Inflated Butt Plugs

Most people are curious to know how anal plugs work; slowly, you jerk them up the butt into the canal, fill the anal area and stimulate the sensory organs. 

It is primarily a fantastic feeling, but it can be flat and uninteresting other times, especially if you’re accustomed to the sensation from your butt hole or it doesn’t like being stuffed anymore. 

You’ve gone further and used the vibrator in addition to the giant butt plugs, but you haven’t experienced the same sensation like you did when beginning.

If what I’ve mentioned above relates to you, either your ass has gotten accustomed to anal play and has loosened a bit. 

Or, it is now ready and can allow whatever one wants to enter up the ass. You are now allowed to transition to the big boys club by trying the inflatable butt plugs.

lovehoney Inflated Butt Plug

What Are Inflated Butt Plugs?

You understood me correctly! We have inflated ass plugs that can give the giant anal plugs a run for their money. They are versatile and can be shared by couples or an individual the way it is.

It is provided with a pumping bulb; therefore, you can aerate it when you feel okay to try a giant plug. How simple is that? It would be preferable if you filled it with a couple of pumps first before going all out with it.

Our blown-up butt plugs are formed with 100% premium medically approved materials. This material is stretchable in order to withstand aeration from the bulb plus it’s body-safe and hypoallergenic.

We make certain not to compromise these toys’ quality by following strict high standards when making them. Don’t freak out; enjoy the pleasure. Depending on how intense you’d like your experience to be, we have the tapered or dildo-shaped alternative. You’ll not get enough of this, I promise.

Anal dominance is for a select few, and when you achieve its limit, you’ll agree with me that you can accomplish everything. Choose black or flesh, in conformity to your tastes. If you have reached the pinnacle or you want a life-long adventure, go big.

Does the size of a sex toy scare you?

 Dust yourself up; we’ve got you covered! An inflated ass plug can be the solution! What are the inflated ass plugs that we are talking about? It’s like the standard plugs but is much tinier until you inflate them with air. On the other hand, the standard ass plug comes fully-sized. It has an adjustable valve and measures how much air the butt plug can handle. For that reason, you will have a superb butt plug size on all occasions!

It uses the same concept with the regular butt plugs when positioning and fill it with air to your heavenly feeling!

Some users want anal stimulation alone, but others want to experience the fullness and continue going up the height scales to incredible feelings. While you may opt to go for larger ones and discard them and buy giant ones, and the trend continues, they will reach a time that it will be impossible to enter the butt. 

This is where inflatable plugs thrive. They are hollow when it has no air but once in position and aerated, they grow big, and because of its elasticity, and they copy the shape of the rectum. With an inflated plug that is big enough, Prepare for an experience of a lifetime.

What Type of Inflated Butt Plug Should you buy?

Both Inflatables and regulars use the same guidelines. Never compromise on the quality, and the material should also be high quality. It only has the silicone or latex option, contrary to the regular butt plugs that add metal and glass to their materials. Rubber and jelly are poisonous and can damage your body if absorbed through the anal wall. Latex is hypoallergenic, be cautious when picking out your toy.

How to choose inflated anal plugs based on measurements

When shopping for inflated plugs via the internet, you’ll observe that the listing has several measures-these are measurements for aerated and non-aerated plugs and the actual inflatable measures. The length and width are the essential measures here. A wide plug will load up the ass well. 

If you are a novice, select an inflated plug that is similar to your current one, or – or + an inch. In consideration of that, be sure it will fit and still accommodate some pumps and stretch.

Or you buy a small-sized one that has a sizeable inflation size. You will have the same experience you would have had from a giant plug, minus the stress and discomfort from the actual deed.

How are Inflatable Ass Plugs Used?

 Butt plugs and regular plugs are used interchangeably, but inflated plugs have excellent bonuses. Ensure you apply the correct type of lube generously around and interiors of the anal area and around the plug. Stay away from lubes that are silicone-based. 

They are generally made of either silicone or latex; therefore, applying silicone lube will give a bug in the rectal artery if the lube’s material breaks. Before entering the plug up your butt, start stretching it with your fingers, one at a time. 

Go slow; if you experience discomfort or slight pain, relax briefly before going further when it gets less painful.

How Butt dildos are made

Inflated butt plugs are crafted from a stretchy material that is unfilled to permit aeration. This makes it flexible to curve when shoving it up the butt, making it difficult to use. The perfect trick to make use of is to spin it to take a cylindrical shape, and become a small sex toy. 

Because of its elasticity, when it gets in, it will go back to its initial shape, and you should now fill it. Going back to being hollow when it’s inside the butt can be both uncomfortable and unpleasant.

When I first discovered the inflated plugs, my first worry was how to have some rubber and silicone inside the anus. I later found out that the muscles inside the rectum are elastic. Mostly you’ll reach a no- further -inflation point before a point of exploding.

Safety Measures to Consider Before Using Inflated Butt Plugs.

For your safety, be cautious when using these inflated plugs. 

  • Ensure that you have a plug that is not compromised quality-wise. 
  • Be keen on faulty plugs; a seam means that the toy has a tear or a puncture, which means that it won’t be blown up.
  • An ass plug with a hole means you can’t inflate it and therefore it can’t burst inside your ass. Beware of cracks and wears on the plug. These are the most vulnerable points that will give away if you pressurize it enough and make it pop. To be on the safe side, purchase a new plug when there’s a tear or wear on the old one.
  • Lastly, make it a routine to check on the valve often, when the plug is positioned, the only way to deflate it is by using the valve unless you burst the plug, so with a non-functioning plug, it will be tough to remove it. If your plug is huge, you may end up in a triage room to get it out so be careful.

How to use a Butt Plug that is in Good Condition

If your butt plug is in good shape, inflate then insert it. Don’t overinflate it so that it doesn’t explode, forcing you to purchase another one. It will give you a rough estimate of how blown it should get when the plug is inside the butt. 

You can pump and count how many pumps you’ve pumped, therefore keeping track. A small number of inflated butt plugs are able to withstand more than 100 pumps.

What if the Butt Plug Bursts Inside Me?

 Don’t freak out; with my vast experience with inflated butt plugs, I’ve seen a handful of such cases. Mostly it’s just carelessness; presuming that you are taking care of it properly, anything wrong happening to it will be unlikely.

Inflated anal plugs-Quality, Stylish, and Satisfaction. See you at the top. Try a pumped-up anal plug now.