How to use a butt plug

There are three main things that the internet loves more than anything else. The first one is memes, then there comes celebrity gossip, and guess what the last thing is? Yea you got it right; Butt plug and anal sex!

All over the internet, you can see blogs on the best toys for anal sex or the best anal sex positions. Sometimes, you can see a peach emoji 🍑 in most of these blogs, but they are not there to refer to a fruit. 


Who can use a butt plug?

Butt plugs are designed for two different types of people;

  • Anal enthusiasts who want to take their experience to another level
  • Those who are curious to try anal play

Alicia, a sex educator describes butt plugs as the pleasure sex toy product for anybody and ‘any body’.

In this article, we are going to cover important things like;

  • What butt plugs are
  • What is the difference between butt plugs and other anal toys?
  • Why you should own a butt plug and
  • The best ways to use a butt plug

So what exactly is a butt plug?

A butt plug or anal plug is like any other sex toy. The difference is that you don’t move the butt plug once inside. It instead stays inside while you play. 

Using a butt plug is also not as difficult as it may seem. The sex toy provides the stimulation you need from staying in one place. 

How does a butt plug look like?

The term butt plug comes from the shape of this sex toy. It is designed with a tapered end for easier insertion and a large bulb for the sphincter to rest against. The neck is thin, and it also has a flared base for safety and easier insertion. 

What is the difference between anal butt plugs and vaginal stimulators?

 This is one of the questions that most people tend to ask. Well, the difference is that anal butt plugs keep going deep and deep in the digestive tract. Vaginal stimulators on the other hand end at the cervix. 

A flared base, why?

The best toys for anal sex are designed with a flared base. This prevents the toy from reaching deeper into the body and getting stuck in the colon. Sinclaire, a renowned sexpert advises buyers to either go with a flared base or go home,’’ it’s that simple’’, she adds.

The bases may vary from one model to another. Some are ring-shaped, while others have simple handles. There are even tail butt plugs that have a great resemblance to an animal’s tail. 

What makes butt plugs different from anal beads?

Both options are meant for anal stimulation, but there is a difference. Anal beads look like a string of pearls that you pull in and out to enjoy the sensations. Butt plugs, on the other hand, are designed to stay in place. The sensations you get from these options are also different. 

How are butt plugs different from anal dildos?

Most dildos do not come with a flared base. There is no point in inserting a slimmer dildo into your anus and leaving it there. However, you can safely use a dildo accompanied by a strap-on for anal play. But still, the sensations will not be the same as what you get from a butt plug. 

4 best reasons to use a butt plug

You might be thinking; can a butt plug stuck inside me? Or, I am scared of wearing one. 

What you need to know is;

  • The anus is full of nerves that make it extremely sensitive. The trick is actually to take things slowly and use plenty of lube. This way, you can get the most pleasure out of your anal plug. 
  • Having a butt plug does not mean that you can only use it for anal sex. You can actually use a butt plug in so many ways. It can also be a great addition to oral sex, dry humping, and penetrative sex with a dildo or penis. 
  • Your partner’s gender or sexuality does not determine how you can use a butt plug.  
  • Many people get a lot of pleasure when using a butt plug during penetrative sex. It adds a feeling of being full or stuffed. 

How does a butt plug work?

The vaginal and anal canals are close to each other. So when you insert a butt plug, the width of the vagina canal decreases. This makes it easier for your partner’s penis to hit the G-spot. 

The feeling you get when the butt plug is inserted during oral sex is also divine. It is the same feeling you get when your nipples are played with during oral sex. A longer butt plug can even reach the A-spot.

This is a spot in front of the G-spot located deep in the vaginal canal. Imagine getting an orgasm from both these spots! It is a feeling that you can never forget. 

 The sensations you get with butt plugs are not the same as what you get from anal sex. But this is a good thing since the tools can also help you prepare for anal sex. 

Other uses of a butt plug

Some people may refer to butt plugs as anal training kits. ‘’They train the anal muscles to relax,’’ says Sinclair. The training can take weeks or even months before you get ready for penetrative anal sex. 

 There are even butt plug kits that are specifically designed for this kind of training. Some of the best options include the Blush Novelties Anal Butt Plugs and b-vibe Beginner’s Anal training kit. 

Can I ‘get dirty when using a butt plug?

You might want to get down and dirty. But this doesn’t mean that you actually want to ‘get dirty. So when talking about anal butt plugs, we can’t really leave the poop factor out of the discussion. That being, said, here is exactly what you need to know;

Poop is not stored in the anal canal, and this is where the butt plug is designed to hang. You should only fear getting ditty if the toy reaches the upper bowel (this is where poop is stored). 

But like we said, most butt plugs come with a flared base that prevents them from getting too deep inside. So do not worry too much about getting dirty with feces. 

Important considerations when using an anal butt plug

Clean, clean, clean

After using the butt plug, ensure that you clean it with a chemical-free wet wipe or warm water with dish soap. 

Use lube

There is something that you should never forget when it comes to using a butt plug. That is, use plenty of lube. Unlike the vagina, your anus isn’t self-lubricated. This is why water-based lube is a must when it comes to anal play. Silicone lubricant is a more preferred option since it is thicker and can last longer. 

Foreplay is important

Lube is not the only thing you need when using a butt plug. Foreplay is equally important. This also prepares the body for insertion. The foreplay is in no way different from what you do with vaginal penetration. Just remember to take things slower.  

It’s now insertion time! Start by lubing up the toy, followed by your anus. Remember to take things slowly; inhale then slowly insert the butt plug in your anus. There is no specific position to use when inserting the anal plug. It is all about personal preference. 

The most recommended positions however are missionary and doggy style when using the toy with your partner. But in solo play, but the butt plugs the same way you do a tampon. 

NB; anal sex should never be painful. 

Which is the best anal butt plug to buy?

When looking for any kind of sex toy, ensure that you invest in one that is made of non-porous material. Such toys don’t have tiny holes that can be hideouts for bacteria. Using a sex toy that won’t introduce bacteria in your anus is very important. Porous toys also absorb lube and this will make your anus dry out faster. Also, butt plugs made of porous materials tend to break over time. 

Which is the best anal butt plug material?

The best Anus plug materials are silicone, glass, and stainless steel. Silicone is actually the most recommended option because it is flexible and easy to move around. Metal and glass are popular because they tend to add a nice feel to the sensation, thanks to their weight and smooth nature. They are also easy to clean and can work with any type of lubricant. 

The best butt plug options for beginners

If you are getting started with butt plugs, it is advised to start small. Begin by using a small butt plug (the size of your thumb). 

One of the best options for beginners is the b-vibe Snug Plug 1. There are also other options worth considering, like Doc Johnson Naughty 1 and Tantus Little Flirt. 

The best butt plugs for experts

Once you get used to the toys, feel free to upgrade to a larger option. For experienced users, you can consider increasing the length and the diameter of your butt plug. Tango for instance creates butt plugs with a larger girth. Other great options are the b-vibe Snug Plug 4 and Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Silicone Plug. 

Other amazing options

There are also other options, like rotating anal plugs and vibrating butt plugs that you can consider trying. Examples are Doc Johnson Platinum Premium Vibrating Plug and the b-vibe Vibrating Snug Plug M. These options can take your experiences to a whole new level. 

 If you are an adventurous type of person, you can go for a metal plug like Lelo’s 24 karat gold but plug. But still, you don’t have to invest in a golden plug to have an amazing time.