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Best Lesbian Sex Toys

11 Must-Have Lesbian Sex Toys for Married and Singles

For most couples, the sex toys topic is intimidating, but having high-quality lesbian sex toys in your bedroom can be the best decision you will ever make in your entire sexual life.

With Covid 19 ravaging the country and most people stuck inside their houses, it is now the right moment to explore new things in the bedroom with your significant other or as an individual. No excuse!

It is not easy to find the best adult toy that suits you; you will have extensive research. Exploring the different toys will help you gauge the best one according to your needs. It will be a rollercoaster and so much fun.

Whether queer, straight, bisexual, single or a couple, vibrators are the most popular female orgasm toys”, according to sex therapist Gloria Brame, PhD. “The adult toy that singles, married, queer women and heterosexuals use is all the same. No difference. The vibrating adult toy gives the women a tingly clitoral pleasure for maximum enjoyment.

When it’s your first time to explore adult toys, it can be intimidating. Although according to Brame, it will be an experience of a lifetime. It is both creative and helps you bond with your partner well. If partners communicate positively and openly about their sexual fantasies, the easier it will be to enjoy sex. Adult toys help you have a more fulfilling intimacy.

Solo sex and couple sex both enhance sexual intimacy. “Masturbation is the real OG to getting an orgasm. You get to explore your body better when masturbating.”  Jess O’Reilley says, PhD, podcaster of the famous ‘sex with Dr Jess’ podcast. According to him, some advantages of masturbation are high self-esteem, low stress levels, higher blood flow to the genital areas, good sleep, a relaxed mind, and a higher chance of a great orgasm as a solo explorer or as a couple.

“We learn about orgasms through masturbation. Orgasm is more of an experience rather than something that your partner can ignite for your arousal,“explains O’Reilly.

Reviewing the best lesbian sex toys

Magic Wand HV 260 Personal Massager

Magic Wand HV 260

This adult sex toy has been in existence for over 4 decades. It is the real OG of dildos. According to Brame, it is among the strongest dildos out here, and sexually satisfying and pleasurable to females who want to experience the best sensation.” It is powerful with strong vibration patterns, making it the best for stimulating the clit, but the speed is intense; you, therefore, need a significant amount of time to familiarize yourself with it. The vibrator is clunky and heavy, but it is extremely durable. It can work like a vibrator as well as a back massager.



In most cases, the pubic area is neglected, notes O’Reilly. Pulling on the pubic mound uncovers the clit, which is an enjoyable pleasure. Touch-by-we-vibe encloses the mound nicely, making it the best option for its stimulation, O’Reilly says. You can stimulate the clitoris with the rounded tip.

Fun Factory’ share vibe’ vibrator

Fun factory is a harness free strap-on sex toy sold by Lovehoney is designed to give both the wearer and the recipient maximum pleasure. The wearer uses the short curved side and ridged clit stimulator while using the longer shaft to penetrate the recipient. It caters for both couples, making it easy for penetration using the vibrating settings.

Womanizer Pro 40 clitoral vibrator

Although the manufacturers chose an awful name, this toy is far from being awful. The Womanizer Pro doesn’t use traditional vibration to stimulate the clit, but utilizes ‘pleasure air technology. O’Reilly thinks that we should consider these toys because their stimulation is ‘open’, meaning they can go around the clit without directly touching them. The sensation that comes out of it is a mixture of licking, kissing, vibing and sucking.” It gently suctions, making it the best choice of vibrators. It prevents numbness, unlike other intense vibrators. It is a great toy for both solo and couple plays, even though it was made for individual explorers.

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Realistic Double-Ended Dildo

This 12 inches dildo is the perfect option for deep thrusting. Firm but flexible, this jelly-like dildo is double-ended and versatile. It is realistically shaped, giving you more control. You can’t miss an orgasm.

Dame Eva II

Eva II vibrator has wings that tuck the labia safely. It is also hands-free but takes care of the vulva and clitoris. It is ideal for solo and couples play. The dame Eva II is comfortable, but you may have to make some adjustments once you start pumping.

Tomboi original brief strapon O-ring Harness

Traditional strapons can be annoying with their harnesses and buckles. Created with women in mind, The Tomboi is comfortable as underwear and functions as a strapon. It is made with a soft material that prevents chafing and allows easy movement. It is very comfortable-you won’t feel it even if you put it on the whole day.

Liberator Wedge

When using most dildos, you have to use pillows to create the best elevation angle; if not, you will be prone to backaches. The Liberator wedge elevates to get the best angle during foreplay, making it a more comfortable position for the active partner and the recipient. It has a 27-degree position of elevation that lifts the pelvic muscles and enhances stimulation; therefore, an orgasm becomes inevitable. It is okay to say the liberator wedge is not like the other dildos you are used to.

Sex Toy Finger Extender

Our fingers are essential to our everyday sexual experience. The toy finger extender created by ‘Wet For Her’ is the game changer when it comes to bringing intimacy to your bedroom using the fingers. Put two fingers inside the toy, take the steering wheel, and allow the fingers do the talking. You will feel a natural touch, just like real fingers. The difference is that this will be way powerful because of the extra help coming from your newfound friend.

Dame Fin

It is the real OG among finger vibrators. It is versatile and lets you have more external arousal. The vibrator is made in a size that fits the finger. You can wear it on the fingers in various styles. You can put them on with or without the tether. It is double-sided, one side is firm and pointed, and the other side is flat and soft; each side has a different texture, enabling you to experience different feelings.

The three-speed settings enable you to take control easily, whether it is solo or couple sex. It is noisy, which makes it a bit destructive.

Isicles No. 2 Hand Blown Glass Massager

Icicles No.2 is the most beautiful dildo I’ve ever come across. It looks like it’s supposed to be put in a specific display and not to be put to use. The truth is, it is meant to be put in service. This adult toy is ideal for both vaginal and anal play. The beads increase stimulation. When you put it in the freezer or microwave, it will retain the temperatures, which in turn increases the sensation.


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