Dildo Machine


Trusted Review of HiSmith Remote Controlled Premium Sex Machine  I might have just found the best fucking machine in the world! How the journey started I remember very well the day HiSmith got in touch with me with the information that they wanted one of their premium machines reviewed. I think I grinned for a […]

Cumming Dildos


Review of the best cumming dildos Cumming (Squirting) dildos are a perfect option for those who love ejaculation.  These are the perfect sex toys that you can use to cum on your partner’s face. Once done with your partner, you can also fill up your hole with fake semen. It is actually the same kind […]

Lesbian Dildo


Lesbian Dildo: A Guide to Finding the Best One for You Once you have acquired the suitable strap-on harness, the next thing you will need is a nice dildo to go with it. When purchasing a strap-on harness, you will normally go for a type suitable for your body type or size. On the other […]

Double-ended dildo


How to use a double-ended dildo A double-ended dildo can be a perfect masturbation companion. But you can also use it with your partner. At first, using a double-ended dildo can be intimidating for both beginners and experienced users.  But this should not be the case. If you love penetrative sex and also like using […]

Black Dildo


Black Dildo Review: Bigger, Better, Bolder Let’s all admit it, ladies, we sometimes want more than what we are used to.  Well, we actually shouldn’t be criticized for that. After all, size can at times contribute to the overall experience.  Why are dildos so popular? Whether you are masturbating or want to enjoy the evening […]

Huge Dildos


Huge Dildos: Everything You Need to Know About Them In case you have never used a huge dildo before, the size of these toys may seem intimidating, and you might wonder how on earth you are supposed to use them. Normally, these dildos are larger than the average toys in terms of length and girth.  […]

Bad Dragon Dildos


Review of the best Bad Dragon dildos I am a diehard fan of sex toys and to be honest, Bad Dragon Dildos has been one of my best fantasy toy companies for the longest time. This is the reason why I decided to try some of their best options for a whole month. The good […]

Anal Dildos


10 best anal dildos (recommended by sex experts) Not many couples are comfortable talking about important topics like sex and romance. In fact, many people start dating and even getting married without a proper understanding of how to do it safely. One thing that rarely crosses their mind is using sex toys, anal dildos especially […]

best strap-on dildos


Review of the best strap-on (with dildos) Choosing the best strap-on should be taken with as great importance as buying the dildo itself. There are several features you should look for in the strap-on dildo. The most important one however is to ensure that the product suits your body and taste.  Why it is important […]

Glass Dildos


Review of the best glass dildos In recent years, the mind-boggling advancement of sex tech has made unanimated devices such as silicone and glass dildo easily ignored. You might be surprised that the rabbit vibrator will not do some things that the glass dildo will. Plus, they are like fine pieces of freestanding artwork when […]