14 vibrating panties worth considering in 2021

The current vibrating panties can’t be compared to the ones we initially had. In recent years, the toys have reduced in size and are now less bulky. They are superbly designed and provide customizable play.

 These are hands-free vibrators that are available in different styles. But even with so many options available, they all tend to serve the same purpose. That is, to provide stimulation even when your hands are busy with other things. 

What makes panty vibrators unique?

Every new version of sex toys is usually smaller and slimmer. With panty vibrators, the smaller the toys are the less destructive they are. This even makes it easier to play in public. With the slim shape, these panty vibrators can also work as an internal couple toy where you can hold it against the vulva during penetrative sex. 

How to use a panty vibrator

According to sexpert Marla Stewart, the best panty vibrator should have at least 10-speed options and the shape should also be easy to fit. 

But how can you incorporate a vibrating underwear or panty vibrator into your love life? Simple. You and your partner can play a simple game where your sex partner watches you and controls the vibrator. Usually, vibrating panties come with a remote control which can be a handy tool since you and your partner can enjoy the game from a long-range. 

Review of the best panty vibrators

Cal Exotics Petite Panty Teaser is one of Stewart’s best options. This is all thanks to its fantastic features like 12 setting options, long-range remote, and a smaller size that is easier to fit in the smallest of undies. 

More vibrating panty options worth considering

Let’s now look at the top panty vibrator options recommended by experts. A majority of the options in this review come with unique underwear that has a small pocket used to hold the vibrator. There are also other options that don’t need any special type of underwear. So if you want to surprise your partner, just pair the vibrator that doesn’t include underwear with his favorite lingerie.

BlueMotion NEX|1- 2nd generation OHMIBOD

Yes, there are panty vibrators that work with special watches and Bluemotion NEX is one of these options. The panty vibrator comes with a lace thong, which is blue in color and available in one size. The vibrator has 4 different patterns. You can control the settings using an app either on your phone or smartwatch. The panty vibrator is a good option for both solo and partnered play.


Vibrating lace thong

This is one of the tiniest vibrators you can ever find that includes a lace thong. The vibrating panty has flat and curved designs. One thing that makes the Vibrating lace thong stand out is its quality and affordable price.

 The actual vibrator is also small in size. It is battery-operated and has only a one-speed option. The vibrator does not come with a remote but its size is convenient enough to try it out at home. 

Vibrating Lace Thong

Stuck On Love Clitoral Heart Panty Vibrator

This is a bullet vibrator that is inclusive of a reusable sticky paid-for attachment. 

The toy has a single-speed option and is battery-operated. On top of that, this is also one of the most affordable vibrators. The reusable sticky pad makes it easier to use the vibrator in any type of panty without the risk of sliding. 

On the flip side, it does not come with remote control. But the design is pretty amazing and that’s why we included it in our list. 

Stuck On Love Clitoral Heart Panty Vibrator LOVEHONEY

Moxie Wearable Vibrator

If you are looking for the strongest panty vibrator, then this should be your best option. The new panty from We-Vibe has a magnetic clip that you can attach to any of your favorite underwear and be confident that it will hold in place. The panty vibrator has 10 vibration modes. Even so, it is small and comfortable. You can use an app to operate the toy so don’t worry about losing a remote so long as you have a smartphone around. 


My Secret Charged Remote Panty

This is a vibrating panty that is inclusive of a secret remote ring. So if you feel like playing in public, don’t worry about using an app or carrying a remote around which can raise suspicions. This vibrator has a ring remote that will make it difficult for anyone to know what’s going on-except you two of course. 


Love Rider Vibrating Panties

This is a unique and interesting vibrating panty considering that it has an internal penis-like attachment. So if you are in for some internal stimulation, then you already know where to get the pleasure. 

A majority of vibrating panties these days focus more on clitoral stimulation. But Love Rider Vibrating Panties comes with a dildo, 3 inches in size, and an opening to slip the vibrator inside. The bad boy doesn’t have a remote control, but it is easy to remove and replace with a remote-controlled one. Otherwise, feel free to ride things out manually.

Love Rider Vibrating Panties


Club Vibe 2 w/ Remote Control Vibrator

Ever heard of a vibrator that reacts to music? This vibrator is easy to use with remote control from as far as 20 feet apart. It is a good option for playing games in public with your sex partner the remote is inclusive of a microphone so the vibrations can be more intense with music or your partner’s voice. It has five levels of intensity and can hold a charge for a maximum of 4 hours.

Club Vibe 2 w Remote Control Vibrator

LOVEHONEY DESIRE Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

The panty vibrator comes with matching ribbon tie panties. The included panties have a special pocket where you can slide the vibrator and use a remote to control it. The vibrator holds charge for two hours and the remote is effective from a distance of eight meters. It has 12 patterns and 8-speed options.

Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Lock-n-Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser

This is a rechargeable vibrator that can be attached to any type of panty. So you can convert one of your sexiest panties into one that holds the vibrator. The toy has 12 functions and is also remote-controlled. It is designed to provide clitoris stimulation at different angles. 

The vibrator has a contoured design and magnetic wings resembling a maxi pad that makes it easier to attach it to your preferred underwear. 

Lock-n-Play Wristband Remote Panty Teaser

Bluetooth Erotica Panty Vibrator

This is a pink panty vibrator that you can slip inside any type of underwear. You can wear the vibrator and your partner can control it from any location using a customizable touchpad. Actually, it is your phone screen that acts as the touchpad. 

On the screen, you can drag through the x-axis for strength and the Y-axis to adjust the speed. Another interesting feature about this panty vibrator is that it syncs up with audiobooks. 

Bluetooth Erotica Panty Vibrator

Butterfly Hands-Free Vibrator

This may not resemble your normal panty, but yes, you can still wear it. With this wearable, you need to hook your legs through the elastics. then the vibrator sits on your clitoris. Since this vibrator can work without attaching it to your panty fabrics, it can be a good option for PIV sex as well. 

LOVEHONEY Butterfly Hands-Free Vibrator

Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

This is one unique vibrator that resembles a petal. It might be small in size, but also one of the best deals you can ever get. The small nature makes it easy to slip in your preferred underwear. It has a uniquely designed notch to hug your clit.

MANTRIC Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

Cheeky Vibrating Panty

Unfortunately, this panty vibrator is not Bluetooth compatible. Therefore, your partner cannot control it from a distance. However, it is a great option for beginners who want to invest in a panty vibrator without spending a lot of money. The package includes a vibrating bullet and a pair of panties. Plus size options are also available. 

Cheeky Vibrating Panty ADAM & EVE

PinkCherry From a Distance Remote Panty Vibe

PinkCherry From a Distance Remote Panty Viberator

This is a rechargeable and waterproof panty vibrator that comes with a cute remote made of silicone. It holds a charge for up to 70 minutes.