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The Fappening leaked

TheFappening leaked celebrity photos, are they real or fake?

Everyone, or at least most of us would love to see our favorite celebrities naked. Who wouldn’t want to have a look at leaked celebrity nude pictures and sex videos?

well, this is what ‘TheFappening’ is all about. It is a site where you can enjoy celebrity nude HD movie scenes, porn videos, softcore galleries and so much more!


How did The Fappening start?

Fapping is another word for masturbation ( In case you didn’t know). This site became popular after their first leaks appeared on Reddit and Tumblr.

Some of the most respected celebrities and models experienced their worst when leaked pictures and videos of them were posted back in 2014.

I am talking of popular names like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hope Solo, the famous soccer star.

Their private homemade pictures were stolen and got published.

Initially, the posts were criticized with a claim that it was a breach of privacy. Apple iCloud Service got into a major problem. How can hackers access the accounts and get the posts so easily? Of course, they couldn’t have just guessed passwords for random celebrities.

What happened then?

Later on, it was found that a gay celeb Perez Hilton was the one who released the footage. The aim of this guy was to drive traffic to his website. He saw this as a great opportunity to accomplish his mission.  There was no other reason why this could be interested in publishing pussy and tit pics of Hollywood stars.

It seems that the guy (hacker) managed to accomplish what he had always wanted to do. His website was flocked with fappers of every kind.  There is nothing that could interest these guys more than some clean-shaven pussies of their favorite celebrities.

After the guy achieved his mission, he gained even more publicity by taking down the content. This later followed with an apology, claiming that he was such a bad decision-maker. But by this time, he had already earned millions from the extra views.

Apple had no option but to involve the FBI in the case. They were scared as fuck that those superstars could sue them.

These fame diggers can basically do anything for money or to keep walking on the red carpet, and this seemed to be a perfect opportunity for them.

Think about Harvey Weinstein, the poor American producer whose work is to ensure that only the top talent gets hired to take movie roles. How do you think these Hollywood sluts thank him? Well, by portraying him as a sex predator. But did anyone force the sluts to suck his dick for free just to be given that role? Definitely not!

By September the same year, even Reddit took down all their uncensored content. The social news site has always been a topic of controversy due to their ‘subreddits’ that are devoted to explicit material.

TheFappening’ subreddit

In that year, the site closed down its ‘TheFappening’ subreddit. After that, no one was able to discuss content related to the same. This was disappointing to so many people. Nerds wanted their freedom of speech back.

Jeniffer Lawrence wasn’t really a favorite at that time and only recorded poor performances in movies like The Hunger Games. But after her nude photos were leaked, the popularity of this actress shot. She in no time because of number one slut with more than 150 nude photos.

I still remember her public statement concerning the issue;

I may be a dumb bitch but this doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to create a unique password for my iCloud account. Even if I do, it doesn’t give anyone the right to steal my private pictures.

Did they post the pictures intentionally?

Most people, me being one of them believe that these bitches posted the pictures online intentionally. That is, in case their careers failed. This would make it easier for them to apply and qualify for a job in the adult entertainment industry.

And this makes perfect sense. If they can go as far as playing with Harvey’s dick, there is nothing that could stop them from posting their nude pussies.

In 2015, the FBI managed to do something about these leaked celebrity porn pictures and videos. It seems they were as well tired of jerking off to the celebrities’ leaked content.

That year, the FBI arrested two guys named Ryan Collins and Edward Majerczyk. These were the Apple iCloud hackers that were on everyone’s head. Women especially demanded their heads. Men on the other hand worshipped them.

What to expect at ‘TheFappening’

The site hosts a variety of sexual content from celebrities. These include full nude photos, tits selfies, shaven and bushy pussies, and so many others! There are some unlucky (or lucky) celebrities who even had their sex videos leaked!

Am sure that these ones were angry because they didn’t have the chance to charge millions for their private content. These are the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and others.

Jennifer Lawrence

Just like me, I know that you also cum hard when you see Jennifer Lawrence’s face covered with cum. I wonder why a famous chick would decide to take over 150 nude photos of herself. The star must love sex so much that all she does is masturbate and have sex during her free time.

I hope she continues shaking her big tits for a long time. We would love to see more of those!  These sex tapes from J Lawrence makes celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian extremely jealous.


Can you imagine that?

Kanye West’s sexy wife with fake boobs and butts that fucked her way to popularity! You can also find her nude photos at ‘The Fappening’.

You can either see her with a see-through blouse or braless. There are many photos of Kim ‘flashing’ her boobs, of course for more fame and attention.

I wish I knew how Kanye West reacts to his wife’s nudes. Imagine that Kim Kardashian uses cash from a sex type every time she buys a gift for poor Kanye west. Who knows, maybe he even jerks off to the sex tape.

Looking at the best celebrity porn sites 2021

Fortunately, I know where to get the best stuff when it comes to celebrity porn sites.

I know most of you would want to see the smooth completely nude pictures of top celebrities like Angelina Jolie, JLo, and others. Or would you want to see a leaked bikini nip slip picture of Emma Watson? These are some of the things that you should expect to see at ‘The Fappening’.

You might also be thinking, can I get images of popular singers like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, etc?

I am happy to inform you that these celebrities are also featured, and those images will make your dick hard.

Who else can I find on TheFappening?

If you love watching TV shows, there are also images of your favorite actresses like Sophie turner who played in The Game of Thrones.  There is Melissa Benoist from Supergirl, Cara Delevingne from Suicide Squad, and Olivia Munn from Xmen.

Use my reviews on the best porn site to get as much information as you need concerning your favorite websites.

There is no way you are going to get bored with my collection.  You can find big names like Katy Perry, Scarlet Johansson, Mila Kunis, Belel Thorne, Hayden Panettiere, Jennette McCurdy, Nikki Minaj, and so many others.

TheFappening-Does the site post real or fake pictures?

Most of the nude celebrity pictures are ‘The Fappening’ are real. These are the pictures stolen from the celebrities’ iCloud accounts. There are a lot of nude photos at the site, so there are chances that some of them are not real.

TheFappening Conclusion

I have covered all there is to say about ‘The Fappening’. Remember that when it comes to reviewing the best porn site, this is the number of the page you should be running to.

I am not like the amateur paparazzi that keep posting leaked celebrity images.

Here, I only ensure that you get authentic stuff. Feel free to read my reviews and even download nudity leaks.

Are celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyus, and others going to have an embarrassing moment this year? You are going to find it all here.


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