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Jerkdolls Review: Is This the Best Adult Gaming Site Right Now?

Hi guys, it is been a long time since we reviewed an adult gaming site. But I am so happy today that we are reviewing this amazing site, JerkDolls. This is a site that all of you guys will be happy to be at.

If you are a fan of my reviews, then you know how much I love high-quality sex games. This is actually the reason why I always start with the creamiest of them all when reviewing gaming sites.


Is Jerk Dolls worth your time?

How do you think Jerk Dolls is going to be? is it worth my stamp? You will get every piece of information you need concerning this title on our review. I will later share with you what my thoughts are about the site.

The sign-up process is Jerk Dolls, is it easy or complicated to register?

Jerkdolls launched in 2020 and a lot of us believed that the site was here to save the world. Well, you all know how tough 2020 has been.

It is easy to sign up at the site. Currently, you can even play the game for free. But you may need to pay some money in order to enjoy this game in the future. We are going to explain this in detail later on.

What are the requirements to sign up?

Having an account at the site is easy. The only requirements are your email address and password. How easy and convenient this is!

As usual, I like sites that are easy to register and get started. Jerkdolls has proven to be one of these sites. Sites with long registration processes suck. But with Jerk Dolls, you can complete the registration in a matter of minutes.

What to expect from the game

In terms of gameplay, there are several options that Jerk Dolls offer.

The mobile version

Let me first explain the mobile edition. This option does not operate through a mobile phone application. I have not tried playing this but according to the screenshots, it seems to be reasonable.

The desktop browser

If you are playing using a desktop, it is easy to use your browser.

The download option

You can also download the game if you are comfortable with it. (on my side I don’t like stuff like this sitting on my computer).

One fantastic thing is that the mobile option, desktop browser, and download option are the same. The only difference is that the download option is available in 4k and the browser option is limited to 1080p.

How long does the game take to load?

Within a few minutes, my browser had already loaded the game. But my internet speed was also high 18MB/s So I give credit to it.

It also takes less time to download the game and installation is also easy and quick. After downloading, you can still play the game with or without an internet connection.

Which options are available in JerkDolls?

Another exciting thing I loved about this game is the versatility that players have in terms of character creation.

There is one thing that connects everyone reading this. That is, we all love porn. And if this is the case, then all of us also have an idea of how our ideal girl should look like.

Jerkdolls will ensure that you get access to the type of girl you want. There are more than 100 options and buttons available. You can control the weight, height, skin color, toe length, and other things. Players can also choose a girl with tattoos and specific nose width.

There are basically hundreds of options that you can play with. This is quite amazing to know.

If you don’t feel like designing your own girl, the site has programmed selections for you. There are even 3D models that look like celebrities and pornstars. So feel free to fuck your favorite celebrity like Taylor swift, Megan Rain, Pokimane among others.

What makes jerkdolls unique?

Jerkdolls is a game. However, there is no plot or storyline to follow. The main thing is to design the women you decide to be with. Then go ahead and fuck her as much as you want.

Select the location you want

There are different locations to choose from for your adventure. This is also an amazing feature if I were to give my opinion.

These are locations like private jets, expensive apartments, public toilets, warehouses, and shanty prisons.

You can have sex with your dream girl in different positions. Players can also choose from different speed options.

There is an oral sex feature if that is what you like. The site also has a cumshot camera. You can explore a variety of fetishes as well. Examples include fucking machines, glory hole sex, footjobs, gangbangs, among others.

My conclusion on jerkdolls.com

We have come to the end of our review guys. I can tell you that coming across sex stimulation titles with the same experience as Jerk Dolls isn’t as easy.

This is the reason why I highly recommend Jerk Dolls to you readers and your friends. I have reviewed many gaming sites before. Based on my experience, I am sure that most of you are going to love what Jerk Dolls has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? This is the time to run at jerkdolls.com and get a free account!

Jerkdolls What I liked

  • Free to play
  • Extensive customization
  • Great game graphics

Jerkdolls What I disliked

  • Nothing!


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