Realistic dildos

Reviewing the most realistic dildos for women

Are you looking for a dildo with a realistic feel and touch? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will help you find the right sex toy that can make all your sexual fantasies come true.   

The challenges we all face when buying a dildo 

Now, I am sure that you have bought dildos in the past and were quite disappointed with them. You might have realized that some of them did not meet your expectations. Well, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. We are going to share important tips on how to find and use a realistic dildo. I will also review the best 5 realistic dildos available in the market today.  

You can be surprised by how many things you can do with a realistic dildo. If you have never gotten an orgasm, there are high chances that you are going to enjoy the experience for the first time here. 

Our top pics

First best option

Lifelike lover classic dildo

Lifelike lover classic dildo

If you can part with a few extra dollars to get that extra stimulation, then Lifelike lover classic dildo can be a perfect option for you. The sex toy is handmade and has plenty of ridges just like the real thing. It can also bend making it a good option for G-spot stimulation.

Our second-best option

RealDoll RealCock 2

RealDoll RealCock 2

Our experts choose RealDoll RealCock 2

as the second-best

sex toy overall. The feel, size, and design are the same as your

boyfriend’s dick. 

Why you should trust this review

First of all, I am not only a sex toy reviewer but also a registered nurse. Thanks to my experience and training, I have great knowledge of female and male anatomy. I know how it all works and the best toys that can hit the most pleasurable spots. 

You get first-hand information on the best sex toys

One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I am a sex toy addict. (This doesn’t mean that I carry my favorite sex toy to work though). I love using sex toys as much as I love researching various products and brands. 


When people close to me (family and friends) have any questions relating to anatomy, guess who they go to first? Me! The same applies when they are looking for the best sex toys in the market. It’s not like I am boasting of anything but am very sure that you will love my recommendations too. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is the difference between regular dildos and realistic-looking dildos? 

If you have bought a regular dildo before, chances are that it is made of silicone. It also must have mimicked the size and shape of a penis. 

But when it comes to realistic dildos, these cuties have the same look and feel as a real penis. It is incredible how these dildos actually are. They have the firmness and softness of an erect penis. The shape and size are also the same. You can even be lucky to find one with lifelike testicles and veins.

Why should you go for a realistic dildo?

There are many good reasons why adventurous women love dildos. But there are also better reasons why you should specifically go for a realistic dildo. 

When you have a partner who is ‘small’ down there

The first reason is when your partner has a small penis. If this is the case, you might be curious to know how it actually feels when a huge penis penetrates you. 

When your partner has a large penis

It can also be the opposite of this. That is, your partner has a huge penis and all you have ever wanted was to feel the sensations of a smaller penis. 

When you are single

You might also be single and miss the feeling of a real penis inside you 

When you want to explore with anal

Another reason why you should for a realistic dildo is when you want to try anal sex. Using a dildo first will prepare your body for the real feeling. 

When you want to add some element of romance to your relationship

Some men buy realistic dildos as presents for their partners. The toys can help spice up a couple’s sex life. They can also be a good option for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and have partners who crave penetration.

Can I share my dildo with a partner?

By the way, dildos are not only designed for solo sex. You can still use them for partnered sex if you want. The sex toys work for both anal and vaginal sex. However, some dildos designed for anal sex have unique features that aren’t available in those designed for vaginal sex.

For instance, these dildos come with a strong base that prevents the toy from getting deep into your body.

How to get the most out of a realistic dildo

  •  You can enjoy the feeling more if you bring a strap-on harness into the picture. 
  • To get more orgasms, just pair it with a clitoral vibrator.

Important things you need to know about realistic dildos

Regardless of the toy you choose, here is what I need to share with you;

use a quality lubricant. 

Lube is very important especially when you are trying anal play for the first time.  If the toy is larger than what you are used to, lube is what is going to determine how the experience is going to be. Lube has a way of making things move smoothly and in a more pleasurable way. 

Use a high-quality dildo

Also, ensure that the dildo you go for is high quality. The best dildo material is body-safe silicone. There are a few manufacturers who sell dildos made of plastic. These dildos aren’t realistic looking, and they are also not comfortable to use. Besides, such dildos can easily break, crack or harbor lots of bacteria. 


If you are worried about dildo materials, don’t despair. All the options in this list come from reputable companies that are known to create high-quality and reliable dildos. There is no way you are going to find inferior products made of cheap materials in this review. 

How to choose the best realistic dildo

It is always important to research the best dildo around. Trust me, not all of them have the features and qualities you expect a realistic dildo to have. 

It should look realistic

Since it is a realistic dildo you want to invest in, the first thing is to ensure that it looks realistic.

Designed with the female anatomy in mind

Also, the dildo should be created with the female anatomy in mind. As I said, this is the only way the toy can stimulate all your sensitive spots. The recommendations we have here are just awesome. All said, let’s now get to our list of the 5 best realistic dildos.

8 Inch All-American Whopper Dildo

8 Inch All-American Whopper Dildo

There is actually no difference between this 8inch dildo and the real thing. The sex toy also comes with balls attached. The width and girth of All American Whooper Dildo are both impressive. 

Everything about the dildo is realistic including the touch and feel. The sex toy is also nicely curved to facilitate G-spot stimulation. It is made of body-safe silicone which is safe, soft and has a glorious feel. 

As a bonus, the sex toy has a suction cup base which means that you can attach it to any smooth surface and enjoy a hands-free experience. 


  • Made of body-safe and soft silicone
  • Great length and girth
  • Available in lifelike colors
  • The curved design helps stimulate the G-spot
  • You can stick it to any smooth surface
  • The toy is waterproof, so feel free to use it in the shower


  • For some people, 8 inches is too long. The toy, therefore, is not a good option for anal stimulation, especially for first-time users. 

Lifelike Lover Classic Vibrator 8 Inch

Lifelike lover classic dildo

This amazing dildo can be described in two words; flexible and firm. It feels like the real thing once inside you. One thing that makes this vibrator unique is that it vibrates. The toy comes with 10 vibration options to create more intense sensations.  It has a suction base that you can stick to a surface and enjoy riding it to the fullest.  It can also be a perfect option for clitoral stimulation.


  • Great length and girth
  • Has a suction cup base for a hands-free experience
  • Has incredible vibration settings


  • The vibrator control and wire can be distractive
  • The vibrator is not curved so if you prefer G-spot stimulation, it may not be the best option for you.

King Cock Girthy Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 8.5 Inch

King Cock Girthy Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 8.5 Inch

If you love thick dicks, then this is one of the best options to consider. The dildo is huge not only in length but the girth as well.  The vibrator is made of a smooth and soft material, but you can still enjoy all the bulges and textures. 

The experience is more or less the same as a real penis.  It also comes with a suction cup base that you can attach to the shower wall, table, or any other smooth place and enjoy a hands-free experience. 


  • Made of soft smooth material
  • Comes with a suction cup
  • Good option if you prefer long thick dicks
  • Textured for a realistic feel


  • Unfortunately, the dildo does not come with realistic balls attached to it. This can be disappointing for those who love this feature
  • The size can be intimidating especially for beginners

Adam’s Poseable True Feel Dildo

This is also an extremely realistic sex toy in terms of looks and feel. It can bend and curve to form any shape you want. It can even stay in the same curved position.

The dildo is thick, long, and can stimulate any spot you want. Since it can be curved, you can use this dildo to stimulate the G-spot as well. You can experiment with it in so many ways for more pleasure.  Plus, it also has a suction cup base. You can stick it on any hard and smooth surface and enjoy a hands-free experience. 


  •  It is compatible with many strap-ons. 
  • The suction cup base cake it possible to attach the dildo to any smooth surface
  • It is flexible and can bend to form any shape you want
  • It has a soft and beautiful texture


  • Might be too big for beginners

RealDoll RealCock 2

RealDoll RealCock 2

Let’s now talk about the king of all realistic dildos! 

RealDoll realCock is so realistic that you can even enjoy it more than a real dick. As a matter of fact, most women have confused the dildo with a real penis in blindfold tests-can you imagine that! 

Great length and girth

It comes with great length and girth. The size is also convenient for advanced users and beginners. 

Handmade and unique

On top of that, RealDoll RealCock 2 is handcrafted. It is also made of high-quality technology with body-safe silicone.  Each of the RealDoll RealCock dildoes you buy is high quality and unique. 

With all these features, you should expect the dildo to be available at a higher price compared to other options. But to be honest, the price you pay is well worth it! 

You can enjoy as many hours as you wish with the dildo. It is also long-lasting so you can use it for many years to come. With this dido, you won’t spend your precious time looking for a real dick ever again. 


  • More realistic compared to many other options
  • Handmade and unique
  • Has an impressive length and girth
  • Made using body-safe silicone material


  • Expensive than the rest of the options

Time to crown our winner!

There is no arguing that the best option in our list of realistic dildos is RealDoll RealCock 2;

  • It is not only realistic but also comfortable and good-looking.
  • This is a perfect dildo that can work anywhere and for anyone. 
  • Since it is uniquely crafted and made with the highest quality materials, it means that you are going to enjoy it for a long time.  

For me, this option is worth every coin. 

Second option

I know that the price you have to pay for this dildo can’t be compared to other options. So if you are a beginner, or if you are shopping on a budget, I am happy to share the first runners up with you;

So my second best option is Lifelike Lover Classic Dildo Vibrator. 

  • What I like about this dildo is its fantastic size and feel.
  • It is also easy to bend so you can experiment with multiple styles.

 We have come to the end of our review. So go ahead and have as much fun as you want with the best realistic dildo.