of deaths, blood, mutilation, and other weird kinds of content. It seems like the site loves posting stuff that appears disgusting to a group of people. These are some examples of content that you should expect at Crazy Shit;

  • People burning 

  • People being hacked to death

  • Girls producing milk from their asses 


By the look of things, most people who post content here are psychopaths. But since I am not one, let me just focus on the adult content side. After all, this is what the review is all about.

Disclaimer: never attempt to visit Crazy Shit if you are scared of dead bodies

My experience at Crazy Shit

When writing this review, I spent around 30 minutes at the site. My goal was to get an idea of the type of content that this site focuses on.

 I sampled three videos that I thought most users would love to see. Note that I only selected the videos that would give me the best indication is what is available at Crazy Shit.

So let’s get into details

  • The first clip featured a girl named Mia Bandini. This girl was being fucked in the ass with her boyfriend while they were both riding on a jet ski. This girl was all sexy and I loved the way her butt bounced up and down while she was getting banged around the lake.

  • My second video featured an old guy having a good time with a teen. This guy was super lucky. If you could ask me, he only had a year or two to get in a coffin.

  •  Lastly, there was this submissive chick wearing a slutty choker and crawling in her squirt. These three videos were a representation of what you should expect at Crazy Shit. There is a lot of unique and interesting stuff in there.

Other types of content you should expect

On the archive pages, there are a number of tags related to each clip. There is an option to download these videos to your device. With an account, you can also vote and leave comments on the images and videos.

The website also has a favorite section. This however is only available when you create an account. In this section, you can see all the best clips that you have ever come across. This is an amazing feature if you want to access the content you come across at a later date.


This is all you need to know about Crazy Shit. It is an amazing website considering the wide range of content available here. It is also the best place to be for anyone who is into extreme content. Just bear in mind that there are so many deaths and plenty of blood on this website.  So don’t only expect to see your favorite pornstar in action.

What I liked

  • Free downloads

  • Daily uploads

  • A large and vibrant community

What I disliked

  • Short average length

  • Some ads