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World of Whorecraft

World of Whorecraft: The Best Sex Parody Game on the Internet

In case you are familiar with the popular game World of Warcraft, it is high time you checked out the adult version of this game.

World of Whorecraft is filled with some of the sexiest characters from World of Warcraft. The best thing is that you will get the chance of having sex with them.

World of WhoreCraft

What Kind of Characters Can I Have Sex With?

It does not matter what character you are. Whether you are an elf, an undead warrior, or an orc, you will still be able to fuck some of the cutest female characters in this game.

Similar to the original game, World of Whorecraft lets you move around in an open world. As you keep moving, you will meet a lot of characters fucking in the open world.

Players are usually capable of interacting with these characters and have sex with them.

Enjoy Sex With Exciting Random Characters

Sometimes, you might come across a lonely girl sitting by herself. You can then approach the girl and strike up a conversation with her.

Once you are done talking to her, you will be able to have sex with her as you continue with your journey. It is also possible to join other people already having sex in order to have exciting threesomes.

Game Overview

Once you log in to this site, you will discover that War of Whorecraft is not the only game it has. There are hundreds of other games for you to enjoy playing too. World of Whorecraft is part of the games that you will find on this site.

This is the game that we shall mainly focus on in this review.

Play Directly From Your Web Browser

This game was designed by using the Unity engine. It is available for players to play directly from their web browsers due to the WebGL environment.

Loading up the game may take some time. However, once it finishes to load you will get to enjoy playing this sexy game.

Which Is The Best Browser for Playing World of Whorecraft?

According to reviews from several players, there are a lot of complaints about running this game on the Firefox browser. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy playing this game without any lags, you should consider using Opera and Chrome browsers which seem to be the perfect choices.

Launching World of Whorecraft Game

Once you launch this website, you will be prompted to select a gender for your character. If you are unsure about which gender you want for your character, there is no need to worry as you will have the chance of changing it later on.

Personalize Characters According to Your Preference

The site also allows you to have multiple characters. This comes in handy in case you wish to play as a different class or race. After this stage, you will now be able to see some of the different playable characters.

What Aspects of the Characters Can I Personalize on World of Whorecraft?

These are usually preset characters, and you have the freedom to customize them to your liking. Some of the things you can customize on these characters include changing their facial features, height, and hair color.

After you finish the personalization part, you can now start playing this game. You will also notice that your initial location will change depending on what you picked.

The land aesthetic of this game is similar to the original World of Warcraft game. The only difference lies in the design and interface.

Which Other Games Can I Play Besides World of Whorecraft?

Besides World of Whorecraft, you will also get the chance to play other interesting games on this website. Some of the other exciting games you can play on this site include Hustletown.

This is an interesting game that players can enjoy playing for hours at a time. In this game, you will take the character of someone who just got out of jail, and is now back to the streets. Your main aim will be to try and build an empire in your city.

While doing this, you will enjoy fucking as many women as possible. This game also contains some other mini-games in it, which make it the perfect game for someone who loves games that require skills.

If you are a lover of hentai porn, you will also be happy to note that this site contains some exciting hentai games for you to play. This category comes with more than 150 unique games. Therefore, you won’t have to get bored playing one type of game.

Enjoy Free Bonus DVDs

Once you are done playing World of Whorecraft, you will also have the chance to relax and watch some exciting adult DVDs that this site has to offer.

The most exciting part about these DVDs is that you can also download and save them locally for free. You will find hundreds of titles to pick from, which are grouped in various categories.

Gain Free Access to Other Bonus Sites

If you thought this was all the site contains, you are wrong. Another exciting aspect of this site is that it allows free access to two bonus sites namely XXX HD vault and Porn HD. These sites do not contain any games, but they have some exciting videos that you can watch and jerk off to.

Final Word

World of Whorecraft is one of the most exciting porn games you will currently find on the internet. It is a robust game that comes with a wide range of features to ensure that you enjoy the game as much as possible. It contains some of the most intense graphics I have seen in an adult game. Besides enjoying this game, you will also gain access to some exciting porn DVDs to ensure that you do not run out of exciting content.

World of Whorecraft Pros

  • Wide range of characters
  • Excellent graphics
  • Controllable scenes

World of Whorecraft Cons

  • The site focuses on only one specific niche


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