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Most traditional porn sites only allow you to escape into someone else’s fantasy for the duration of a scene in which you have no control over what happens during that time. Read out here what Livejasmin can offer.

This means that you can find any porn site that suits your fantasies, however, they cannot allow you to personalize your experience to your liking. In order to personalize your experience, then you will need to take advantage of cam sites.

By choosing to use live cam websites, you will have the opportunity to tip models so that they may perform sexual acts for you according to your request, such as masturbation shows and stripping.

One of the most successful cam sites that you will find on the internet today is LiveJasmin. This site is packed with some of the most beautiful models who are always ready to give you a great show. In this article, we shall review some of the features you should expect on this site and the reason it has become very successful in the world of cam sites. 

Introduction to LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin is a cam site that has been in operation since the year 2001. Since then, it has gradually become the most preferable site for most cam site lovers out there. From being just another Hungarian site, Livejasmin has grown into an international powerhouse packed with some of the most beautiful models from all over the world. 

The site works by allowing its users to buy credits that can be used to tip their favorite models in order to watch them perform. These models are always ready to perform actions that include stripping, chatting, performing various sex acts, and even going with you into private shows.

The site comes with filters that you can use to search for your desired performances such as sex acts and kinks. You will also be able to sort models according to their type. Therefore, you can rest assured that with LiveJasmin, you will have the freedom of customizing your experience according to your interests and needs. Read about our selection of other good adult Cam websites: Flirt4free, Myfreecams, ImliveCam4CamsurfBazoocam and Stripchat.

What Is The Cost Of Using LiveJasmin?

Signing up for Livejasmin is free. However, in order to access all the features that the site has to offer, you should expect to spend some money. Once you upgrade your LiveJasmine profile, you will also be given free credits depending on the amount you decide to buy, and a prize wheel.

After signing up your account, you will be given the chance to spin a wheen which offers between 20% to 100% bonus credits. You should be ready to pay approximately $33.99 after your first sign up for credits.

It is also important to note that each model on the site has their own prices for performing; hence the reason you might find some models being more expensive than others, according to the performance you need from them. The following table shows the cost of buying credits on LiveJasmin.


Number of Credits Cost {USD}


Benefits of Using LiveJasmin

Keep reading to find out some of the most exciting features that you should expect to find on LiveJasmine once you have signed up and purchased some credits.

Unlimited Number of Shows

This site is packed with a wide range of shows that are meant to satisfy the sexual fantasies of anyone out there. In order to keep things interesting, the site has put together a lot of exciting categories of shows to choose from that include private chats, live shows, and stories. 

Wide Range of Models

Live Jasmine has been in existence for a very long time, which has helped it become one of the biggest cam sites on the internet. This means that a lot of models out there have taken note of this and decided to join the site due to its excellent reputation.

You can get a wide range of stunning models on this site who are always ready to help you fulfill your sexual fantasies. The best thing about the site is that you can also filter the models according to your test so that you may only get shows from the type of models you love.

High-Quality Streams

There are a lot of cam sites on the internet today that allow people to stream videos. However, most of them do not give you the opportunity to stream in HD. What makes LiveJasmine stand out from such sites is that it allows its users to stream in HD.

This is a feature that will ensure you enjoy high-quality streams from the models in order to get the most out of the streams. However, not all the cams on this site are HD, but the option to stream in HD is highly welcomed by its users. 

East to Navigate

This site has a wide range of models, and to make it easier for the users to get their favorite models, the site comes with great filtering and search options. It has handly side-bar menus that make it easier for the users to navigate through it.

With Livejasmine, you will never be frustrated when it comes to looking for the models or shows of your type. 

A Mix of Shows For Everyone

Another great feature about LiveJasmin is the fact that it has gone the extra mile of including a fetish section that is meant to serve those people with various fetishes. In this section, you are likely to find shows in categories such as dirty talk, bondage, impact among other fantasies that you might be interested in. 

LiveJasmin Disadvantages

It Is Expensive

When you first sign up, LiveJasmine ensures that you get a lot of credits that you can use to start you off on the site. The prize wheel, in particular, is a great feature that will make you always come back for more.

However, the overall pricing of the credits on the site seems a little frustrating to a lot of people. Also, since each model tends to set up their own pricing, you are likely to end up spending more credits than anticipated.

Models Only Perform When Tipped

We do not expect the models on cam sites to work or perform for free. However, LiveJasmine models tend to be extreme in this regard. This is because you are likely to get very little to no interaction at all from a model if you do not tip them.

This is different from other cam sites where you will be able to see models sitting there looking bored and beautiful. In case you like how the model looks, then you can decide to tip and engage her. 


If you have a few dollars to spare and you are looking for a cam site that will help you fulfill your sexual fantasies, then LiveJasmine is the ultimate cam site that will help you to achieve this.however, a small concern among most of its users is in regards to the cost of credits.

The credits tend to be expensive and since the site’s models tend to charge for their shows per minute, you might end up exhausting your credits quickly. However, the experience you are likely to get from the site after purchasing credits will be worthwhile, especially being able to watch a gorgeous model performing your sexual fantasies.