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Snapsext Review 2021

It is easy to register at Snapsext. There is a registration form on their website that only takes a few minutes to fill. You also need to answer questions about your age and your preferred matches (women, men or couples). An email address and password are also required…

Before visiting the site, interested users first have to confirm their age. Minors are not allowed at the site. However, there is no real verification process. This means that minors are probably there as well. Once you complete this initial step, the next step is to set your interests. This can be;

  •       An open relationship
  •       Friends with benefits
  •       Sex meet in person
  •       Online flirting or other

You must upload a picture before completing your profile.

Snapsext interface

The Snapsext website isn’t really user friendly. Actually, the site looks chaotic. You find so many tiny images appearing then disappear on the homepage. Chatting space is available on the right where you can view and answer messages. Other sections here include;

  •       Daily spotlight
  •       Who is online now
  •       Trending now
  •       Flirt centre
  •       Members who stream
  •       My friends
  •       Who’s viewing me

All these sections are in a mess. But they are still interesting and useful. At the top of the page, there are features like online now, search, and safe mode. You can switch the safe mode on and off. Safe mode is an important feature if you want to access the site from a public place or where children are around.

Below the profile, you need to select your mood from these options;

  •       Meet a person
  •       Online flirting
  •       Sugar daddy/baby
  •       Serious relationship

Another section requires users to fill information like;

  •       Appearance
  •       Interests
  •       Professional
  •       Religion
  •       Race
  •       Language
  •       Play level and
  •       Travel

Snapsext has a good number of interesting and important features. The only problem is that all these features look disorganized on the homepage. There is a line on the top that reminds members to verify their email. Once verified, you can send a wink to up to 15 members at the site. With the who is online option, you find people who are currently online and near you. Members can filter their options based on;

  •       Gender
  •       Sexual preferences
  •       Country and city
  •       Age

You can further filter by;

  •       Who is streaming at the moment
  •       Users who are online
  •       Who have verified photos, etc.

In the users who are online filter option, the first to appear are popular members. All other profiles are for users who are currently online. Here, you see the users’ profiles and next to the profiles, there are options like;

  •       Quick chat
  •       Send a message
  •       Notify me
  •       Add to favourites

You don’t have to open a user’s account in a new tab when you feel like flirting.

The next feature is users who are currently streaming. But in most cases, you will get a notification that no user is streaming. This isn’t really a popular feature at the site. But it is available if you need it, and it’s free.

You can also see a list of featured members. Here, you also receive an offer to have a featured account. Note that you cannot view the profiles of featured members until you buy a membership plan. Other paid features include;

  •       Sending flits
  •       Viewing users who are interested in you

It is free to add friends. There is also another feature that’s worth checking out. After getting a message from a new user, it follows with a question. Is it rude? This is an automated message from the staff. It indicates how dedicated the customer service is in keeping the site safe. Some users chat with everyone, while others prefer chatting with featured members. These are those who have bought a membership.

You can also wink the members you love for free. A simple wink can indicate that you have interest thus starting a conversation. You can send winks to both free and premium users.

The site has a naughty picture sharing option. This is a perfect opportunity to get dirty. However, you are free to accept or decline pictures. Before downloading a picture, you get a warning that says; ‘ensure that you trust the sender before accepting’. This is also another evidence proving safety at the site.

Snapsext user base

Snapsext has members, both paid and free from different parts of the globe. The most important function here is filtering. The filter option helps you find;

  •       People who are online at the moment
  •       Those within your city

It makes it easier to find users with the same sexual interests. You wouldn’t want to interact with someone who wants to chat when you are looking for something more.

You can upload as many photos as you like. You can even make some of these photos private. Share erotic pictures with other members via chat. There are no rules restricting nudity at Snapsext. So feel free to upload your nude photos. You can increase your chances of getting a response if there are more photos on your profile. Ensure that you upload a minimum of five photos. The more your pictures the better you experience will be at Snapsext.

Members count

Snapsext has a large population of users. When you read other Snapsext reviews, you are likely to find the same things we are talking about here;

  •       You can open an account for free
  •       The simple your profile is the more attractive you are
  •       You can send nudes

You can apply filters to find users who you share the same interests with. If you login in the evening, there are usually over 2000 users that you can communicate with. The communication methods include chat, video chat and flirt.

There is always high traffic at any given time. Still, you can’t compare it to other sites where you start getting messages immediately after registration. Activity here is lower than this. Besides, other Snapsext viewers will only communicate once they notice you are interested. The more pictures you upload the more popular you are.

Quality of members

Most members here have an average account. This means that there is no stuffed information and photos. This can be more distracting than attracting. The photos are appealing enough to attract any other user. However, not all the profiles show real faces. Some of them only show half the face, while others have photos of a car or a pizza.

When you turn off the safe mode, you will find a lot of explicit photos. Verified users have a blue sign on their profile. To verify your account, a customer care representative has to reach you via webcam. They confirm that you are a real person before the verification. Once verified,  you will gain more trust among other users. This translates to plenty of friend requests, connection and other offers.

Type of members

Free users can communicate with each other. Most free users at the site have verified accounts. You can, therefore, feel free to chat with free users knowing that there are real people behind the camera. The people you chat with are the same as those in profile pictures. If you want to upgrade, there is a membership option. Once you pay, you get a premium account. It will appear on the homepage thus increasing traffic.

You can also communicate with other featured members. This isn’t possible if you have a free account. With a featured account, you have a high chance of getting a connection. There are also featured accounts that are full of nude photos.

Communication on Snapsext

Snapsext has convenient communication features. Next to a user’s profile, there are different communication options listed. You, therefore, don’t need to open a new tab if you want to communicate with another user. This saves a lot of time.

As we already said, free users can’t communicate with featured or premium users. You can see a message if sent, but it won’t be possible to read or reply. It is only when you buy a membership that you can enjoy the feature. Featured users are free to chat with other featured users. They can also enjoy additional features offered by the site.

Snapsext pricing

Snapsext is quite affordable compared to similar sites. Here is a breakdown of the costs;

  •       2 days trial: 1.14 euros
  •       7 days trial: 11.94 euros
  •       One month gold account: 41.94 euros
  •       6 months gold account: 83.94 euros
  •       One year gold account: 96.00 euros plus a bonus half-year free

The annual membership may seem to be expensive, but you can use it for one and a half years. So if you are planning to use the site for a longer period, consider this membership.

Free account

Anyone is free to create an account at Snapsext. There may be some free accounts belonging to scammers, so be cautious about this. The site doesn’t have an about us page. This is understandable. After all, everyone who uses this site knows exactly what they want. You can’t also find the how it works page at the site. If you have a free account, your communication is only with other free account users. But you can use filters, share and upload photos and browse through profiles for free.

Premium account

With a premium account, you are likely to get a hookup faster. You can find friends with benefits, find people you know, among other things. Besides, your account will appear on top of search results. Other members will have trust in you if you spend money to upgrade. It shows that you are a serious user. Premium account users can communicate with anyone. Featured members can also exchange messages.

What you get on a premium account

Premium or featured accounts offer better communication opportunities. Since your account will rank higher in search results, you can easily get a hookup here. You are also free to choose who to talk to and who to ignore. Featured accounts do not have limitations. This is contrary to free accounts where there is no communication with other members. In the free account, you may also have to wait a long time to find what you are looking for. All factors considered, having a premium account is safe and confident.

Is the premium account worth buying?

Besides being safe, premium accounts can access all the features at the site. Once you invest your money on this site, feel free to do whatever you wish so long as it is permitted. Premium accounts are also safe. So it is best to spend a few dollars and upgrade to premium. Or else, you may have to deal with the consequences.

Security features and anti-scam

Whether you are online to look for a hookup or for any other reason, it is possible to get scammed. You can, however, be safe at Snapsext by taking the necessary precautions. Report the members who request money or ask for private information. Snapsext, just like any other dating site, has people from all over the world. This makes the site attractive to scammers. The site has taken measures by asking its members to be careful.

Support on Snapsext

The customer support team at Snapsext is online 24/7 to ensure that all their members are safe. Since this is one of the largest networks, there is a need for special attention. You can find most of the answers you need in the help section. But if you have a more serious issue, then contact support. They will solve your issue within 24 hours.

Snapchat mobile version

Snapsext does not have a mobile application. However, the website is very responsive to mobile phones. You can use the mobile version on smartphones and tablets. This version is less chaotic than the desktop one and it is also easy to understand. It can take a few minutes to get what you are looking for at the site. The design might be poor, but when it comes to responsiveness, it plays the part. You can basically access the site from anywhere with the mobile version.

Final world on Snapsext

The site doesn’t have an about us page and it is easy to understand why. People who come here know exactly what they are looking for. Snapsext is full of adult content and the communication features make it easy to interact with other members. The messed up design and lack of mobile version aside, there is so much you can get at Snapsext. Free accounts might be vulnerable to scammers. To ensure that you are safe as well as enjoy all the benefits, getting premium membership can be a wise decision.


  •       Easy to register
  •       The website is user friendly
  •       Offers multiple options for having adult fun


  •       Poorly designed website
  •       No mobile app
  •       The terms and conditions are on a very tiny window which makes it hard to read