Suction Cup Dildos

Choosing a Good Position for Mounting Suction Cup Dildos: The uncensored Edition

Where do I mount my toy? This question may come to your mind after purchasing your suction cup dildos. It would be best to mount it in a place where you can do your business comfortably.

I’ve aged a bit, therefore, choosing the right place to stick my suction cup toys has been stressful. Pounding the wall often gets me hunched shoulders and makes it so uncomfortable.

This, plus others, are the reasons why I’ve decided to document my experience in my quest for a better masturbating session that is hands-free. I’ve also given the reason why positioning and mounting matters and giving advice plus recommendations on the best in the market if you’re shopping for a new toy that is also safe on the body.


You will have two alternatives when using it vaginally on a vertical area. You can either face it or use the doggy style. When I want G-spot arousal, I usually face the dildo and have the ridges point up for my love of upward curved toys.

 This position has a disadvantage, though; if you lack wall cutout, it pressurizes the knees plus the back unless it’s spongy with a long curve. I have to position my pelvis towards it and thrust towards the wall from the back.

You’ll face the dildo when you are playing anal with it except if the dildo is very long, or you are more acrobatic than I am.

Whether anal or vaginal, your dildo entering from behind is awkward and uncomfortable. I’ve experimented with it when standing up, going on my knees, and also the doggy style.

When in a standing position, you feel like tripping when you try to create a rhythm. A dildo that is lower on the wall will contribute to your knees and feet to be a stumbling block to your pleasure, especially when on your knees. When I face the wall and fuck it vaginally, I get additional arousal on the clits: This contrasts the ass–on––wall position. Depending on the anatomy, mileage will vary. Overall, it is an uncomfortable position vaginally and awkward on anal play.


If you like taking the steering wheel, this position is the best. Lean forward for a good G-Spot and backward when taking precautions not to put pressure on the back. When you stick it on a chair, desk, or floor, positioning it at the ideal height will be challenging.

I’ve tried sticking my dildos in every corner of my house. Keep on reading to see the troubles that I’ve gone through in my journey of uncovering the ideal position.

Different areas where I have attempted to set up my toys

I’ve made use of stars to portray how realistic each of the methods is.

  •       Five stars stand for the most practical.
  •       V stands for Vaginal while
  •       A stands for anal

On Lavatory walls

This was the most crystal clear alternative for my case because showers generally arouse me. Yes! I love warm water. But lube is a must especially one that will work perfectly with silicone without causing any damage.

I’ve given this position four stars when using it vaginally. How your shower is configured will have an impact on your general experience. As I stated earlier, to avoid a hunched back when working with your toy on a flat wall, position your shoulder backward and then push from behind for the best angle for penetration. For the best dildos that can give you an orgasm, go for either the upward curving ones or the long but flexible ones.

 My recommendation for the lavatory wall alternative is the same as for the suction cups

If your shower has a cutout you are lucky; although it won’t be that comfortable because your knees will obstruct, at least you own the ledge to rest your hand on, thereby making additional room for the head plus the breast.

You can get the perfect momentum when standing and working on it anally. I experimented this with Avant Pride sex toys. Be careful when leaning forward lest you fall over because it’s slippery.

Suction Cup Dildos -On the bathtub’s corner ***

Getting a toy with the accurate height is tricky, especially if you want to mount on it. Otherwise, you’ll prick your cervix or pressurize the rectum. Without stacking pillows, one knee will be higher. I have no shame in admitting that I stole my children’s stepping stool. Personally, my tale with riding things with unlevelled knees is unpleasant, so I’ve put all my bedroom pillows for my shower sexcapedes. You can rest your hand on the edges. It makes the whole experience a bit comfortable.

My overall view on this situation, when used vaginally, is that it’s somewhat uncomfortable, plus you’ll need to put a strong object to level up the knees. You’ll need to use lots of strength on the upper part of the body.

When used anally, it is more comfortable though I have a specific long dildo for anal. Assuming that you are a hermaphrodite, it will be uncomfortable for you to bestride the ledge.  But you can recline backward (rather than upright or forward) even so it needs a more coordinated person than I am because I dread slumping against the tub when in this arrangement.

On the bedside table *** (V)*(A)

I was elated when I mounted my Maverick with the exact height on my nightstand. Since my hands are free, I can bend forward and press myself against the bedside table, and self-control the point of penetration.

The only challenge with this posture is that I was not able to maximize my thrusts because of the little room left; the dildo only occupies a little space, and the rest is wood, so there’s no enough space which is annoying at the finale. I don’t dispute the fact that I’m infatuated with this position; but hereafter, I must use my Liberator, which I bought expensively for real cowgirl action.

This situation is impossible for anal.

On the bed rail *(V) **A

In my mind, I was sure that this idea was the best. But practically, its mission impossible. The mattress leaves a gap and creates a depression when pushed towards the bedrail.

Yeah, I sleep with a purple jumbo; anyone has an opinion about this?

When you position the toy on the bedside rail, pussy penetration won’t be comfortable since you’re unable to bend your shoulders back in contrast to when you stick it against the wall. It denies you room to pump. You can even fall flat if you’re not careful. I know this because I tumbled on my back and imagine I was home alone. Lol.

It’s a better position for anal if only you find the optimum place for your feet to relax. They may get squeezed against the bed.

I have washed my hand on this situation, it probably isn’t meant for me, but you should try it, your experience might be different.

One either a plastic or wooden chair.*(V) **** (A)

If your toy is the right length, this posture is the real deal for anal sex. Sit on it, get a comfortable position and do your thing. Thrust slow and shallow, lest you fall over with fast thrusting. I opted for a shorter, flexible Avant Pride model because I don’t like long dildos up my ass. My best Avant model is the P3.

My opinion on this is that it’s overrated when used vaginally. For a person who loves pounding her dildos, my involvement with it was not satisfactory. Getting the desired rhythm was difficult.

I positioned myself and faced behind the chair, but the corners made my action difficult, and they also wound my thighs. When I changed the spot to look towards the front, I couldn’t get the finest angle. I’ve tried everything, including positioning the chair adjacent to the bed to support myself against slipping.

Nevertheless, my plans have been futile. Maybe I didn’t use the appropriate chair because they have wide edges, having said that, nope, I doubt if it’s a valid excuse for my crappy experience.

On the lavatory seat**

I’ve included this one on my list because people have mentioned it severally; at first, I was like,’ are you kidding me?’ I found it to be so disgusting. BUT lavatory seats are flat and have a smooth surface which is good for sitting.

It uses the same concept as the ‘toy on chair’ that we discussed earlier.  In my opinion, it works best on anal if you have the correct length, especially for a person whose cervix is sensitive. Because the colon has a short curving just before the rectum, at least 7 inches, you will love the experience when you use a shorter dildo that is less than 7 inches so that it doesn’t hit and cause pain in the rectum.

On ceramics and floating wood tiles (perhaps a mirror)**

A dildo mount is the first thing any dildo enthusiast should buy, especially if you want comfort when riding it without bending awkwardly or having the dildo fall on the pillows that you’ve used for bracing yourself.

From this write-up, you can tell that I have unwavering support for body-safe household objects. Be careful with your insertable dildos, and please don’t believe reviews from amazon sellers.

My experience with the dildos stuck on the floor is also not good; I find it uncomfortable. If you don’t have something to elevate, your feet will get tingly in minutes because of your leg’s weight. I tried sticking an 8-inch insertable toy on the laminate floor in the closet; I placed a pile of pillows and had a shelf to support myself on. I found it a better style for both vaginal or cowgirl. If you have shorter thighs and comfort is not a priority, this is an excellent choice.

Alternatively, you can lie flat on the ass and spread your legs to the front. I’ve practiced this vaginally, and it wasn’t that bad.  I recommend the semi-flexible Avant toy for maximum pleasure. On the flip side is that if you can’t get the best angle for penetration and sitting with your legs forward exerts pressure on the lower abdomen.

It’s not a comfortable position because you can’t sit and thrust for long. Whether vaginal or anal style, you can’t handle properly the pressure exerted at the back, shoulder, and upper arm. For those who like clenching, this is for you.

Another version is suction cupping the toy at the base of the tub. This is also a good option for people who are into clenching, especially for a bathtub that is slanted at the back.

In my opinion, it’s not a good idea to use the toy on a filled-up bathtub because it will dry out your lubrication. But if you are of a contrary opinion and are in this position, a water-based lube will help.

I’ve also been in conversations with people who have stuck their suction cup toys on tiles and other mirrors. I would be careful with the mirror because of breakage. Again here, the length of the toy will matter. A longer one will be less stressful to the thighs.

suction cup dildos, On a desk..

I tried this but failed miserably, probably because I’m tall and have long legs. It is interesting to know that other tall people have pulled this one off successfully. Hands down to them. I always console myself that because furniture varies, their desk may have been shorter.

Suction cup Dildos-On the door** (V)*(A)

Sticking a suction cup toy on a door.

This one will depend on the configuration and how sturdy the door is, and your tallness. The doors of most places that I’ve lived in had crossbars with a square on all sides. This meant that your pelvic had to be on the same level as the crossbar for easy thrusting.

I started testing my suction cup toys on my previous house’s bathroom door, but this approach doesn’t function well since I relocated.  The door should remain very strong for you not to break the wooden door or rip it off the hinges. If you are a bedroom bully when using the suction cups, then stay off this method.

I have made zero efforts to try anal with this method because my legs will hinder because of my height. I will try if I get a very long dildo though the market lacks it especially suction cups.

On the washing machine and dryer*

I’m joking here, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. I’ve tried it vaginally with the uncut#1 nut. The test ended so fast; I mean, who wants to hear the metals clanging when I was thrusting the toy? It was so annoying.

I have a guide for suction cup dildos. Check out its final section and get details on how I finally managed to achieve this. Keep off this method if you have people in your house, but you want to keep your masturbation a secret.

On a thin wall strip *****

This tops my list of suction cup toys for both vagina and anal screwing. The first thing that caught my eye when I moved to my new house was a thin strip on the wall. I can easily bend my knees and thrust seriously without getting hunched shoulders. (I know I sound petty complaining about backaches but bear with me, my comfort is my main priority) If the dildo is firm, getting the best angle is a challenge. I have compiled a list of my favorite toys below; they all make the process of penetration easy and work out fine for me.

The best position for anal on vertical cup suctions is a dildo on the wall. Unlike with the other positions, my legs don’t get crashed. I can do doggy style as I’m in control of the speed. On the flipside, mounting the dildo at the right height is a challenge, but you can try inserting it before wall placement. Though it’s not as easy as I would like it to be, you will succeed eventually.

Kitchen/counter tops ***** (V)

I had a favorite spot for my suction cups in my previous house, so when I relocated, It meant that I had to lose it and adapt to this new house and find a good spot for my suction dildos, and I did! The kitchen counter was now my new favorite spot. I recommend the luminous stud, which is 8 inches long with a big soft tip. When pounding vaginally, this is the best toy to use.

When you use it while facing forward, it gives you the best G-Spot arousal. The trick is to support yourself on the edges of the counter and then gyrate your hips as you push on it. To get the best rhythm, lean on the counter.

T.O.M. v. 2. Dildo mount***

I once mounted my toy on a plastic storage container; yeah, you’re right, I’m crazy. I have suffered in my quest to find the best position for my cup suction dildos. In particular, this plastic storage container was so uncomfortable; the edges cut my thighs because the container was wide. The T.O.M. suction cup dildo uses the same concept, albeit more refined. It’s selling at $ 46 on Amazon.

Although most people swear by these mounts, others argue that they are too light and will not stay put. I recommend a plastic tray insert machine called weight attachment device to help with that problem, though for me, I pressed my weight on the T.O.M., so I didn’t see its importance. I have reviewed the T.O.M. here and also compared it with the Liberator mounts.

Tom v2 is a good option for doggy style, especially if you pair it with the velvet self -thrusting toy. In my huge toys collection, this is the most slothful hands-free screwing setup that I have.

My most treasured suction cup toys

My love for soft toys when thrusting free-handedly is unmatched. Choose a dildo that is safe on the body and flexible, and it should be curvy, squishy, and practical for maximum pleasure. I cannot emphasize enough on lubes; choose the best lube for you to get the best results.

Blush Neo Elite 7 inch dual density


 Good toy for beginners. It resembles a real penis with its squishy outer surface and a firm interior surface. Its length is perfect as it gives you space to do your thing—their counterpart, the Neo Elite toy, an affordable double-density silicone toy.

Luminous Glow in the dark

Luminous Glow in the dark

These dual-density dildos are comfortable. They have a meaty-squishy soft layer plus a solid inner core that makes it feel like a real erection. My G-Spot tends to love big-sized toys, so it’s no surprise that I bought the largest studs mega ridge that costs $ 46.98. But we also have an average-sized one that costs 31.98 and a small one that costs 24.98. I will buy these two to use them for anal.

N.S. Novelties color soft 8.”

N.S. Novelties color soft 8."

It’s a long dildo that is the best for wall fucking and has a shorter version that is 5″ which may not be as good as the latter especially for wall fucking. They are squishy and also flexible making them easy to get the best angle of penetration. They are a replica of the real thing and have pronounced veins especially the 8” dildos.

B.M.S. Naked Addiction Dual.

B.M.S. Naked Addiction Dual


This is by far the most realistically molded silicone dildo. Its main rival is the Real cock2, which retails at $500. You’ll get maximum pleasure if you stick it on the wall. I wish they can increase their head because its narrow head will not give you great G-Spot arousal. It’s good for anal play or maybe for realistic sensation.

B.M.S. Addiction Andrew/David

B.M.S. Addiction Andrew/David

It is super flexible and has a soft outer layer. You can bend it at different angles. It’s easy to stick on the wall as you can adjust it. The difference between Andrew/David is the color and the male name, but it’s the same toy.

 When you thrust faster, the core will gradually move because of the pressure exerted. Descriptions like delicious, toe-tingling, and others are not enough to describe how good this silicone feels. Slow movement can be a bit irritating, but you can still get a nice rhythm.

If you’re into the big boys club, then you will never go wrong with the Blush Ruse Jammy. I will give it a 10/10 because it looks like a real penis and is big and firm. The big shaft, meaty skin, and curve turn my G-spot on quickly.

Suction Cup Dildos-Other ideas

In my Guide, I have discussed additional hands-free versions that work with dildos that have fitted suction cups. The double-sided suction cup, the Liberator, and the thigh harness all fall in this category

The Liberator Wing, vibe mount plus the B.M.S. Addiction with dual-density is realistically molded for the cowgirl position.  If you haven’t added the naked addiction to your collection list, you’re missing out a great deal. The only disadvantage with the liberator wing is that it’s a struggle to fit the base of the dildo unless you tear the stitches which are too many on the lining.  It also has a 4″ narrow hole. You must fidget when fitting the base. This is the most outstanding option for penetration of both pussy and butt sex. I am yet to find its competitor for the best arousal on cowgirl style.  It’s comfortable for both vaginal and butt sex; you can sit on it, pump it, and create momentum. It’s also perfect for doggy.

Suction Cup Dildos, Conclusion

My list of favorite places for sticking my sex toys is on the wall strip. Nightstand is my second favorite, followed by the shower. All these work well for both anal and vaginal

But my ways may not be your ways, so experiment with all the positions and find one that will suit you or maybe you love shoving it down the vagina or anus with your hands; that’s okay too. I have to admit that suction cup toys are not everyone’s favorite. Some days you desire to experience the squishiness of your dildo with your hand, plus the satisfaction that you get from being in control when using your hand to jerk your dildos.

I bet some of you have better creative ideas on places that we can stick our toys. Feel free to comment and remind me of these places. Any answer apart from the forehead is acceptable. Yeah, I’m serious, you all.

Experiment with all the positions and have fun while at it.

P.V.C. is porous and can even be toxic; sadly, the majority of suction cups are formed with these materials. Silicone is the safest choice when you intend to use them long-term.

I have a detailed record of the toys that are safe on the body in my Guide. PVC is more expensive than silicone but it’s still affordable.

The VixSkin Slim is top on my list of the longest dildos at 8.5 inches long with a narrow head which is good for those who need extra length.