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Tube8 Review: Enjoy a Collection of Awesome XXX Videos

The name may not be that catchy. In fact, it is the questions that draw many people to this site; what does Tube8 mean? Is it even a tube site as it claims to be? Does the number 8 in the name have any significance?

We are not going to give you answers to these questions. Just like you, we also don’t have an idea of how the name came to be. But what we can guarantee is that this is one of the best porn websites you can ever find on the internet. 

Tube 8 is the place to be for anyone looking for quality porn. It is one of the porn websites that are managed and owned by the same people behind Redtube and pornhub. In this review, we are going to explain what you should expect at Tube 8 in plain white.



The website design

Tube8 has a standard website design. It uses red, black, and white colors. You can start watching the videos as soon as you enter the website. There are two sections on the landing page. 

First section

Here, there are two options; 

  • Top videos of the moment
  • Sorted by location

Second section

The second section features videos for the day. In this section, there is a wide range of videos placed in different categories. There are plenty of videos in HD. Some are amateur content while others are produced by professionals in the industry.

 It is always exciting to browse videos in this section. There are tons of videos to view and this is something that anyone adventurous should love. 

Tube 8 -The categories section

Tube8 is widely known for its categories section. This is actually one of the things that make the site stand out. The website covers everything you would want to see on a porn platform. 

You can find a wide collection of hardcore videos and content from other niches. So if you are looking for more advanced pornography, then this is the site for you.

You can browse through different categories for gay, straight, or shemale. Even with all these categories, it can at times be difficult to find the type of content you are looking for. It is something that the site should improve on. 

Getting a membership

Tube8 has three different types of memberships;

Tube8 Guest user

The visit option is to visit as a guest. You will still have thousands of quality porn videos to watch. However, you may have to deal with a lot of ads which is always annoying. And even with all those videos to watch, there will still be some limitations on the features to use. 

Tube8 – Signing up

You can get more of what the site has to offer by signing up. When you have an account, you can enjoy multiple features like;

  • Interacting with other members
  • Sharing the videos
  • Voting
  • Leaving comments on the videos
  • Downloading your favorite videos

If you plan on signing up, we would advise you to create a new email. By this, you will not only secure your safety but also avoid getting spam emails every now and then. 

Premium membership

The last option is the premium account. Your account is automatically upgraded to premium as soon as you spend money on the site. 

With a premium account, it is not only the content at Tube8 that you will enjoy. It means that you will also be paying for a premium PornHub account. You may not be sure whether the premium membership is a good option for you. Tube8 understands this. That is why they offer a one week test run for their premium membership option. 

Premium members access extra features that are not available in other membership plans. These include the following;

No ads experience

 The best reason to pay for a premium membership is that there are no ads. Imagine watching your favorite porn movies without those annoying ads. This will also help you focus on finding the right videos. 

Tube8 community

Tube8 boasts of an active and secure community. Users are free to upload content of their own. This is helpful in two ways;

  • In increases the variety of content at the site
  • It motivates new sex workers in the industry

The videos pass through a screening process and must be are ethically produced to feature at the site.

Tube8 Conclusion

Tube8 is an outstanding porn website that offers exactly what you love to see. This is one of the websites belonging to the Pornhub Network. You can be sure that Tube8 stands out in terms of the production and release of their XXX videos. 

The website features a large variety of porn videos. This is actually one of the areas where Tube8 stands out. If you want to watch something adventurous before getting to bed, then this is a perfect porn site for you.