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Fap Roulette

Fap Roulette

If you like the idea of a game that will let you jerk off countless times, then it is high time you checked out Fap Roulette. This site is not your usual porn site where you will just have to watch some steamy videos and then jerk off whenever you feel like.

Instead of just providing you with a host of videos to select one that will make you jerk off, this site has gone an extra mile by giving you fap instructions that are likely to lead to a million different possibilities.

All you have to do is just select the categories you wish to appear in your roll. After you have selected your favorite categories, you will be required to click on the roll button located at the bottom of your screen.

You will now be able to see the various possibilities available for you to jerk off. Therefore, if you like getting adventurous with your fapping sessions, then keep on reading to find out why jerking off will never be the same at Fap Roulette.

Fap Roulette

What to Expect on Fap Roulette

This site comes with some of the unique conditions that are meant to ensure all its users enjoy their fap sessions. Some of the things the site will guide you on include what you should wear at that moment, the position you are supposed to be in, where you are expected to end, and other conditions that you can rest assured will excite you.

The instructions are determined by the chance of randomly selected numbers; hence the term roulette. The main aim for this is to come up with a unique fap session for you to enjoy. If you are a new user on the site, then it might seem confusing due to the numerous options available for you to play.

However, as you continue using the site, then you will notice how easy it is to play. Once you click on the roll button, then the site will generate five random numbers for you as well as a roulette fap image.

You can now use the randomly generated numbers for the roulette image displayed. You will also get the chance to use a shared roulette where you will be able to chat and take part in other fap roulettes.    

Countless Possibilities

As earlier mentioned, this site is dedicated to making your fap sessions as exciting as possible. This site is different from your usual porn site dedicated to only showing you porn videos.

Porn videos normally limit what you can do unlike Fap Roulette that will ensure they stay with you all through your fap sessions until you are satisfied. There are approximately 3,674 roulettes you can find on the site. All of the roulettes will give you a unique option to ensure that you do not get bored a single day on the site.

Some of the options you should expect to get on the site include “What May I Wear Today”, “Task In Your Room”, “Becoming a Sissy Roulette”, “Butt Plug Challenge”, among other exciting options.

You will also get the opportunity to choose the roulettes based on the available categories, which will even further increase your options. The categories you can choose from include anal, blowjob, sissy, toilet control, denial, bukkake, shower, among others.

Each of these categories is designed to take care of specific kinks. For example, the cum lovers category is mainly focused on cum play. Below these categories, you will find a list of filters that will enable you to specify your roulette to suit what you specifically want. The filters include humiliation, fap material, cum play, pee/scat, among others. Please check similar cam sites from our selecton :DirtyrouletteChatrandomShagleChatspinGayconnect and Omegle. Read Our review and start playing.

Games to Expect on Fap Roulette

If you are a new user, then the games may appear a bit complicated at first. However, once you get to understand how the site works, then you will find it much easier to use. The top right side of the page has a list of letters while the bottom right has the roll button that enables the site to generate a random fap roulette for you. The roll usually stops once it has generated all the numbers to give you fapping instructions you can follow.

After the roll is done, you will see a column containing numbers from 0-9. All you will be required to do is look at the letters on the fap roulette and then compare with the numbers you rolled for each letter, then follow the instructions provided by the roulette.

Each of the letters you have selected comes with a specific task while the chosen number has the instructions.

I tried to play the game and I got a roulette called “Rent’s Due”. This roulette assumes that you have run out of money to pay your rent and you will be required to work your body and avoid eviction.

The roulette generated the letters V-Z from the roll. Each letter contained a number with instructions to enable you perform the task. In this particular case, the letter V was supposed to deal with the outfit. It was accompanied with number 5 instructing me to wear latex and leather bondage gear.

These instructions are meant to take you all the way to the point of cumming. Each step comes with particular directions that are meant to get you ready for the fap climax. In my case, this roulette was designed to provide me with a warm up session, humiliation stage, and the fapping itself.

What shocked me most about this particular roulette is that I was supposed to cum in my mouth. I wonder how this is possible, but these sre some of the things you should get ready to encounter on the site.

Fap Roulette’s Design

This site is as simple as they come when it comes to design. It has a nice color scheme that will immediately get you in the mood. To add more playfulness, the site has also featured some interesting fap images.

All the categories you need have been put right there in front of you so there is no need for you to hustle by clicking through various links to get the best fap session. The games on the site are fun to play and some will even take a whole day for you to complete playing.

There are various categories meant for couples, shopping lovers, blowjob lovers, online exposure, among others. If there are some things you feel do not turn you on, then you also have the chance of filtering them out to only remain with options that will give you an exciting fap session.

If you also happen to be playful with your partner, then you should definitely try this site out as it also has some interesting categories for couples.

Its general design is not very minimalistic, but the elements on the site are nicely structured, making it appealing to the eye. You won’t find any side bars on the site, however, you can rest assured that everything on it is designed perfectly to improve the look of the site and also to make it easier for users to navigate through.

In most of the adult websites, you will find a lot of white space here and there. However, the designers of Fap Roulette opted for a deep purple color meant to add a kinky feeling to the website.

Moving around the site is as easy as you can imagine, thanks to its navigation. Besides everything being perfectly visible, the links on the website also work very well. The search feature can also come in handy if you wish to search for something specific on the site.

When it comes to the roulettes, you are also given the option of sorting them by either highest rated, latest, trending, and most viewed. If you do not like scrolling through the page, then there is also a button dedicated for you that can take you either to the top or the bottom of the page instantly.

Things to Like on Fap Roulette

One of the things you will instantly like about this site is the fact that it is very easy to use and navigate. Besides the wide range of roulettes to choose from, there is also a “Re-Roll” option that enables you re-take the roll in case the one presented doesn’t look impressive to you.

Another great thing about the site is that it comes with a “Shared Roulette” that enables you to chat with the other users, the same way you would in a forum, and also you have the chance of participating in shared roulettes. As you will find out, there is no dull moment at this site.

Users are also given the opportunity to upload roulettes by following the instructions provided. What’s more? You can also access this site without having a user account. However, if you wish to upload a roulette, then you will be required to have an account.

Some of the other benefits you can enjoy by having a user account include saving your filter settings, and also saving a list of your favorite roulettes.

Is There Anything You Would Like Fap Roulette to Improve Upon?

 When it comes to talking about suggestions on the website, then there are not a lot of things to say since the site seems to have everything you need to have a good time. Also, if you feel like there are improvements needed on the site, then there is a section where users can suggest any improvements or omissions meant to make the site better.

All you need to have is a valid email address. Fap Roulette encourages visitors to give any suggestions they might have in order to make the whole experience worthwhile.


If you are someone looking to spice up your fapping sessions, then you bust and find your favorite partner in Fap Roulette. You will have thousands of roulettes to choose from in order to spice up your experience.

Even if fapping is not your thing, then you can rest assured that the site offers other options for you too because there are also roulettes meant for couples among other things.