Huge Dildos: Everything You Need to Know About Them

In case you have never used a huge dildo before, the size of these toys may seem intimidating, and you might wonder how on earth you are supposed to use them. Normally, these dildos are larger than the average toys in terms of length and girth. 

However, these types of dildos seem to be popular among most female toy users. The reason behind this is that they tend to be more satisfying and pleasurable.  They always bring the feeling of fullness both anally and vaginally.

How to Use a Huge Dildo

Before you set out to purchase a huge dildo of your choice, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you make the most out of the dildo. Keep reading to find out some of the steps you need to follow when using huge dildos.

Use High-Quality Lubricant

Lubricants play a very important role in any kind of sexual experience. Besides making it easier for everything to slip and slide in effortlessly, they also allow for safer penetration and reduce the risk of injuries. 

Always opt for the thick and long-lasting lube that will not disappear within a few minutes of use. The best types of lubricants to use are water-based lubricants. 

Always Clean the Dildo

A huge dildo is likely to penetrate your deeper internal regions. Therefore, always ensure that the toy is cleaned after use for a healthy, hygienic, and safe experience. Even if it is still new, make sure that you have thoroughly washed it before use. Clean it using hot water or a sex toy cleaner.

Use Gently

If it is your first time using toys, it is advisable that you begin with smaller dildos and slowly work your way up. Avoid rushing to use a large toy without any form of foreplay as you could end up injuring yourself. 

Types of Huge Dildos

For you to get the best huge dildo, it is important to find out the various types available to help you make an informed decision. Here are some of the different types of huge dildos for you to consider.

Huge Silicone Dildos

These models range between the sizes of 7” to 11” in length. They can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation and they come in varying lengths and shapes. The anal types usually measure 7” in length and 3” in girth. However, in case it is your first time using them, ensure that you go slow at first to avoid getting any injuries, 

Big Hand-Made Dildos

These huge dildos come in sizes of between 9” to 17” in length. The best thing about these types of dildos is that they are available in different custom varieties and you will easily find any type or shape you want. They are made of soft silicone to ensure that they are safe for use. 

Realistic Huge Dildos

In case you want to take your experience to the next level, then you should consider checking out what these dildos have in store for you. They are designed to resemble penises and they can reach sizes of up to 11” in length and 8” in girth. 

Due to their flexibility, you can try them in various positions to ensure that you get the most out of them. These types of dildos come in unique sizes, shapes, textures, and curves for enhanced pleasure. They feel like real penises whenever you play with them since they are made from super-soft silicone.  

Huge Anal Dildos

These are dildos designed for more experienced users. Most of them are usually made of PVC or silicone and they come in sizes of over 13” length and 9” girth. They are also available in a wide range of textures and surfaces. 

While using these dildos, ensure that you take the necessary precautions to avoid damaging your internal parts. Avoid putting excessive pressure on them to push them inside your rectum.

What Are Huge Dildos Made Of?

  • Glass Dildos – These are some of the most beautiful dildos you will find, and they are designed to stimulate your G-Spot without any form of vibration. However, you do not need to worry about the glass breaking on you because they are made of borosilicate glass, which is capable of withstanding a lot of pressure 
  • Metal Dildos – These are best suited for experienced dildo users, and they are usually rigid and heavy. 
  • Silicone Dildos – Silicone is the most commonly used and reliable material for making dildos. This is because silicone is soft, non-toxic, and completely safe for use. 

Best Huge Dildos

The following is a list of some of the best huge dildos that will work best for you. 

King Cock Extra Girthy Suction Cup Dildo

King Cock Extra Girthy Suction Cup Dildo

This dildo is designed for the ultimate fulfillment and is highly recommended for more experienced users. To ensure that you derive maximum pleasure from this toy, it comes with subtle skin folds, rippled veins, and a pronounced blush head. 

It also comes with a suction cup base for a hands-free solo fund and strap-on play. This means that you can use it either solo or with your partner to take things to the next level. \


  • It comes with a strong suction cup to enable you to experience thrilling hands-free play.
  • It is long and girthy to guarantee your satisfaction. 
  • Has a balls-free design and provides an insertable 9.5” of fun. 
  • It is hand-finished and is amazingly life-like. 


Doc Johnson American Bombshell 

Doc Johnson American Bombshell 

If you are after a smooth and sizeable dildo, then you will never go wrong with this Doc Johnson American Bombshell dildo. It comes with 6” of insertable length and a circumference of 6.75”. It is best suited for intermediate and advanced users. It is a versatile toy that you can use alone, hand over to your partner to take over, or add a Vac-U-Lock suction-cup plug for freestanding fun. 


  • It is compatible with Vac-U-Lock plugs and harnesses to provide you with the ultimate hands-free experience.
  • It contains a smooth shaft and head for enhanced stimulation.
  • Excellent choice for people looking for toys with increased girth.


Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic

Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic

This is the perfect toy for anyone after a dildo with a realistic design. It comes in a 9” size and also contains textured veins to help stimulate your insides. It is designed to give you the best sensations and deliver authentic pleasure. If you love having hands-free fun, you will also be happy to note that this dildo contains a flared suction cup.  


  • It contains a flared suction cup for the perfect hands-free experience. 
  • Pronounced head, veiny shaft, and textured balls to provide you with realistic sensations.
  • Extra-long PVC dildo with lifelike features. 


Basix Suction Cup Dildo 10 Inch

Basix Suction Cup Dildo 10 Inch

The Basix Suction Cup dildo is the perfect choice for those people looking for a toy that will go where no other toys have ever gone before. It has a realistic texture with 10” of insertable length and a girth of 7.5”. 

It is also flexible enough to ensure that it hits all the right spots to give you some of the most intense orgasms. In case you love carrying your toys with you to the shower, you will also be excited to note that this toy is fully waterproof, and you can safely use it in the tub or shower. 


  • Designed with life-like balls to stimulate your external sweet spots.
  • It comes with a strong suction cup base, making it the perfect toy for your hands-free pleasure.
  • For easier insertion, this dildo comes with a rounded tip and swollen head.
  • This realistic and extra-long dildo will guarantee you deep and filling penetrations. 


Doc Johnson Triple Ripples Large

Doc Johnson Triple Ripples Large

In case you are an experienced dildo user and are looking to level up, then you will not go wrong with this dildo. It comes with three ridged heads designed to triple your fun. This dildo is firm and at the same time flexible to ensure comfort. 


It comes with a circumference of 8.5” and an insertable length of 9.5”. For easy insertion, this dildo is also designed with a tapered tip. 


  • Made of smooth PVC for enhanced pleasure
  • Girthy shaft with ridged ripples to provide maximum sensations for more experienced players.
  • It is fully waterproof
  • It is flexible

Huge Dildos-Conclusion

Whenever looking to venture into a huge dildo, the most important thing to consider is your safety. In case it is your first time using a dildo, ensure that you begin with the smaller versions as you slowly increase the size. This is because starting with a huge dildo may lead to injuries due to overstretching your internals.

Also, whenever using huge dildos, always make sure that you apply enough water-based lubricant to avoid friction, and at the same time maximize the toy’s pleasure. In case you are using a dildo made of steel or glass, you might end up feeling cold upon insertion. To avoid this, make sure that you put it in a bowl of warm water before using it to make it more comfortable.