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WifeLovers Review: A paradise of Real Porn Pictures and Videos

Wifelovers Online Community is a site that has been around for ages. This site started way back in 1997. It is a porn website that has tons of pictures featuring naughty wives fucking and playing with their husband’s dicks.

You can find husbands fucking wives, at times using a vibrator. There is plenty of boob fucking action and wives fucking their husbands with a strap-on.

These are the kind of weird stuff you should expect at Wifelovers. I guess this is a way of telling us that marriage is not all about vanilla sex. So long as you are an open-minded couple, there is so much you guys can learn on this site.



How does the website look like

Wifelovers has a boring website design. This design was probably attractive in the 90s. But guys, this is 2021. What millennials love are a neat layout and attractive colors.

Creating a site like this was a brilliant idea(hello married couple!). But a little adjustment to the website design will even make the site better.

A community of open-minded individuals

At Wifelovers, there are even couples who are ready to share photos and videos. You never know, maybe you guys can even plan to meet for group sex or foursome action someday.

The site does not limit members’ interactions. So members can chat on the messaging board and even meet physically at any location they wish. I am sure that this sentence has just warmed your pussies and dicks.

Does the site feature amateur content too?


There is a lot of amateur content on Wifelovers. It is mostly men who share the content. Some videos and pictures are posted by wives who want to show what they’ve got or how lucky they are to have husbands with huge dicks.

I don’t know what you think about posting content here. But for me, I am never going to post a photo of my future wife for you all fuckers to lust at.

I am also not planning to get married to a woman who wants the whole world to see how good I am between the sheets.

No fake content!

One thing I love about this site is that members are truthful. If someone posts some fake content, it is the members who report it and have it pulled.

Are there HD pictures and videos?

Wifelovers feature plenty of high-quality pictures. What I found to be confusing was the search engine. You can come across a few videos in HDs, but only when you’re lucky. Most of the other videos are shaky and poorly taken.

I am not blaming anyone for this, after all, these folks are not professionals. Most of them are just naughty couples who want to have a little fun and share it with us.

Wifelovers.com is not only about sharing pictures and videos. Other crazy stuff that is only available at this site include;

  • Swap requests
  • Couples seeking advice from lesbians on how to satisfy their wives
  • Gay men looking for bisexual husbands

Exploring the content categories

Wiveslovers has a wide range of categories. The main ones include;

  • Lesbian action
  • Anal
  • Creampies
  • Blowjobs
  • Facials
  • Solo masturbation among others

Can I download the content?

Yes, you are free to download the videos for later use. Members of this site are also lively. They leave plenty of comments on the videos, which keep getting nastier every day.

How much does premium membership cost?

Wifelovers charge a monthly fee and thanks to this, you can enjoy the content peacefully without ad disruptions. This is another thing that I enjoyed about the site. All you have to do is pay your membership on time. Then you are free to jerk off to any type of content you find.

If you love watching free content, I have something to see you which am sure you don’t wanna hear. That is, prepare to spend money if you want to enjoy the amazing content available at wifelovers.com. But I am sure you are not going to regret this decision. The site charges $19.90 per month.

It is easy to decide whether the site is worth your money by checking a few pictures on the homepage. If the pictures do not impress you, feel free to walk away, pal.

Which payment methods can I use?

You can make payments using Tarcash or postal mail.

Are there any shortfalls?

I can describe the site as a ‘beautiful mess’ I thought that only porn aggregators behaved this way. I clicked on one link and to my surprise, it directed me to another link. This goes on and on until you arrive at your desired content.

This experience isn’t pleasant at all. It can even discourage people from joining this loving community. I hope the site does something to stop this sooner than later.

Another thing you should be aware of is that this site features real people.  If you prefer watching hairless pussies on top of well-built bodies, consider somewhere else.

What you should expect at womenlovers.com is plenty of wrinkled nipples, haired pussies, and pot bellies. There are many obese couples in here as well. This is one site where you get to watch real sex. Those who are used to fantasy porn don’t belong here.

WifeLovers Conclusion

If you prefer watching amateur content, there is no reason why you shouldn’t sign up at Womenlovers right now. The site is all about homemade action. Members are free to post their own content. Those who are not comfortable posting content can become spectators. All they have to do is sit back and read the comment on video and photo uploads.

WifeLovers What I liked

  • A large community of vibrant members
  • Fresh content
  • No ads
  • Members can interact with each other on the messaging board
  • A large variety of pictures and videos

WifeLovers What I disliked

  • Videos are of poor quality
  • Non-exclusivity of content
  • Poor website design


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