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FreeOnes: A Reliable Porn Directory

There are currently many free porn directories on the internet designed to help you search for your best porn videos. However, most of them are not as effective as you would expect. However, it is high time you tried out FreeOnes.


What Is FreeOnes?

Established in 1998, FreeOnes is a database that contains models, pornstars, actresses, and even musicians. It is considered one of the best porn directories on the internet. In case you are interested in a particular video, porn star, porn site, or any other source of adult content, FreeOnes will be the best site for you to begin.

Gain Access to Thousands of Archived Sites

This is because FreeOnes tends to achieve the latest released porn videos, and it also contains thousands of free galleries that make it simple to find whatever you are looking for in the adult world.

At FreeOnes, you will find over one million archived sites and more than forty-thousand adult models. One thing you will notice that this site mainly focuses on showing you the best results to ensure that your sexual fantasies are always fulfilled.

Detailed Model Profiles

Every model on this site comes with her own page. Each page contains details such as the model’s complete bio, pictures, links to some of her other scenes, ability to follow her, and also a list of recommended models.

In case you choose to follow the model, you will get updates every time the site discovers that she has added new content to her profile. This will ensure that you always stay updated. You will also not miss out on anything about some of your favorite models.

FreeOnes Homepage

Once you launch this site’s homepage, you will immediately realize that FreeOnes is packed with some of the most exciting features. Despite having a lot of content on the site, FreeOnes has ensured that the content is arranged in an organized manner to make it easier for users to access the data for most website developers, this is not an easy thing to pull off.

Well-Organized Features

This site has gone an extra mile to see to it that it has cleanly sectioned off its various sections and features. The FreeOnes homepage contains the site’s logo that is located at the top left side of the page.

Below the site’s logo, there are various links that will lead you to some of the most exciting categories the site has to offer. The menu bar is located on the left side of the website and it contains links to What’s New, Babes, Photos, Videos, Categories, cams, Reviews, Channels, GIFs, Tags, among others.

Search for Your Favorite Categories

You can search for content based on a category of your choice by using the search bar located on the right side of the site’s homepage. The categories on this site are also plenty and there is a category for anyone out there. Some of these categories include Mature, Big Boos, Anal, Teen, Interracial, Housewife, Threesome, and Asian.

Gain Access to the Featured Content on FreeOnes

Below the categories, you will also see some of the featured content on the site. For instance, you can check out some of the top three videos on the site, the top three photos, the top three channels, and also the trending babes.

The center of the homepage contains some of the latest content on FreeOnes. This is the part that takes up much of the space on the homepage. Here, you can access the latest porn videos, photo galleries, porn links, top-ranked FreeOnes babes, and also the featured FreeOnes Live Stars.

FreeOnes Community Forum

Another great thing about this site is that it comes with a large community forum that is always active. You will find some of the most popular threads on this site which contain over 2 million posts. Users also have the option of selecting from a wide range of threads to participate. You can choose your favorite thread where you will be able to discuss some of your favorite babes, fetishes, and you will also get the chance to access feeds of some of the site’s babe’s blogposts.

Create Your Own Thread on FreeOnes

The FreeOnes forum contains more than nine million posts, and it also has over 750,000 members. This forum will also allow you to create your own thread to promote yourself, chat with other members, and also take part in the various contests hosted by the site.

Get a Free Blog on FreeOnes

As a member of this site, you will also be given a free blog. You can use this blog to post anything you like. However, ensure that you use it wisely in order to promote yourself. You may also submit some teaser videos or photo sets that the site will post on its homepage, and give you some exposure.

The FreeOnes Cam Site

Besides the active forum, you will also be surprised to note that FreeOnes also runs its own XXX cam site. This cam site has a lot of positive reviews, and it also gives some of the top cam sites on the internet a run for their money.

Everything on this cam site seems to be on point. It contains some of the most beautiful babes, the video quality is top-notch, and it also comes with some attractive features to make it easier to navigate.

Does FreeOnes Contain Ads?

One of the things I loved about this site is that it does not contain any ads. Even after visiting several pages, I was not able to come across a single ad on FreeOnes.

Is FreeOnes Free to Access?

Most of this site is open to users without having the need to open an account. You can use features such as “Suggest a Babe” as a free member. However, you should register for a free account and unlock all the features the site has to offer.


FreeOnes is one of the few sites that will enable you to change the way you consume porn content. It will go a long way in helping you develop a taste and a preference to ensure that you always go for what satisfies your sexual fantasies. With this site, you can easily identify and follow your favorite girls. You will also be given updates whenever any of them uploads new content to ensure that you are always up to date.

FreeOnes Pros

  • No ads
  • Thousands of free videos
  • Active and friendly community
  • Well-organized
  • Huge archive of gorgeous babes

FreeOnes Cons

  • Limited babe search