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Watch my GF Review

Amateur porn makes all of us hard and horny.  This is the reason why I will always share with you the best places to get quality and authentic amateur porn.

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The first impression of Watch my GF

Today, we are going to review an amateur porn site that goes by the name Watch my GF.  Just by the name, it is easy to tell what to expect at this site.

This site focuses on the most beautiful amateur girlfriends you can ever find.  You can enjoy watching completely nude girls sucking huge cocks and getting laid.

When did Watch my GF start?

The site launched in the year 2008. This is a long time ago and thanks to this, Watch my GF  has so much variety in terms of amateur porn.

How many videos are offered at Watch my GF?

By the time I was writing this review, there were over 3600 amateur porn scenes and over 7500 galleries.  This makes Watch my GF one of the largest sites that feature amateur porn.

But you also should be aware that there are more than 15 amateur websites on the same network as Watch my GF.  You can also consider checking some of these sites.

Watching my GF offers some of the best videos. The only negative thing I noticed was that most of the videos were of low quality. This is however understood considering that it is amateurs that take these videos.

After all, it is rare to find high-quality videos of amateur chicks getting fucked.  Sign up today at Watch my GF and see these beautiful and talented babes in action.

Taking a closer look at Watch my GF features

A majority of the videos available at Watch my GF are user-submitted. Some of them are vengeful ex-partners while others are couples.  There is also a lot of  18 plus teen scenes available.

Other types of categories include straight sex scenes, lesbian porn scenes,  drunk slut porn, revenge porn and so much more.

A  free site with a large content variety

As earlier said, Watch my GF boasts of over 4000 videos. The number of photo galleries is even more than this.

Most of the scenes are short clips.  But this is what you should expect in an amateur site.  On average, the scenes run for about 3 minutes.

What is the quality of videos and performers?

The girls featured on this site are simply young and beautiful. They are ready to do anything from oral sex, sensual sex, hard pounding among other things.

Can I download the scenes?

Yes. You have the option of either streaming or downloading amateur porn videos.

Considering that this is an amateur site, you also should expect a large number of pov movies.  These scenes are also shot well. It seems like teen amateurs love sex a lot and can basically do it anywhere.

You can also find a few outdoor porn movies. These are also fun to watch and add to their large amount of collections.

Fuck my GF is part of a network that goes by the name AMA Land Network.  With just one membership,  you can have access to 15 other sites in this network.

This is a massive number of scenes to enjoy.  And the best part is that you can enjoy content is all these sites for the price of one.

Explaining the website design

On the main page, there are features including the categories and tags.  You can also use the search bar at the top of the page to find whatever you are looking for. All these features make it easy to navigate around the site.

How often does Watch my GF update its content?

The site updates its content on a regular basis. At the homepage, there is a link directing users to the latest video updates.

It is a good thing that they feature the latest updates, but I still think that the site’s organizational structure should improve. Otherwise, it will still take a while for users to find the exact clips they need to watch.

Most of the clips here are short. The longest video runs for about 15 minutes, but there are only a few.  The qualities of these scenes vary.

Most of the photos are low quality, but the number of these photos is also impressive.  You need to browse through plenty of low-quality photos in order to get the best stuff.

Is there bonus content?

Besides Watch my GF, you can also watch content from other 15 sites. This is one of the top benefits.

However, the site offers limited ways to find the content you like. The best way to do this is by use of a search engine.

Either way, there is no way you are going to miss content to watch here.

Let’s talk about the discounts

This is where you are going to get the best deals in town. Since you are already here, ensure that you take full advantage of it.

If you prefer watching authentic amateur content, then there is no other place you would rather be right now.

Yes, the quality may not be at par with other professional sites.  We understand this since these are amateurs who may not have quality equipment and tools.

We should however give them credit for sharing their nude photos and explicit content with us.

Grab the best deals at You will be happy that you considered this advice.

What is the best thing about Watch my GF?

No one is going to doubt the value of authentic amateur porn.  We all know how hot homemade porn can be. This has been one of my best categories for years.

Watch my GF is full of young and horny teens who can literally do anything and record it for us all to see. Guys here love submitting their nude, lewd, and rude sexual acts.

There is also variety in the type of videos posted.  This is also another benefit.  It is not easy to find authentic amateur content these days.

Many sites tend to hire professional pornstars to take the role of newbies in their amateur category.  As much they still call this amateur porn, it definitely isn’t.

Watch my GF on the other hand is not a fake amateur site.  All the videos on this site are submitted by users. These are real housewives, baby sitters, crazy ex-girlfriends, and couples.

Are there areas where the site should improve?

Poor website organization

First of all, the site has done a poor job organizing its content. It took me some time to find the exact type of content I was looking for.

Poor-quality videos

The second issue I has was the quality of their content. Some phones even produce better image quality than what you are likely to find here.

There are plenty of videos and porn images, which is a good thing.  But some of them are of extremely poor quality.

Some of the amateurs have better equipment while others, most probably require help getting the right equipment.

But with such a large amount of content available here,  you can’t really miss something great to watch.

The trial isn’t detailed

Also, the site offers very little in the limited trial. You will get an overview of what to expect at the site, but most of the things are not featured.

I feel like everyone who wants to get a membership here should first know what they are getting.  What the site does instead is hide things from them.

This however doesn’t matter much since the site charges a membership fee of over 10 dollars per month if you get the trial.

When you get a membership through Dateblocker,  you don’t have to worry about recurring charges since you can always get the best deal.


Watch my GF does not have high-quality porn videos. It also does not have exclusive content and it is difficult to navigate through the site.  The most positive thing about the site is the fact that it features real amateurs.

If you love variety and quantity, it is one site that you can never do without. There are thousands of amateur porn scenes which include couple scenes and porn movies.

If this is the type of content you love, then go ahead and get your membership today!

What I liked

  • Bonus sites
  • Huge archive
  • Hot GF porn

What I disliked

  • Limited trial


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