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Exxxtra Small

Exxxtra Small Review

Exxxtra Small is of the sites in the sites in the Team Skeet network that is frequently updated with new content. The site has over 308 porn episodes featuring beautiful and as the name implies, ‘Exxxtra Small’ or tiny girls.

Exxxtra Small

Introducing Exxxtra Small, what to expect

The girls featured in this network are not just teens. They are also tiny and delicate. It is even hard to imagine penetrating your cock into these tiny girls without hurting them.

But don’t underestimate them.

As much as they are Small, you can see some episodes of them sucking cocks as huge as your thighs. There is also a lot of hardcore scenes featuring these girls.

Just how Small are the girls?

Most of the porn models have an average height of 5 inches. There are even some who are shorter than this. They are young, slim, and downright sinful! The girls prefer older guys with huge cocks.

What makes Exxxtra Small attractive?

Exxxtra Small has enough content for you to jerk off for as long as you want. These videos are also in full HD. It is free to download the videos, which gives you the chance to have them on your computer or mobile phone and watch them later.

The videos are also available in multiple formats so if you don’t have enough space, there are lower resolution options available.

Besides the videos, the site also has a gallery with more than 500 porn pictures that accompany the videos. New videos are uploaded every now and then so you can always log in to check if there are new videos for you.

Explaining the website further

Exxxtra Small features extremely sexy young girls, barely legal. It is among the most active sites in the Team Skeet network. It actually shares the same design as the remaining sites.

Now that you have an idea of what the site is all about, let’s get into more important features that you can enjoy at Exxxtra Small.

High-quality photos and videos

For a porn site to attract more users, posting high-quality content should be their top priority. Exxxtra Small is one of the sites that have gone the extra mile to achieve this.

It is a site that even the most demanding users can have something to smile about. The site only posts full HD videos. The download speed is also high. The photos are bright, enjoyable, and colorful.

There are both download and streaming options available. On top of that, you can also download the photos in zip format.

User-friendly web design and ease of navigation

Exxxtra Small has a user-friendly website design, just like all the other sites in the network.  The design is comfortable to use and there are several navigation tools that you can use to find the exact type of content you want.

On the updates section, you can sort the videos based on date, rating, and popularity. You can also filter the videos by niche, site, model, or last month/last week.

Explaining the scenes offered at Exxxtra Small

The scenes are divided into one-minute clips, full-length videos, screencaps, pictures, and trailer. Users are free to comment, rate and favorite the scenes.

I am not sure how the site finds these unique models. The scenes have an average length of 40 minutes. Most of them have creative storylines. What you should expect here is the hardcore and nasty kind of sexual encounters- exactly what brings you to porn sites.

In some scenes, a girl interviews the girl on how she got into the porn business. Some of these girls are porn virgins so there is so much for you to hear and see in these scenes.

How many models are featured?

Exxxtra Small has more than 350 featured models. The entire network has a total of 2500 models. You can get a complete list of these models in the girl’s section. The site allows you to sort them as well.

In each of the profiles, there is the model’s photo, biography, and stats. You can also see how many scenes they have featured in.

Exxxtra Small, Is there bonus content?

As we said, Exxxtra Small is part of the Team Skeet network. Once you get a membership on this site, you can access all the remaining porn sites in the network. In total, the network has 57 porn websites. There is a wide range of scenes here, from hardcore, solo, and even group sex.

The largest website is innocent high which has more than 500 scenes. Other popular sites are POV life, teens love anal, CFNM teens, she’s new among others.

How often does the site update content?

Exxxtra Small posts new videos every week. But this is not always the case. There are times when we don’t see new posts for two weeks or even more.

This is one thing that I didn’t expect for a high-quality site like Exxxtra Small. I mean, who would want to see new petite girls added to the website every day?

Has the site delivered what it promised so far?

There is nothing much to see on the sites landing page and even on the free tour. (there is no free tour). Apart from that, every other thing you see relates to the site’s name. That is, Exxxtra Small babes that love huge dicks.

What I mean is that all the 300 plus models are young and petite. You can find most of these models on other sites on the network as well.

How much does membership cost?

There is a monthly fee that costs $28.97. Note that this amount is re-billed automatically. On top of that, there is a 3 months membership going for $49.99. This option can save you $25.

Then there is the most affordable membership, which is the yearly option going for $95.87. With this option, you can enjoy content from the entire network in a whole 12 months.

Exxxtra Small Conclusion

Exxxtra Small is a great porn site that is part of the Team Skeet network. The site focuses on young and tiny girls, most of them fitting in the teen niche.

Currently, there are slightly over 300 scenes available. But the site keeps growing every day. As a bonus, you can have access to more than 30 other websites with just one membership.


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