Review of the best glass dildos

In recent years, the mind-boggling advancement of sex tech has made unanimated devices such as silicone and glass dildo easily ignored. You might be surprised that the rabbit vibrator will not do some things that the glass dildo will. Plus, they are like fine pieces of freestanding artwork when not being used.

Here’s what you should understand about a glass dildo, its uses, cleanliness, safety, plus the different types in the market.

Is it safe to use a glass dildo?

Sex toys are typically made with either Pyrex material or borosilicate material, which last longer than the regular untreated glass. The difference between borosilicate and tempered glass is that borosilicate is not chemically treated. It is also resistant to thermal shock. (We will discuss why this is relevant later)

This glass has low thermal expansion and heats up or cools down faster without cracking. It’s delicate and will either crack or break into chips if it drops on a stony surface. Even small fissures can be a bacteria’s breeding ground and may also contribute to breakage. If you don’t intend to drop them, they will be safe to use.

What is the best way to clean glass dildos?

We recommend you use these three options to clean them before or after use:

  •         Washing it at the upper rack of the dishwashing machine
  •         Hand wash it with warm water and unscented soap
  •         You can also spray surgical spirit and then wipe it with water.

All the methods will give you clean, almost brand new-like glass sex toys. When you are cleaning them on the dishwasher, exercise caution when you are loading them. Treat them like wine glasses. Keep any glass dildo in a padded bag. There’s no use having a clean but broken or chipped dildo. Handle them with care.

How to operate glass dildos

Dildos are meant for internal and external stimulation. In contrast, glass ones are intended for internal arousal only. They are mostly round in shape and come in various sizes. They can be curvy and will have different textures.

Adults, who prefer smooth curved dildos or the strap-on, should contemplate trying these dildos. Like with the rest, you can use them with either lube or without. Natural lubricant is also okay.

Thanks to the borosilicate material, they can warm-up or cool down quickly, setting it apart from the rest of the sex toys. You may even regulate its temperature to either hot or cold according to your preference. You can do this by placing it on ice. You can also run cold or hot water under it, or you may rub it on your skin for it to absorb heat.

The Finest Glass dildos 

Let us dive in and see some of Amazon’s finest models that pass safety and health standards.

1. PRISMS Erotic glass Hamsa

PRISMS Erotic glass Hamsa

This is a good dildo for stimulating both P and G-spot because of its double-sided nature. It is handcrafted from borosilicate and is 7.5 inches in length and 1.25 inches wide. It also has insertable smooth 4-inch ends and a 3-inch insertable bearded tip. For double, distinct experience, this dildo is worth the hype around it.

2. Master Series Ram

Master Series Ram

The name is enough to let you understand the type of ride that you are signing up for. If you are into intense sexual affairs go for the RAM. You will not be disappointed. It is 12 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The RAM comes with an expensive price tag, but it is worth every penny, judging from Amazon reviews. 

3. Icicles No.59- Candy Cane

Icicles No.59- Candy Cane

Do you have that naughty friend who you want to surprise the festive season? We might have the perfect gift for them. This hand-blown, 7 inches long (only 6.75 inches is insertable) plus 1-inch wide dildo comes with its gift box. It draws its inspiration from Candy cane. Price $18.95

4. Glas’ Chili Pepper

Glas’ Chili Pepper

There’s no better way of spicing things up in the bedroom than purchasing this curved and relatively narrow dildo. The glass chili pepper dildo is fit for beginners and is the best for anal and more. When put on a nightstand, it can easily pass for just a harmless glass object. We’ve something for everyone. If you love vegetable-themed dildos, we’ve got you covered. Like this banana, there’re lots of these dildos like one replicate corn and, lest we forget, banging cucumber. The choice is yours.

5. Icicles No 8

Icicles No 8

You will appreciate this gorgeous pipedream’s glass dildo. Not only is it handcrafted, but it is also admirable. It is perfect for stylish people. It has an iridescent narrow neck that makes it an excellent option for anal.

6. Spartacus’ Realistic dildo

Spartacus’ Realistic dildo

This glass dildo is a perfect choice for people who want a natural experience. Spartacus is a company that is primarily known for BDSM equipment.  However, in recent times it has entered the solo dildo market with an addition of more dildos. It is ideal for first-time buyers and an excellent option for partners who enjoy natural sex. It works fantastic with harnesses.

7. PRISMS Rasa Glass wand

PRISMS Rasa Glass wand

This handcrafted wand by Prisms is the double-ended model. It is not curved like the other popular models, making it hard to stimulate the G-spot. However, some users swear to get a mind-blowing G-spot stimulation when they use the side with several bulbs.

8. Pipedream’s Tentacle

Pipedream’s Tentacle

Pipedream’s tentacle is not recommended for beginners. Its handcrafted tentacle features intricate offers, penetration, and sensory stimulation. It is 6 inches long (4inches are insertable) and is 4 inches wide.

9. This Curvy Glass Anal dildo by Utimi

This Curvy Glass Anal dildo by Utimi

This silky-smooth butt plug dildo’s dedication is to only anal sex. You can either heat or cool it, depending on your preference.

10.Flowers die Pipedream’s Rose Dildo.

Flowers die Pipedream’s Rose Dildo

You ever heard of a dildo that is practically like works of art? This handcrafted dildo fits this description perfectly. Seriously, it is so gorgeous that people will mistake it for a pretty piece of hand-blown glass when they set it on the nightstand. It is 1.5 inches wide plus just under 8 inches in length. (7.25 inches is insertable).