Fetlife BDSM and Fetish Network


If you come across the word fetish, all you can imagine a group of people with immoral and scary behavior. However, this is not what you should expect to get at FetLife.

Unlike the name, this is actually a very nice website. it consists of a supportive community of people that share a common thing- they are into weird sex stuff. But members aren’t shy to express their interests. 

Fetlife has quite an outdated design as compared to other sites. Even so, the site has still managed to serve its purpose. Most people refer to FetLife as FL. You can either be anonymous or reveal your identity if you wish. 

Some people decide to use a fake name and others even fake their age and region. Most users at the site shy away from showing their faces. But others are so open that you can see both their faces and private parts. 

For sure, this site is not for the faint-hearted. 

I am still wondering why FetLife is not as popular as it should be. I expected more people to at least know that this site exists.

Other sites like Facebook have attracted a lot of users over time. But FetLife is quite small. It currently has slightly over 3.5 million users. 

Fetlife users identify themselves with different roles. Examples include dominant, submissive, swinger, switch, exploring, rope bunny, and many more. The options are actually endless.

In fact, make Urban Dictionary your best friend in deciding whether some names apply. But if you are not sure, my advice is to set it to explore. Get into discussions and groups to find out what you like. 

Besides the role, users can also specify the type of relationship they are looking for. You also should state whether you seek this relationship or arrangement 24/7 or you want it only in the bedroom. Besides that, you can write a bio, list your kinks or fetishes, and state whether you are just curious or into it. 

If you want to be more specific, state whether you prefer receiving or giving. You can also specify whether you have hard or soft limits. There are so many things to do at FetLife.

Fetlife – kink community ?

You can start conversations, join groups, follow people, and even send private messages to other kinkers. You can upload videos and images and see what others have posted. Users can also write journals that other users can read. 

I have been to many cities and in most of them, there is a kinky friend community with the main task of organizing for events. Examples of these events are Munches.

These are social events designed for people who are curious about BDSM. Members help them to be more informed and become more comfortable. They can organize for a movie night, dinner party among other things.

One amazing thing about FetLife is that it givers users the freedom to discover and explore the world of kinks in an environment that is safe.

Just like any other site, you can find creeps and scammers in there. But this is the internet so prepare to expect anything. Exercise caution and you will be OK. 

In the past years, FetLife has been involved in controversies. This led the site to banning some topics and even the associated groups. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find whatever you like at the FetLifea and kinky people.

If you look beyond the creepy people at the site, then this is the platform to be. You can discover your sexual desires and meet people that you share the same interests in bdsm community.