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Literotica – Free sex stories

Literotica: Read Free Erotic Stories at Literotica

Do you love reading naughty stories that give you great imagination? Check out Literotica.

If so, then it is high time you checked out what Literotica has in store for you. This site contains a lot of arousal stories that are guaranteed to always make you wet your pants. 

Literotica has been with us for around twenty years, and it boasts over fifty million views every month.

You will find thousands of poems, stories, and pictures submitted by the site’s users. 

Established in 1998, this site began as a free platform for users to share and read erotic stories, which is still the case up to this date.

The site was started by GoStories.com and Chyoo.

Chyoo tends to differ from Literotica in that it requests writers around the world to post open-ended stories with the aim of letting other users create different endings. 


Why is Literotica so Popular?

It is not just the sheer number of visitors on the site that makes it so popular.

Literotica is also considered one of the “stickiest” adult websites on the internet. This refers to sites that come with content that tends to keep visitors on the page for a long time. 

Can I Post My Erotic Stories at Literotica?

The good thing about Literotica is that users have both options of either reading stories on the site or posting their own stories for others to read.

Therefore, if you are passionate about writing erotic content, you can choose this site as your starting point to display your writing skills to the rest of the world. 

Literotica Members

With more than 50 million visitors every month, you can tell just how most people out there love reading about naughty stories.

Also, it is important to note that most of the visitors tend to stay on the site for approximately fifteen minutes or more as they read some of their favorite stories.

Even Pornhub, one of the biggest porn tubes on the internet, is not able to boast a prolonged presence of users – it boasts an average of ten minutes. 

Can I Access Literotica From My Country?

Analysis from Alexa shows that most of the users on the site are located in Europe and the US.

However, this does not mean that there are no users from other countries.

There are millions of users from other countries who also contribute to the addition of stories on the site and also a huge chunk of them love reading stories posted by other users. 

What is the ratio of Males to Female Members on Literotica?

Another interesting fact about this site is that it contains more female users than their male counterparts.

This is unlike most other adult sites that seem to have more male users than females. This goes on to show how most women tend to prefer written erotic content compared to watching adult clips. 

Literotica Registration

As obvious as it may sound, you are required to be an adult to be allowed to access this site.

However, there is no need to worry because the site will not ask for any of your personal documents to prove your age. 

Registration on this site is free for all users, and you will only be required to provide a username, password, and email address.

Once you have registered, you will get a link in your email inbox that will help you to activate and use your account.

The whole registration process only takes about three minutes to complete.

Profile Privacy

When it comes to privacy, Literotica ensures that its users remain anonymous by allowing them to come up with creative usernames, and they also do not have to post their photos. 

How to Communicate With Other Users

One of the things that makes this site appealing is the huge community of members who seem to regularly visit the site. They share ideas via the site’s erotic chat, bulletin boards, forums, and personal sections. 

Literotica’s Social Network

As much as the social networking system of Literotica may seem old-school, it contains thousands of posts from various users.

For example, the personal section of Literotica contains over eighteen million xxx posts across more than thirty-thousand threads. 

In addition, the site also offers dedicated forums for LGBT and BDSM personal ads. Some of these features are what make this one of the most successful adult sites out there.

Does Literotica Contain a Live Chat Feature?

Besides the presence of an active community of users, Literotica also comes with a live chat feature that gives users a chance to communicate with each other.

For you to use this feature, you will be required to create a special chat account that will let you communicate with other members via chat. 

However, it is also important to note that the chat feature on Literotica is still old-school. It seems to have not changed since the site was established in the ‘90s. 

Does Literotica Support Communication Via Webcam?

In case you are one of those people who love communicating via webcams, You will be happy to note that Literotica also supports this feature where members can communicate with each other using their webcams.

Site Profiles

Another great aspect of this site is the fact that users have the power to dictate what their profiles should and shouldn’t contain.

In case you do not feel like revealing anything about yourself, then you do not have to put anything on the profile that might give away your identity.

However, you will still be able to check out the names and profile pictures of any other users. There is also the option of hiding the list of your favorites in case you do not prefer anyone else seeing your preference. 

Literotica Mobile App

This site contains a mobile app for android devices that enable users to read some of their favorite stories on the go.

The most exciting part is that the mobile version of this site contains almost all the features found on the desktop version. 

On the other hand, in case you own an iOS device, you will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy this site on the go because it is yet to develop an app for this platform. 


With more than two decades of experience, you can rest assured that Literotica will give you an experience of a lifetime.  If you are into reading erotic stories. The fact that the site is completely free makes it even better.

Likewise, if you are an upcoming writer, and you would like to share with the world some of your skills through writing erotic content. This site will be the best place for you to start your journey.