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GF Leaks Review

There is no way we can talk about amateur content without mentioning GF Leaks. This is actually one of the largest networks that offer amateur porn videos.

The site offers the same type of content as GF Network which we have already reviewed.   But I still thought it wise to check out what’s unique about this network and share my findings with you.

So without wasting time, let’s get into details.


A complete review of GF Leaks, what to expect

Basically, GF Leaks is a porn network consisting of 6 websites. Here are the names of these websites;

  • Crazy College Girls
  • GF Revenge
  • Black GFs
  • Dare Dorm
  • Crazy Asian GFs
  • Horny Birds

Of all these six sites, the largest destination is Dare Dorm. You should watch some of the content available here, they are pretty good at what they do.

What type of content is available on GF Leaks?

GF Leaks is operated and also owned by the same guys behind Reality Kings. If you have already checked our Reality King review, then you already know what the site is all about.

They only feature amateur porn videos from professionals. In short, it is professional pornstars that take the role of amateurs in these videos.

This clearly shows the lack of authenticity in the content here. But the videos are quite interesting to watch.

How many porn videos are featured at GF Leaks?

Currently, the GF Leaks Network hosts over 1000 amateur porn scenes.  Most of the sites on the network update their content on a weekly basis.

This is a massive number of videos which makes it easier to find whatever kind of video you are looking for.

What I found out is that GF Leaks is an interesting site for those who love amateur content.

Visit the site today and see it for yourself.

Explaining the website design

GF Leaks has a nice layout and design. On the homepage, you will be welcome with a list of so many categories located on the left side.

Some of the most unique categories include baby oil, living room, and spanking.

I went through the categories over and over again, and I really loved every step of it.  It is easy to find unique videos in all these categories.

There are different options to use if you want to narrow down the options. For instance, you can sort the videos based on the girl’s name. You can do this by clicking on a tab labeled ‘girls’ on the homepage.

This gives you the chance to watch performances from popular adult performers. You can also see their picture collections.

On the girls’ pages, you can get details like their bios and even more juicy information like what they enjoy and even their body types.

What is the quality of GF Leaks’ customer support?

Effective customer support is important in all types of industries. At GF Leaks, the customer support team is there 24/7. You can find the customer support tab at the bottom of the homepage.

There are also different ways you can use to contact GF Leaks customer support depending on the urgency.  These are via phone, skype, email, or live chat.

Does the site have bonus content?

If you are into amateur porn, then there is plenty for you to enjoy at GF Leaks. The site is also part of a network. With one membership, you can have access to amateur content on other sites in this network.

There is nothing more interesting than this. It actually means that you can get a GF Leaks membership and watch porn from the other six websites for free.

This means that there will always be something to make you happy no matter what your mood is. With loads of porn videos available, you can never run out of options.

What are the sign-up requirements?

In order to create an account with the site, you first need to be at least 18 years old.   Other important requirements are your username and password.  This is all it takes in order to become part of one of the largest amateur porn networks.

What membership options are available?

The site offers different types of membership plans. With each of the membership, here are some of the things that you will enjoy;

  • 24/7 access to customer support
  • Over 1500 pornstar models
  • Unlimited streaming
  • High-quality pictures
  • Access to all the 6 sites
  • Accessibility via mobile phone or tablet

How much does GF Leaks charge?

Here is a breakdown of the pricing;

The site offers a 2 days trial period. Use this time to explore the content offered. This trial period costs 2 dollars, which is basically one dollar per day.

This is enough time for you to know everything about what GF porn has to offer.  After the trial period ends,  you will have to pay before accessing any of their content;

12 months membership costs $89.99. This can be broken down to $7.98 per month.

The 12-months membership is the cheapest option that is going to save you a lot of money.

There are however other options that you can consider. These are;

  •  3 months membership that goes for $59.99 which is basically  $20 per month
  • 1-month membership that costs $24.99

If you compare the charges offered by GF Leaks to other amateur sites, then you will realize that this site is cost-saving by the end of the day.

What payment options does the site accept?

There are different options you can use to get a membership with GF Leaks. The first one is to pay using a check or credit card. The second option is to use your unwanted gift cards.

GF Leaks is safe and secure sure. All the personal and financial details you share with the site remain confidential.  You are free to change your membership any time you want.

What is the best part about GF Leaks?

There are so many interesting things about GF Leaks.

One of them is the regular updates. Secondly, there is a massive number of porn videos and pictures to enjoy.

On top of that, you can have access to content from the other six sites with just one membership. These sites also have amazing content from hot college girls, professional pornstars, among others.

If you want to watch leaked photos from ex-girlfriends and current girlfriends, this is the best place to be.  GF Leaks makes all your sexual fantasies come true. There is just the right amount of amateur content to make your dick active throughout the day or night.

Get first-hand experience as you browse through plenty of content. Some of the images you see here are rare to find on any other site.  You can have aces to both leaked videos and those that were posted intentionally.

You can also see all the videos and pictures of beautiful girls posted by their ex-boyfriends.

What is the worse side of GF Leaks?

There are very few negatives I have to say about GF Leaks.  One of them is the presence of adverts. I don’t understand why these adverts should be there in the first place considering that this is a premium site.

Besides the adverts, there was nothing else that could affect your viewing experience. GF Leaks has stunning models, high-quality pictures, and great content. It is also easy to find your way around the site.

My conclusion on GF Leaks

Gf Leaks is an amazing site for anyone who is into amateur content and loves watching sexy and young women in action.  There are many options for membership.

The site even has a trial period for two days which only costs 1 dollar per day.  This trial period will give you a clear picture of what to expect at the site.

When it comes to searching for content, there are different ways to can use to narrow down your options.  You can even decide to browse through the videos are see what interests you most.

The best part of it is that you are enjoying content for the other 6 websites with only one membership.

What I liked

  • Regular updates
  • Great archive

What I disliked

  • Limited trial
  • Some adverts