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Best Fleshlight


Fleshlight is considered the best and most popular male sex toy in the world. There are many different types of fleshlights depending on what you like. This makes it challenging to find one that will work best for you.

What is a Fleshlight?

A fleshlight is a portable sex toy for men, also known as a pocket pussy or an artificial vagina. It is designed to resemble the shape and size of a flashlight. To use it, all you have to do is stick your penis in it and masturbate. The inner parts are usually made of silicone or other materials meant to make the toy feel realistic.

There are also other fleshlights that come in the shape of an anus or mouth and are designed to simulate anal sex or a blowjob. Therefore, no matter your preferences, you will always get a great fleshlight for you.

Best Fleshlights

The hardest thing to deal with when looking for the best fleshlights is that there are very many options on the market right now. Therefore, to get one that will best suit you, you will need to identify what kind of feeling you would like to derive from the fleshlight. There are those that are designed to feel like you are having pussy sex, anal sex, or oral sex.

However, there are those that most people consider the best overall. The following is a list of some of the best fleshlights you will find on the market.

Riley Reid


Launched in 2016, this fleshlight has quickly become a preferred choice to most sex toy lovers out there. It comes with two unique textures that seem to make it stand out from the rest. These include Utopia and Euphoria.

The Utopia model is designed to make the toy as tight as possible to ensure that your penis gets to feel all the best sensations the toy has in store for you. The inside is packed with a coiled design with many pleasure pockets.

The Euphoria model represents Reid’s perky butt, and if you are into anal sex, then this is one of the best models you should consider trying out.

Pros – It is made of a superskin, suction control, coiled design with an amazing texture.

Cons – Lube is capable of leaking through the sleeve.



This is considered the most intense-feeling fleshlight you will find out there. It has a unique canal designed to offer 360° sensations with nice ridges and bumps that will leave you with a tight and intense stimulation.

The next chamber in this fleshlight is packed with a small set of teeth and fangs designed to pull and rub at you. The final row in this fleshlight consists of big bumps leading into a ribbed texture which tends to get narrower as you go deeper.

Pros: made with tight, superskin, and realistic sleeve

Cons: The fangs may be too intense for some penises.

Vibro Lady

Vibro Lady fleshlight

This fleshlight comes with vibrating sensations derived from its concentric fingers found along the length of its shaft. It is a basic sex toy compared to most other models. However, one thing that sets it apart from the other types is that this is a vibrating sex toy. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a toy to give you vibrating sensations, this will be the best model for you.

Pros: It comes with three removable vibrators and replacement batteries.

Cons: The batteries do not last long, and the sleeve design is average.

Turbo Thrust

If you are into oral sex and are looking for a toy that mimics the best oral sex feelings, then the Turbo Thrust will be the best fleshlight model for you. This is because it is specifically designed to feel like the tongue, throat, and lips. This brings out the feeling of a real blowjob and is capable of giving you some of the most intense orgasms.

Pros: See-through case, and a unique oral design

Cons: It is not as realistic as most other toys


This fleshlight tends to be smaller in size compared to the other models. It also comes with an elegant and sleek design. The Quickshot has a clear case and sleeve to enable you to watch every satisfying moment as you masturbate.

It opens at both ends to enable you to push your dick all the way through so that you may also manually perform other types of stimulation of the penis tip.

Pros: See-through sleeve, opening at both ends, compact design

Cons: It can tend to be too small for larger penises, the screw-like canal can be too intense.

Fleshskins Blue Ice

Launched in 2018, the Fleshskins Blue Ice fleshlight is the first model that does not use a case. Instead of a case, it comes with four holes to allow you to grip the sleeve with your hand. This then makes it easier for you to control the motion and grip during your masturbation sessions. For easy cleaning and storage, this toy also comes with a drying rod.

Pros: Variable grip, easy to clean and dry, more portable design.

Cons: It has a shorter life span compared to the other cased fleshlights

Ice Lady

If you are into see-through fleshlights, you might also need to consider the Ice Lady fleshlight. This toy will give you the chance to watch as your cock moves through its sleeve. You may also use it with your partner to enable them to join the fun as well.

Pros: Excellent canal texture, see-through design

Cons: Its material tend to get cloudy as you continue using it


This toy will provide you with an automated fleshlight experience and leave you with very intense orgasms. It comes with a base that tends to fit most standard fleshlight models, and it helps to do all the work for you.

The best thing about this fleshlight is that it is also capable of syncing up to your favorite VR porn movies via Bluetooth.

Pros: Syncs up to VR porn. It comes with a hands-free design

Cons: It tends to charge slowly. It is bulky, and can also be hard to clean and handle.

Nicole Aniston Fleshlight

The Nicole Aniston fleshlight is designed with superskin texture and comes with ribbed nodules to boost endurance. This means that as you continue using this toy for expended periods, you are likely to build up more endurance to make you last longer in bed.

Pros: It comes with a ribbed canal that contains numerous chambers

Cons: It has many ridges that make it difficult to clean

Dillion Harper Fleshlight

This is another great fleshlight that features the best components to give you exciting sensations. It contains five unique chambers to test your sexual willpower. It also has an adjustable cap on the end to help you control the variation of suction amount.

Pros: Adjustable suction cap. Five chambers for varied sensations

Cons: Some penises may not reach all the five chambers

Eva Lovia Fleshlight

This fleshlight comes in two different varieties, one of them being a replica of Eva’s ass. Therefore, if you love anal sex, this could also be another great toy for you to consider. It comes with a tight suction-controlled canal making it one of the most preferred anal sex fleshlights out there.

Pros: Suction control, tight canal, realistic orifice.

Cons: The material tends to be too soft for some people

Classic Pink Butt

This butt fleshlight comes with smooth sleeves designed for people who tend to be more sensitive or those who would like to have longer sessions and improve their performance. It has a tight opening made of superskin material that will give you a realistic feeling whenever you use it.

Pros: suction control, smooth canal, tight orifice.

Cons: It doesn’t have much texture once you get in.

Alien Fleshlight

This toy comes with an alien texture that combines the feel of three different textures to give you an out-of-this-world experience. Once you get inside, you will be met with tantalizing sinews that tend to swirl together to mimic a Vortex canal. You will then be welcomed into a Lotus node that will give way to one of the most intense textures you will find in a fleshlight, the Stamina Training Unit.

Pros: Can fit large penises, contains multiple chambers, and comes with a creative look

Cons: It is not made with superskin, less durable than most other fleshlights.

Heavenly Pink Sleeve Fleshlight

The heavenly pink sleeve is one of the most exciting fleshlights you will find. To ensure that you end up with unique sensations, this toy comes in a variety of textures. Mos users have confessed that this is the best fleshlight they have used due to its mix of ribbed, wide, tight, and coiled chambers.

Pros: Alternates between narrow and wide chambers, has the feeling of a real pussy.

Cons: It only works with particular fleshlights, not waterproof, bulky.

Is Fleshlight Any Good?

If you have been trying to get off using your hand before, then it is normal to wonder why you will need to spend your hard-earned cash to purchase a fleshlight. However, fleshlights come with a lot of advantages that will ensure your masturbation sessions are as exciting as possible. They come in a wide range of varieties and they will also guarantee to give you intense orgasms.

Therefore, if you have been looking for an exciting way to masturbate, then a fleshlight will not disappoint you in this regard. Since they come in various textures, they will help you to get used to them and also help you to build endurance whenever you have sex.

How Can I Buy a Fleshlight?

If it is your first time buying a sex toy, you might find it to be a bit hard to purchase your first fleshlight. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard if you know where to look. If there is a sex shop close to you, you may head over to it and request any recommendations.

If you love online shopping, you may also check out some adult online shops that stock some of these fleshlights. The best thing is that most of the retailers usually ship the fleshlights in discrete packages so that you may not have to worry about other people seeing what you ordered.



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