GF Sex Review: Amateur Porn Movies, Teen Porn

GF Sex Review: Free Hardcore Amateur Porn Videos

GF Sex is a perfect place to see some of the hottest ladies you have ever seen.

In this review, we are going to share everything you need to know about GF Sex before getting a membership. So let’s get started.

GF sex

First-time login at GF Sex, what to expect

On the home page,  the first thing you will notice is that the thumbnails are well sized. This will give you an idea of what the featured movie is all about.

The site is also rich in terms of porn variety. Examples of content that you can see here include girl-on-girl porn, cheating porn scenes, interaction porn movies, good old-fashioned sex and so much more!

On the homepage, you can find a lot of features that give you a clue on what to expect at GF Sex.  If you click on any of these pictures, it will direct you to the registration page.

What is the quality of models at GF Sex?

I decided to preview the site first before buying a membership. All I could see were clean-shaven pussies and extremely beautiful ladies. Most of the chicks featuring in the videos are young, between  18 and 25 years.

Milfs and mature women are featured as well.  But these are only a few. The rest are young and slender ladies, most likely still in college.

Is it free to watch porn videos at GF Sex?

Even before we get into details, it is first important to know that this is a premium site.  There is nothing much you can see on this site before getting a membership. This starts with a one-month trial that only costs one dollar.

Which categories are available at GF sex?

There are so many options available at GF Sex. These include group sex, solo porn, threesome among others.

There is a lot of masturbation movies and you can really enjoy what these gorgeous ladies are doing on camera.  The scenes vary from pussy pounding, anal sex, sensual sex scenes, and many more.

Of course, the main thing that makes this site stand out is a large number of attractive young women.

What is the movie quality at GF Sex?

I am not sure whether every scene you see here is exclusive. They however seem to be coming from other places.  The site has been around for so long.

You should therefore expect that some of the content is SD.  This was the only porn quality available during that time.

Later on, the studios started using more advanced equipment, so you also some a good number of high-quality videos here.

In short,  the quality of videos at this site varies. Some are SD quality and others are available at a higher quality than this.

If you explore the site, it is even possible to come across scenes that were shot using a cellphone. These are some of the things you find on all amateur sites.

Sometimes,  the porn scenes available in high-quality don’t seem to be realistic.  So if you are tired of watching porn scenes from professionals, then GF sex is one place that you should always be.

What is so unique about amateur porn videos?

GF Sex has both amateur and professional porn categories. We all love watching high-quality porn scenes. But at times, most of us would also want to watch something more realistic.

It is actually amateur content that I jerk off to all the time.  Well, this is what GF Sex is all about.

There are so many professional pornstars at GF Sex.  It is a site where you can find the top names in the industry. If you are looking for something more realistic, feel free to visit the amateur category.

Some of the clips here are labeled amateur when it is actually professional porn stars that produce them.

Navigating through the site

I dislike porn websites where I have to waste my precious time looking for the most likable content. It is enjoyable to browse through a large amount of porn content. At times, only the thumbnails are enough to make you horny.

But I am not talking about this.  What I mean is the time it takes to find a specific type of content. If for instance, I am looking for the sexiest redheads, it should only take me a few seconds to find them.

GF Sex is one of the sites that I always find it challenging to find my favorite porn categories.  As much as the site has several sorting options,  it isn’t always easy to explore the website.

For me, it is real sex porn movies and amateur content that makes me horny. So it is easier for me to jerk off when I have access to this content. Those tiny tits, tight pussies, and fantastic personalities are what I love the most.

The site also has a number of busy babe porn movies. But there are only a few massive titties at the site. Nevertheless, you can never miss something to jerk off to once you get the GF sex membership.

Only a few adverts available

Adverts are common in many porn sites and to be honest, they really tend to annoy me. At GF Sex, you can rarely see these adverts on the homepage. So far, this is the main perk for this site.

There are many reasons why I will keep coming back here, but this is actually the main one. I love porn websites with very little or no ads at all.  It is this important feature that contributes to a great viewing experience.

Is there bonus content at GF sex?

GF Sex is one of the sites in the AMA Land Network.  This network boasts of over 20 high-quality websites. There is plenty of user-submitted videos here. On top of that, here are other things that you can enjoy at the site;

  • Daily updates
  •  Fast download speed
  •  Live cam girls

With just one membership, you can have access to all the sites on the network. Among these sites include GF Hardcore, Oral Girlfriends, GF Melons, Me and My Asian Girlfriend, and so many others.

With about 15 sites in this network,  there are so many genres that you can explore. The bonus websites have interesting categories also. These include squirting girlfriends, foot fetish sites, taboo porn and so much more.

My final thoughts on GF Sex

There are a few adverts on GF Sex. However, this is a small number that won’t interfere with your viewing experience.

GF Sex features plenty of interesting content. With the daily updates, you will also get access to the freshest content available at the site.

I didn’t even see the need for daily updates since there is already plenty of content to enjoy. You will also enjoy an amazing streaming experience for both amateur and high-quality sex.

Besides the content, it is also easy to reach the GF sex customer support if you have any questions or suggestions.

The bonus sites even make things more interesting here.  Get a membership through Dateblocker and enjoy the best deals available.  You can take full advantage of live sex cams, and plenty of content to jerk off to.

What I liked

  • Daily updates
  •  Over 15 bonus sites
  •  Fast downloads
  •  High-quality movies

What I disliked

  •  The quality varies
  •  Not much preview