Finger Vibrator: Guide to Finding The Best Finger Vibrator

If you love masturbating using your fingers and want to take your experience to the next level, it is high time you considered integrating a finger vibrator into your sessions. Most people tend to underrate the impact a finger vibrator can have on your sex life. 

Small But Strong Toys

Fingers vibrators are some of the smallest vibrators you will find. This feature also makes them a perfect choice for people who love to remain discrete while masturbating. For convenience, these vibrators are designed to slide onto your finger or in between fingers.

By doing this, these vibrators allow you to stroke your clitoris and vulva, but with the benefit of vibration. 

What Is The Shape of a Finger Vibrator?

They usually come in various shapes, intensities, and sizes according to your preference. Some of them work by sitting on your tip like a thimble, those that come in the form of a ring, others will cover your whole finger the same way a condom covers a penis, while others nestle between your fingers. 

How to Use a Finger Vibrator

The best thing about finger vibrators is that they are easy to use and do not require a lot of practice to master. If it is your first time using a finger vibrator, the following steps will go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of your toy. 

Consider Experimenting With Your Body First

Once you have purchased your desired finger vibrator, avoid going directly to the clitoris. This is usually important for people who haven’t used a vibrator before. 

Consider using it to pleasure other areas of your body first before slowly introducing it to your clitoris. These other areas could be your nipples, inner thighs, or your rear end. Doing this will help you get used to the vibrator strength and its movement across your skin. 


Whenever using any type of vibrator, ensure that you always have lube with you. The best and safest types of lubricants you can use for your finger vibrators are water-based or natural lubricants. 

Most finger vibrators come in a texture that will tend to feel a bit rough on sensitive areas. Using a lubricant will go a long way in helping you get rid of experiencing the roughness. This way, you will get all the pleasurable sensations you have been craving for. 

Consider Starting Off Slowly

Once you have experimented with the toy on other parts of your body, you can now gradually introduce it to your clitoris. Ensure that the toy is well-lubricated and avoid putting the tip of the toy directly on your clitoris.

This is because it might end up being too powerful on your first try. The best way for you to introduce it to your clitoris is to run the body of the toy along the clitoris and vulva until you get used to its sensations.

Ensure the Toy is Properly Worn

To get the most out of your toy, always make sure that you have adjusted it until it feels right. In case you find out that the finger vibrator does not properly stay where you want it, you should try to reposition it until it properly fits your finger. 

List of the Best Finger Vibrators

Now that you know how to use a finger vibrator, the next important step is to ensure that you find the best one that will give you great sensations. There are currently many options on the market. This makes it a little hard to pick the best one.

However, the following list includes some of the best finger vibrators preferred by most people due to their reliability and strength. 

CalExotics Marvelous Teaser

CalExotics Marvelous Teaser

This toy guarantees to bring the power you need right to your fingertips. It comes with ten functions of vibrations to ensure that you derive as much pleasure from it as possible. It is a discreet toy that comes in a 4” size, which makes it the perfect toy for people who love to travel. 

This toy is also USB rechargeable and only takes one hour to fully charge. Once fully charged, you will be able to enjoy using this toy for over 75 minutes. You can also carry this finger vibrator to your shower and enjoy your masturbation sessions as it is fully waterproof. 

Hot Octopus Digit Finger Vibrator

Hot Octopus Digit Finger Vibrator

The Digit is another powerful finger vibrator that guarantees to give you exciting deep and rumbly vibrations. It comes with a ring that you can stretch over your finger that allows for comfort and easier control while in use.

This finger vibrator is contoured with multiple sides to ensure that you get multiple sensations whenever using it. It is also a waterproof toy that you can wear on either hand

The Hot Octopus Digit finger vibrator contains five different vibration modes and five intensity levels for maximum pleasure.  

Fun Factory Be One

Fun Factory Be One

With this toy, you will have five different vibration functions to choose from. For convenience, this toy is shaped to ensure that it perfectly fits between your fingers. 

Despite its small size, the Fun Factory Be One finger vibrator comes with a lot of power. It comes with two strong motors to ensure that you get the power you need to reach your orgasms quicker than normal.

Blush Play With Me

Blush Play With Me

The reason why this is one of the best-selling finger vibrators is that it is inexpensive and also is capable of fitting right on your finger. It is also made from pure silicone and contains various ticklers located at the tip of the toy for enhanced stimulation. 

With the push of a button, you will be able to select from seven different vibration functions. Another great feature is that it is completely waterproof meaning that you can easily use it while in the shower, bath, or hot tub. 

Dame Fin Finger Vibrator

Dame Fin Finger Vibrator

This is one of the most versatile finger vibrators you will find. It works well for partner sex, foreplay, or masturbation. The Dame Fin has one button designed to control the vibrator settings. 

Pressing the button once will allow you to use the low settings. Pressing it again will allow you to cycle through the medium and high settings. To turn the vibrator off, you will need to hold down the button

The design is meant to perfectly fit between two fingers either with or without the detachable tether. 

Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe

Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe

This powerful finger vibrator comes with ten functions of intense pleasure. To turn on the device, you will simply need to press and hold down the power button for two seconds. You can then keep pressing the button to explore the various functions. 

It is USB rechargeable and takes three hours to fully charge. Once fully charged, you will be able to enjoy 50 minutes of pure bliss. 

Finger Vibrator Conclusion

When looking for a finger vibrator, you should ensure that you settle for one that will be comfortable to use. This is because they come in different shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. 

Therefore, ensure that you have done some research to find out the features that each finger vibrator comes with in order to get the most out of it. While shopping for a vibrator, also consider purchasing a lubricant that will go a long way in making your masturbation sessions as exciting and comfortable as possible.